All Too Late Chapter 212

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All Too Late Chapter 212

All Too Late Chapter 212

Warn Him

Even Kathleen became choked up.

She bitterly asked, “Did you assume I faked my depressed state back then?”

“No. That’s not what I meant.” Samuel’s dark eyes now took on a tinge of red as he added, “It’s just that I lacked empathy back then and didn’t try to understand things from your perspective. I’m sorry.”

Not a trace of emotion showed on Kathleen’s delicate face.

Behind her, Samuel’s hot breath tickled her skin while his tear landed in the crook of her neck.

Silence filled the air as the afternoon sun shone into the space from the windows above.

It felt as though there was no one in the bathroom.

Both Samuel and Kathleen knew the truth deep down in their hearts.

They got stuck in this perpetual state of being unable to move or return to the way things used to be, and they were both to blame. The indefinite loathing in Kathleen’s heart prevented the two from moving on while Samuel’s past actions had blocked off any possibility for them to return to the way things were.

It was then that a series of knocks came from outside the door.

Samuel let go of Kathleen, who then stood up.

She instructed, “That should be long enough. You can come out of the tub and get dressed before having your meal.”

“Okay.” Samuel nodded compliantly.

After that, Kathleen went to open the door outside, where Tyson stood with two bags.

“Ms. Johnson, I’m here to deliver some things to Mr. Macari,” said the latter.

“You can come in.”

Once Tyson entered, Kathleen stepped out of the room and said, “I’ll have a look at things outside for a bit.”

“Okay,” replied Tyson who had put down the bags in his hand.

That was when Samuel came out of the bathroom in a black robe.

Tyson immediately walked over and greeted him, “Mr. Macari.”

“Mmm, is something the matter?” said an expressionless Samuel.

“Ms. Schott wants to see you, and she insisted on meeting you tonight.”

Huh? Tonight? Something icy flitted across Samuel’s eyes as he sternly responded, “All right. Also, I want you to keep a close eye on the Stewart family.”

“Rest assured, Mr. Macari, I’ve arranged everything.” However, Tyson hesitated for a bit before continuing, “It’s just that Jacob Stewart seems really discontent and even hired trolls to villainize Ms. Johnson on the internet.”

“He did what?” A murderous intent filled Samuel’s voice.

Helpless, Tyson explained, “He spread rumors that Ms. Johnson is a promiscuous woman involved in sexual relationships with various men. However, our company has already taken action against him. We won’t let him get away with it.”

That was when Samuel shot a sideways glare at Tyson. It felt as though a dark mist filled with rage was exuding from the former’s body.

Tyson instantly fell silent.

Subsequently, Samuel picked up his phone and dialed a number.

A few minutes passed before the line connected.

The person on the other end asked, “Hello?”

“Hello, Mr. Stewart. It’s me,” said Samuel’s frosty tone.

The “Mr. Stewart” on the call was Byron Stewart, Jacob’s father.

Byron was currently spending his retirement overseas in a town named Bellridge.

He was shocked as he spoke into the phone. “Samuel Macari? How do you have my contact number?”

“You don’t have to worry about that.” Samuel was candidly cold as he made his purpose clear. “I merely called to ask about that nurse that’s always looking after you. How are she and the baby in her tummy?”

Byron’s expression grew grim at once. “Y-You!”

“Do you think you actually hide your secret well, Mr. Stewart? Do you assume that no one would ever find out because your wife is always busy with company matters and unable to visit you all this while?” Samuel thundered sardonically.

“What do you want from me?” Byron asked through gritted teeth.

“Mr. Stewart, as the saying goes, a father is to blame for his son’s misbehavior. I believe you’re more than aware of what Jacob has done recently.” Samuel’s voice became dangerously low like a menacing growl. He added, “If you can’t teach him to behave, I’ll gladly step in. I can also give him a stern reminder that being an heir to a well-off family doesn’t mean the world is his oyster.”

