All Too Late Chapter 218

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All Too Late Chapter 218

All Too Late Chapter 218

Close Friend

Kathleen nodded.

With her brows furrowed, Gemma asked, “So you two are cousins, right?”

“Yes.” Kathleen pursed her lips. “But I refuse to acknowledge her as my cousin.”

“Right! Someone like her isn’t good enough to be your cousin. No wonder there’s a resemblance between you and Nicolette.”

Kathleen replied calmly, “Yes. I even became her replacement back then.”

Samuel cleared his throat, trying to soothe the awkwardness.

As though she had sensed something, Gemma replied, “I’ll be on duty tonight, so I’ll take care of your granny for you.”

“Gem, thank you,” Kathleen expressed her gratitude.

“There’s no need to thank me.” Looking into Kathleen’s eyes, Gemma said, “Look at your dark circles. They look so bad. Hurry and go home to have some rest.”

“All right. I’ll get going now.” Kathleen nodded.

“Okay. Be careful on your way home,” reminded Gemma.

Kathleen gave a slight nod and tugged at Samuel before leaving.

After leaving the hospital, Kathleen and Samuel got into a Maybach.

Samuel let out a cough and said, “I’ve never taken you as a replacement before. Never.”

He could ensure that, at least.

Although Kathleen and Nicolette resembled one another, and sometimes he had also wondered why they looked so alike, he had never taken Kathleen as Nicolette’s replacement.

Pursing her red lips, Kathleen replied, “It doesn’t matter anymore.”

In a deep voice, Samuel muttered, “Kate, if I had taken you as her replacement, I would’ve only disliked you more.”

Kathleen shot him a sideways glance.

“I know myself well, and I think you do too.” Samuel’s voice was hoarse. “If I couldn’t accept how you resemble Nicolette, I wouldn’t have married you.”

Initially, he married Kathleen due to pressure from Diana.

However, he definitely did not see Kathleen as Nicolette’s replacement.

If he had really done so, he would have resented Kathleen more, and he would not have thought of going near her.

The truth was that he had already done so since the beginning, and he had fallen head over heels in love with her.

“I trust you.” Kathleen held the steering wheel with her slender fingers as she continued, “Samuel, I could still make my own judgment on some matters. The misunderstanding wasn’t the reason why we got divorced.”

Kathleen and Samuel were both clear-minded.

They were aware that their divorce was not caused by the reason that someone had sowed discord between them.

Even if there were some misunderstandings, and they were to talk things out, they would still divorce in the end.

The root of the problem was that they were not meant for each other.

Her voice was faint as she said, “Did you realize that we actually got along well before our marriage and after our divorce?”

Samuel did not say a word.

“Perhaps, that could only mean that it’d be better for us to stay friends.” Kathleen had no choice but to make herself clear.

Suddenly, Samuel gently placed his cold finger against her thin lips.

His gaze on her was gentle as he replied, “You don’t have to explain to me, and you don’t have to feel pressured. Kate, I’m not doing anything to you. After you’ve done treating me, it’s all up to you whether you wish to leave or stay. I’ll not stop you. Besides, I’ll agree if you want to keep in touch. If you wish to stay as friends, we’ll stay friends then.”

Furrowing her brows, Kathleen asked, “Do you really understand what I mean?”

Samuel responded with a nod.

“All right, then.” Kathleen took a deep breath, and the refreshing scent of the man wafted through her nose. “Can you stop with those gestures that a friend wouldn’t do, like holding my hand, touching my face and head?”

Samuel paused for a second before replying, “Okay.”

Kathleen gave him a sidelong glance and questioned, “Have you really kept that in mind?”

“Yes.” After a momentary pause, Samuel continued, “Could you tell me what kind of friends we are to each other?”

“Ordinary friends,” Kathleen emphasized.

“If we’re just like what you said, would you be this harsh to your ordinary friend?” Samuel asked seriously.

Kathleen was rendered speechless in an instant.

Haha! So now I’m the one to be blamed!

“Kate, can I say something?” Samuel asked cautiously.

“Go ahead.” For some reason, Kathleen was getting impatient and furious all of a sudden.

“I can’t be your friend, and you feel the same, too.” Samuel went straight to the point. “It is because we used to be husband and wife.”

Kathleen remained silent.

“Let’s be each other’s close friends. After all, some physical touches are inevitable. What do you think?” Samuel suggested casually.

“Close friends?” Kathleen sneered. “Do you know how easy it is for close friends to step over the line?”

“Why would you think close friends tend to step over the line?” Samuel’s charming face grew solemn. “Have you ever had any close friends?”

Kathleen was tongue-tied.

The man’s warm breath lingered around her. “You would know how good it feels to have a close friend after having one. Moreover, we’re business partners. I don’t think we could be considered ordinary friends.”

Kathleen shot him a suspicious look.

Samuel’s gaze darkened as he stared at her.

Without saying a word, Kathleen pursed her lips slightly and started the engine.

Samuel cast her an unfathomable look. “So, is that a yes?”

“Shut up!” Kathleen exclaimed, enraged.

Samuel curled his lips into a wicked smirk.

I knew she would agree to it.

Kathleen and Samuel went back to the Johnson residence together.

As Samuel had regained consciousness and no longer needed someone to take care of him, he went straight for the medicinal bath after having his meal.

Meanwhile, Kathleen was resting in the guest room.

Her bedroom was occupied by Samuel as usual.

Just as she was looking into the script, Caleb’s call came in.

“Hello.” Kathleen picked up the phone.

“Are you busy?” Caleb’s voice sounded rather husky.

Ever since Kathleen had exposed his intention, he was filled with an indescribable sense of guilt whenever he faced her.

“Not really,” replied Kathleen. “Did something happen to your sister?”

Caleb fell silent for a moment before he questioned, “Can I only call you when something happens to my sister?”

“Of course not. If there’s anything wrong with your health, you can also call me.” Kathleen paused for a bit. “You have to pay, though.”

Caleb was at a loss for words.

Blinking, Kathleen asked again, “It isn’t about your sister, but you’re feeling unwell, huh?”

“Hah!” Caleb chuckled and retorted, “I know you’re turning me down indirectly.”

Kathleen did not reply.

“You used me to free yourself from Samuel, but why do you two get closer and closer to each other?” Caleb questioned in a low voice.

Kathleen bit her lip.

“Kathleen, I’m serious about being with you.” Caleb looked up and stared at the window of her room. “Could you give me a chance?”

Kathleen was slightly taken aback. “Caleb, you…”

“Couldn’t you? Have you already accepted Samuel?” Caleb asked gravely.

“No.” Kathleen shook her head. “Caleb, I don’t plan to get into a relationship again, and I mean it. So I have no idea why all of you are forcing me to end my single life. I’m happy on my own, and I get to enjoy the freedom. Also, I have my own career. Love and marriage aren’t everything. Why are both of you making me get back together or be in a relationship with you? As though romance is the only thing that matters in the world.”

She was truly annoyed.

She had all the dreams and goals she wanted to achieve, and there were many more meaningful things that were worth her time and attention.

Yet, these people were trying to have her trapped in a relationship. She was troubled and frustrated.

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