All Too Late Chapter 219

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All Too Late Chapter 219

All Too Late Chapter 219

Must Die

Caleb heard Kathleen’s grumbles, but he did not get mad at her.

I bet she isn’t doing this to me only.

“Okay. I got it. I’ll not bother you anymore,” assured Caleb in a hoarse voice.

He hung up the phone as soon as he left those words behind.

Holding her forehead, Kathleen felt so worn.

She felt her head throbbing.

Caleb looked up and stared at the window. Then, he got into the car and drove off.

He was determined to win Kathleen over.

At the same time, Samuel was listening silently outside Kathleen’s room with his arms crossed.

His lips curled into a subtle smile.

At least she hasn’t thought about dating Caleb. Since she has so many things to accomplish, I’ll fulfill her wishes as long as she’s happy!

The next day, Kathleen went downstairs to have breakfast after freshening up.

Charles and Samuel seemed exceptionally composed at the dining table.

Then, she sat down.

Samuel and Charles held up a glass of milk respectively at the same time, wanting to give it to her.

Kathleen took a bite of the toast and said, “I can manage on my own.”

The two men exchanged glances and released their grips.

Kathleen was rendered speechless.

She took the glass of milk over and sipped it slowly.

“Samuel, did your house get burned?” Charles began with his sarcasm.

Samuel flashed him a wide smile. “Which house did you mean?”

Charles was rendered speechless. He had already lost when the fight had just begun.

“Since you have so many houses, why are you at my house, then? You even took my clothes to wear last night,” Charles complained angrily.

“Let me correct you. This house belongs to you and Kate. Kate agreed, so I moved in. As for your clothes, I already bought them,” Samuel explained patiently.

“You bought them?” Charles fumed, “I haven’t even worn them yet! Those were birthday gifts given to me by Kate!”

“That was why I bought them at the original price. If not, name me your price. I’ll pay you.” Samuel wore a grin.

Charles was breathing heavily.

He lost in the second round, too.

“Get out of my house today!” Charles slammed the table.

Looking rather composed, Samuel cast his gaze upon Kathleen. “Do I need to stay for another night today?”

“No.” Kathleen shook her head.

“Did you hear that? Get lost!” Charles was agitated.

Kathleen stared at Samuel calmly. “I’ll look for you later and treat you at your home.”

“Okay,” Samuel replied with a nod.

Charles was beyond speechless.

And that was the third round he lost.

“Charles,” Kathleen called out.

Charles immediately came back to his sense. “What’s the matter?”

“Go visit Granny at the hospital today. Inform me if she’s awake. Remember not to let Vanessa and the others approach Granny,” reminded Kathleen.

“All right. I’ll go now.” Charles finished his cup of coffee and rose to his feet.

“Drive safe,” said Kathleen.

Patting Kathleen’s shoulder, Charles stated indifferently, “Remember, tell him to get lost! Also, call me to go with you if you’re going to his house.”

“Charles, are you that free?” Kathleen questioned softly.

“What do you mean? I have plenty of time to keep you safe from a pervert.” Charles shot Samuel a cold glare and turned around.

Kathleen glanced at Samuel. “Do you really have to trigger my brother?”

“I was only telling the truth. The clothes you bought for him suit me better,” Samuel said confidently.

“I bought those clothes for my brother. Why do you need so many clothes? Is there a need to snatch his?” Kathleen spoke helplessly.

“Because… I like them,” Samuel replied in his deep voice.

In truth, he wanted to say he only liked them because Kathleen was the one who bought them.

Kathleen was troubled. “Give those clothes back to Charles. I’ll get you new ones.”

“Serious?” Samuel looked at her, his gaze filled with anticipation.

“Why would I lie to you? Didn’t I buy you the down jacket that I promised you last time?”

A bright smile crept over Samuel’s face. “All right.”

Kathleen let out a sigh.

Both Samuel and Charles have always been domineering, but why do they always fight like kids whenever they meet?

She could not seem to comprehend their behaviors.

“I’m done eating. I’ll head to the film set now,” said Kathleen after finishing half a corn cob.

“Let’s go together.” Samuel placed the cup down.

He had finished eating some time ago, and he had been waiting for Kathleen.

Kathleen ate slowly and gracefully, chewing every small bite she took.

She nodded. “Let’s go. Remember to send someone here to pack your things.”

Samuel wore a faint smile. “I’ll move them on my own tonight.”


Kathleen turned to look at him.

“I’ve moved back to next door.” Samuel narrowed his eyes languidly as he stared at her.

Kathleen was stumped.

I’ve never been this speechless in my life before.

After that, Samuel left the house with her.

He even sent her to the film set personally.

Before getting out of the car, Kathleen shot him a nonchalant look. “I can go back on my own after work. You don’t have to pick me up.”

Upon hearing that, Samuel merely flashed an unbothered grin. “But my mom told me to bring you to the Macari residence for dinner. I’ll turn down the invitation on your behalf, then. Grandma misses you, and she wishes to talk about the Yoeger family’s matter too.”

Kathleen was doubtful.

Samuel’s charming face remained composed. “I’m not that shameless to use Grandma as an excuse to fool you. Besides, you know Grandma will not play along with me.”

“True,” Kathleen replied with a slight nod after giving his words some thought.

She took another look at him before she pushed open the door and got out of the car.

Samuel’s gaze darkened as he watched Kathleen walk to the film set.

The next instant, he took out his phone unhurriedly and called Diana.

“What’s the matter?” came Diana’s cold reply.

“Grandma, don’t you care about me at all?” complained Samuel, his brows settled into a frown.

“Haha! Kate is there to take care of you. You won’t die for sure.” Diana was at ease.

Samuel cleared his throat. “I’m bringing Kate home for dinner tonight.”

“Did Kate suggest it herself?” Diana knitted her brows.

“I invited her in your name,” answered Samuel directly.

His reply left Diana speechless.

“But I told her you were the one who brought it up. Grandma, remember not to blurt it out accidentally.”

“Bas—” Diana chided.

Before she could finish her sentence, Samuel immediately hung up the phone.

Massaging his temples, Samuel instructed the driver, “Head back to the company.”

The driver nodded and drove Samuel back to the company.

Later, Samuel arrived at the building and walked into the office.

Tyson walked over. “Mr. Macari, Nicolette has been released.”

Samuel removed his down jacket and hung it at the side. In an apathetic tone, he said, “Is she receiving treatment at the hospital outside?”

Tyson replied with a nod.

Samuel smirked. “Great.”

Great? Tyson was baffled.

“Let me ask you. Why must Vanessa save Nicolette?” Samuel arched an eyebrow.

“Because she wants Nicolette’s kidney, as Zachary needs a kidney transplant,” replied Tyson almost immediately.

Samuel scoffed. “You’re too shallow.”

Shallow? Once again, Tyson was puzzled.

Samuel took out a report from the drawer. “This report shows that Nicolette isn’t a compatible donor to donate her kidney to Zachary.”

“What?” Tyson was shocked by that revelation.

“Besides, based on Zachary’s current condition, he doesn’t need a kidney transplant yet,” said Samuel in a cold tone.

Tyson was even more startled. “This…”

Samuel seemed unfazed. “Vanessa is trying to get rid of anyone who might get in her way to inherit the family’s assets. Kate, Charles, Zachary, Nicolette, Old Mrs. Yoeger, and Ms. Schott are threats to her, so they must die.”

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