All Too Late Chapter 168

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All Too Late Chapter 168

All Too Late Chapter 168

Samuel regarded Kathleen thoughtfully.

Her prickly exterior truly concealed a heart of gold.

She may admonish him, but she still ensured that he took his medication correctly.

“How confident are you in your medical skills?” Samuel’s tone turned serious.

“I don’t mean to brag, but I’m actually pretty good. My treatment methods are renown worldwide, just search it up and you might learn a thing or two about me.”

“Do you have anything to increase longevity? I’m hoping to at least be around long enough to care for my parents in their old age.”

“Cut to the chase, Samuel. I haven’t got all day.”

“I want you to treat me,” Samuel muttered lowly.

Kathleen felt as if she’d been drenched by an ice-cold bucket of water.

“State your price. All I want is to live as long as you do,” said Samuel.

Kathleen was speechless.

“Please?” Samuel pleaded.

“But you’d have to listen to my instructions without complaint. Otherwise, neither the most comfortable hospital room nor the best medication would do you any good,” Kathleen warned grimly.

Samuel could barely believe his luck. “So I’ll take this as a yes?”

“I’d be a fool to refuse such an offer. This is money we’re talking about here.”

“I guess I’ll be under your care then,” Samuel commented cheekily.

Kathleen instantly switched into her professional role. “Would you mind telling me why your body weakened so drastically?”

“You’ll hear all about it once I’m back from my trip.”

What’s with all this dodgy mysteriousness?

“We’re here,” Samuel announced promptly.

Kathleen passed the medicinal herbs to Samuel. “I can’t emphasize this enough, but please remember to take them regularly.”

“I’ll do it right now.”

Samuel tore open the package and drank it in a single gulp.

His sharp features scrunched up at the ghastly aftertaste.

The bitterness was truly a force to reckon with.

Samuel swallowed and felt an overwhelming wash of relief that it was over. “We’re done here. I hope my future prescriptions are ones that taste fit for human consumption.”

An unexpected burst of laughter escaped from Kathleen at the amusing tableau in display.

Samuel’s mood instantly lightened upon witnessing Kathleen’s gorgeous face fill with mirth.

“Right. See you in two days’ time.” Kathleen took hold of the empty medicinal packet.

Samuel leveled a meaningful look at Kathleen. “Goodbye.”

Kathleen turned to leave and went on her way.

Samuel immediately took to quaffing an entire bottle of water.

The medicinal herbs were truly horrendous.

Kathleen must have been trying to exact her revenge with them.

Having said that, her smile today was worth the affliction.

Kathleen had three hours of time to spare in the afternoon.

She changed into discreet attire, donning her shades and face mask before departing from the film crew.

She was headed to a hospital specializing in traditional medicine in search of her grandfather’s old friend who was the director.

The hospital was famed all over the country and her role as a director required noteworthy medicinal as well as management skills.

Kathleen never would have expected to catch sight of Vanessa in the director’s office.

She hadn’t meant to eavesdrop, but the door was ajar and the sound of the conversation within floated out clear as day.

Vanessa spoke in hushed tones, “Dr. Yarrow, all I’m concerned about now is how well Nicolette is faring.”

“She’ll need more time to convalesce. Proceeding with the transplant now would only endanger both her and Mr. Yoeger.”

Vanessa was visibly displeased with the news.

“It is of utmost importance for Nicolette to be in optimal health for the operation to be a success,” Ethan Yarrow advised.

“What a hassle,” Vanessa grumbled.

Ethan shook his head firmly. “There’s nothing else to be done.”

“Prescribe her your best medication and make sure she’s back in the pink of health as soon as possible,” Vanessa urged, “And keep this between us.”

Ethan swore his secrecy and Vanessa exited the office not long after.

Kathleen moved out of her hiding spot once Vanessa had entered the elevator and she was no longer at risk of discovery.

She announced her arrival with a knock on the door of Ethan’s office.

Ethan took in her conspicuous attire suspiciously. “And you are?”

Kathleen removed her disguise and was instantly recognized.

Ethan was delighted by her appearance. “Kate, it was you all along! What brings you here today?”

“I just wanted to check in on you, Dr. Yarrow. I would also like to request for some medicinal herbs if you don’t mind,” Kathleen uttered politely.

“Be my guest. Here, take a seat.”

Ethan poured her a glass of water. “I never would have imagined seeing you here.”

“It’s been a while, Dr. Yarrow.” Kathleen hesitated before continuing, “That woman you were talking to just now…”

“As in Vanessa, Nicolette’s aunt?”

Ethan was aware of Kathleen and Nicole’s shared history.

However, Kathleen understood that his role as a doctor compelled him to save patients indiscriminately.

“I understand that you’re bound by your medical ethics. It’s just surprising that Nicolette would actually be allowed the kidney transplant at all.”

Ethan surmised that Kathleen had overheard most of the dialogue that took place. “Truth be told, it is not previously unheard of for patients with less than ideal health conditions to undergo surgery.”

Kathleen seemed desperate. “Is Mr. Yoeger’s health really so dire?”

“His health seems to be deteriorating, or else Nicolette wouldn’t have been sent here to recuperate in the first place,” responded Ethan.

“So the surgery won’t be carried out here then,” Kathleen murmured thoughtfully.

Ethan shook his head.

Kathleen quirked her lips. “I see.”

The reason behind Nicolette’s reinstatement into the Yoeger family must be because they intended for her to be the kidney donor to her biological father.

However, hadn’t Vanessa always planned to usurp the position as the head of the Yoeger family?

Nicolette saving Zachary would have been contrary to that.

Or did she have a little accident staged at the surgical theater?

The plot thickened.

Kathleen handed Ethan her checklist. “These are the medications that I’m looking for. Don’t worry about their cost.”

Ethan skimmed the text and grinned. “I might have the herbs, but I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you.”

“Why is that so?” Kathleen was dumbfounded.

Ethan shrugged. “You specified wild herbs, which I’m afraid I don’t have.”

“Do you happen to know where I may procure them?”

“I know of this one person who’s the biggest medicinal manufacturer in the country. He has access to every kind of herb under the sky.”

“Thank you so much, Dr. Yarrow! I owe you big time!” Kathleen was overjoyed that her search hadn’t been for naught.

Ethan scribbled down a phone number and handed it over to Kathleen. “Just tell him that I sent you.”

Kathleen stole a glance at the strip of paper. “Caleb Lewis?”

The CEO of Lewis Enterprises?

“That’s right. He’s sure to have everything that you’re looking for.”

“You’ve been a great help, Dr. Yarrow. I’ll be heading over right this instant.”

“Glad to be of service,” said Ethan in good cheer.

Kathleen retrieved a dainty box from her handbag and proffered it with flair. “I’ve brought the goods.”

Ethan flipped open the lid and sniffed its contents. “You truly know me the best.”

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