“Y-You…” Byron tensed before giving in. “I’ll warn him not to do it again.”

“I’ll let you off the hook this once, Mr. Stewart. However, if your son makes the same mistake, do know that I won’t let him go that easily. I hope you understand me clearly.”

After uttering that threat, Samuel hung up the phone.

That left a sullen-faced Byron on the other end.

I can’t believe that stupid son of mine dared to ruffle Samuel’s feathers! Who does he think he is?

Enraged, Byron quickly dialed Jacob’s number.

“Dad, why did you call me? Are you feeling better these days?” Jacob questioned, feeling a little shocked by the sudden call.

“How can I feel better when you’re trying so hard to piss me off?” Byron’s voice boomed from the phone’s speakers.

“What do you mean, Dad? I’ve been helping Mom out at the company all this while,” Jacob defensively and confusedly stated.

That further caused Byron to blow his top. “Oh, really? Are you sure what you’re doing is actually helping us out? Samuel Macari has just phoned me!”

“Hah! Is he a three-year-old or something? What’s with him trying to rat me out to my parent? How shameless!” Jacob scoffed.

“It seems to me that the one who’s shameless is you! Do you think he’s merely ratting you out? Well, you’re wrong. He’s given us a warning!”

“Why are you afraid of him, Dad?” Jacob felt disgruntled and complained, “He’s not actually that remarkable.”

“You think he isn’t?” Byron was baffled by his son’s words.

“Duh. He’s not that big of a deal! I got someone to drug him, and he didn’t even notice! I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for his ex-wife meddling with my plan!”

“W-What did you say?” Byron felt his blood pressure rising with every second. “Don’t worry, Dad. No one can trace it back to me since the people I hired are all loyal to me.”

At that point, Byron desperately wanted to reach through the phone and choke his son for uttering such cocky words.

His face took on a hideous shade of purple as he roared, “You idiot! Don’t you know why the Macari family is known to be powerful?”

Upon getting yelled at, Jacob felt upset as he grumbled, “No.”

Byron explained with utter rage, “The Macari family has operated their businesses on behalf of the country’s higher-ups for a few generations Don’t you understand? During Chanaea’s most challenging times, Samuel’s great-grandpa, great-grandma, and their entire family helped the country with their business. Why else do you think Samuel secured Flobury with such ease? And consider why he has a part to play in the land reclamation project too. It’s all because his ancestors made significant contributions to Chanaea!”

That shocked Jacob, who had no idea such a situation could exist.

“Why do you think Felix Morris is so obsessed with one-upping the Macari family? Because he sided with the wrong people all those years ago and is jealous of their family’s smarter decision!” Following that, Byron massaged his temples while urging, “Samuel has placed a massive target on your back. Our business will gravely suffer if you remain in Chanaea. I want you to pack your bags and lay low overseas for now.”

“Now?” Jacob was evidently upset by the state of things. “But Dad, it’ll be New Year soon!”

“Why does that matter? Do you not value your life?” Byron yelled through the phone.

It rattled Jacob’s bones, causing his nose to scrunch a little as he said, “Okay, I understand.”

Only then did Byron hang up the phone.

However, he knew that his family, the Stewarts, would soon encounter a grave problem now that his son had pissed Samuel off.

That was because Samuel would never let a person bold enough to drug him off easily.

Fear filled Byron’s mind at that moment. Our family is doomed…

Sometime later, Kathleen walked into the room and saw Samuel eating the risotto she had made earlier.

She placed the mushroom soup in her hands down on the table. “Have some.”

The man before her looked her in the eye and said, “I need to head out for a bit tonight.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded before continuing, “Take the medicinal herbs home with you. Make sure to soak in it for a while, and you’ll be fine. The drug in your body has pretty much been neutralized.”

Upon hearing that, Samuel’s gaze flickered to stare intently at her. “Dr. Johnson, you may have neutralized the drug in my body, but you have yet to heal me entirely.”

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