All Too Late Chapter 179

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All Too Late Chapter 179

All Too Late Chapter 179


The crowd started chattering among themselves.

Nicolette turned to look at Kathleen with a stony expression. “I don’t understand what you’re talking about.”

“You returned to the country to treat leukemia that year.” Kathleen’s gentle voice grew colder as she said, “Samuel helped you look for a suitable donor from all the blood banks and found out that I am a suitable candidate. I was pregnant at that time, so there was no way for me to donate bone marrow to you. However, you were too selfish and sent someone to knock me out before bringing me to the hospital and allowing the doctors to draw my bone marrow. My children are gone because of this.”

Nicolette’s expression darkened. “What nonsense are you spouting, Kathleen?” She appeared composed on the outside, but in fact, she was so scared that her palms became sweaty.

“Ha!” Kathleen scoffed, “I know you won’t admit it.”

“Why do I have to admit it if I’ve never done it before?” questioned Nicolette in an aggrieved tone. “Don’t accuse me of something like this.”

She knew Samuel had gotten rid of the two key witnesses.

After all, the dead could never reveal the truth.

No one would know the entire incident as long as she never admitted it.

Gemma walked over and said, “Oh? Accuse you, huh? I’m the witness! You even broke my waist when you got to know I wanted to stop you from doing this!”

Nicolette replied calmly, “Ms. Young, everyone knows you’re Kathleen’s good friend. Of course, you will help her concoct a devious plan against me.”

Irritated, Gemma retorted, “What? Not everyone is as shameless as you!”

Nicolette sneered, “Gemma, do you think you can enjoy all the glory and wealth by choosing to side with her?”

“Y-You!” Gemma almost burst a blood vessel upon hearing Nicolette’s words.

Kathleen tugged at Gemma’s arm and consoled, “Don’t stoop to her level.”

“Haha!” Nicolette mocked, “Gemma, the Macari family has done you a lot of favor these years. Look how you speak up for Kathleen! Are you interested in Samuel?”

Gemma was infuriated. “Hey! Not everyone is as shameless as you!”

Nicolette asked in a steely tone, “Shameless? Me? Are you sure you are better than me?”

Hearing that, Kathleen said frostily, “Nicolette, we’re talking about the thing between us. Why do you have to change the topic and verbally attack Gemma? Are you feeling guilty about something?”

Nicolette scoffed.

Kathleen looked at her, exuding a uniquely aloof aura. “So what if I don’t have any witnesses? Although you think your plan that year was flawless, there are still surveillance cameras in every hospital. Don’t you know about that, Nicolette?”

Nicolette’s expression grew frostier. “Unfortunately, the surveillance cameras all malfunctioned that night.”

Kathleen responded nonchalantly, “But, some surveillance cameras are functioning normally in other places in the hospital. There was also surveillance footage of me being knocked out and brought into the hospital.”

Nicolette was stunned.

Samuel walked toward Kathleen and gently placed his hand on her shoulder. His dark eyes were as deep as chasm as he suggested, “You want witnesses? I have them.”

Kathleen was shocked.

The next instant, he pulled her into his arms.

Nicolette bit her lip in disbelief upon hearing Samuel’s words.

That’s impossible! How can Samuel have witnesses? I remember he had gotten rid of Sarah and the doctor, hadn’t he? Has he looked for the others to fake evidence for Kathleen?

“Knowing that you may need them, I’ve asked my men to bring them here beforehand.” Retracting his hand from Kathleen’s shoulder, he smiled lazily, exuding a cold aura.

“That’s impossible!” Nicolette could not believe her ears.

He looked at Tyson and instructed, “Bring them here.”

“Yes!” Tyson strode out as he heard Samuel’s order.

Nicolette chewed on her lip in anxiousness.

No! It can’t be! Samuel will not force me to a wall!

Soon, Tyson brought a man and a woman along with him.

Kathleen stared at them and could barely recognize them.

Kathleen could hardly believe her eyes the moment she saw Sarah, not to mention the doctor.

Sarah had become plumper, and her rosy cheeks made her look healthy. She did not seem like she had been mistreated.

In fact, the same went to the doctor who had become rotund.

“Tell them who you are,” Samuel ordered coldly.

Sarah came clean about everything after hearing Samuel’s words. “My name is Sarah, and I was Mr. Macari’s bodyguard. He asked me to protect Mrs. Macari, but I was bribed by Nicolette. Therefore, I drugged Mrs. Macari and took her to the hospital. He was the doctor who operated on Mrs. Macari.”

“Yes. At that time, Nicolette approached me to discuss this matter. I was blinded by money and agreed to help her out. However, I did the operation anyway even though Mrs. Macari claimed that she was pregnant at that moment. I was too greedy! After that, she suffered a hemorrhage, causing a shock. I didn’t perform any treatment on her, so I directly asked someone to send her to the morgue. Fortunately, Mr. Macari and Mdm. Wynnie arrived and saved Mrs. Macari,” the doctor said.

“Gemma was trying to stop us. However, I went against her and almost broke her waist to prevent her from ruining our plan. She wasn’t lying,” added Sarah.

“Hey! You two!” Nicolette was enraged.

Sarah raised her hand to make a vow gesture. “I swear on my life. Everything I said is true. I’ll suffer from divine retribution and rot in hell if I were to lie to you!”

The doctor said, “Yes, she’s right! I swear to the heavens! If I lie, may the heavens strike me down with lightning!”

The crowd immediately believed Sarah and the doctor after hearing their horrific vow.

“Gosh! Nicolette is too evil!”

“Serve her right! Kathleen is not wrong for ruining Nicolette’s face!”

“Nicolette deserves the punishment! She is so disgusting for sabotaging Kathleen and Samuel’s marriage. Anyway, she was the one who gave up on Samuel first.”

“Hmm, I think Kathleen is too generous. If it were me, I would send Nicolette to prison!”

“Samuel was protecting Nicolette at that time. Otherwise, she would be long be jailed.”

Hearing the crowd’s speculation, Samuel explained, “I was kind to Nicolette because I thought she was the one who saved me.”

Everyone froze like a statue, and Nicolette gaped at Samuel in silence.

What does he mean by that? Could it be that he knew everything? That’s impossible! He never knew the truth even after so many years. Thus, I believe he’s never mentioned anything about it to Kathleen. He would never question the truth, would he?

Staring coldly at Nicolette, Samuel said, “The one who saved me when I almost drowned in the orphanage wasn’t you, Nicolette.”

Nicolette was shocked by his words.

Everyone was equally surprised.

“It was Kathleen who saved me,” Samuel continued.

Unwilling to give up, Nicolette bit her lip and said, “She lied to you!”

“She doesn’t have to trick me. I just confirmed it a few days ago,” Samuel said solemnly.

His words stupefied Nicolette.

“I was kind to you because I thought you were the one who saved me. After knowing that you weren’t the one, I owe you nothing, then. In fact, you are the one who owes me.” Samuel’s eyes turned dark and frosty.

Nicolette froze on the spot. “Samuel, Kathleen is lying to you!”

The next instant, Samuel turned to Diana and said, “Grandma, was Kate drenched when she went looking for you at that time?”

Diana answered, “Yes.”

“Well, Nicolette. Tell me then. Why was Kathleen soaked if she wasn’t the one who had saved me?” asked Samuel in a cold voice.

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