All Too Late Chapter 234

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All Too Late Chapter 234


All Too Late Chapter 234 People Backing Her Up

    A cold glint flashed across Samuel’s eyes. “You want evidence, don’t you?” he asked again.

    Vanessa gritted her teeth. “Yes!

    Samuel replied indifferently, “I shall give it to you then.”


    “Vanessa Yoeger, let me remind you of something. When Hector Yoeger transferred those shares to Old Mrs. Yoeger, three lawyers were present to witness the process. Now, the three lawyers are highly respected people in the legal industry,” he continued.

    Vanessa furrowed her brows.

    There were lawyers present?

    Just as he finished speaking, three white-haired old men walked toward them.

    The three men had a few subordinates following them. Each of them carried a briefcase, looking smart in their suits.

    “Isn’t that one of the leading figures in the legal industry, Jay Gomez?” “The one beside him is Loki Yandell. He participated in the amendment of a law a few days ago!”

    “The other one Is Zeke Lopez. He is now the chancellor of University of Law.”

    No one expected that the three lawyers who witnessed the transfer of the shares were now prominent figures in the legal industry.

    Their reputation was so great that no one would dare to doubt them.


    “Mr. Macari, sorry for being late,” Jay said.

    Samuel replied placidly, “It’s okay. You came right on time.”

    Jay glanced at his assistant.

    His assistant then opened his briefcase, taking out a document for Jay.

    Raising the document in his hand, Jay spoke up. “This is the original document of the transfer of the shares from Mr. Hector Yoeger to Ms. Frances Schott. I’ve kept it with me all these years. When they signed the papers back then, all three of US were there. We can prove the authenticity of this document.”

    Loki and Zeke nodded in unison.

    As everyone saw that, they realized that was the proof Samuel said he had.

    Thus, they believed Yasmine’s words more.

    Kathleen glanced at Samuel, then Yasmine.

    Upon noticing the calm look on their faces, Kathleen realized the two had planned this beforehand.

    They had prepared for this confrontation.

    Kathleen gasped inwardly as a thought crossed her mind.

    Who knows? Maybe this is actually a trap set by the two of them for Vanessa, otherwise, why didn’t his subordinates stop her just now? And Vanessa has no idea that she has jumped right into the trap. With this commotion, the Yoeger family’s scandalous past will spread.

    Meanwhile, Vanessa’s face turned ashen. She couldn’t believe that they actually had the evidence.

    This is unbelievable!

    As she stared at Samuel frostily, realization also dawned on her that it was all a trap.

    D*mn it! I fell for it!

    Vanessa wore a grim expression.

    Yasmine shot her a nonchalant look. “Vanessa, do you have any more to say?”

    Vanessa’s lips pressed into a thin line as she got ready to leave.

    “Hold on.” Yasmine did not want to let her go so easily.

    Vanessa stopped in her tracks obediently.

    Yasmine said in a cold tone of voice, “I know you don’t acknowledge Kate’s identity, butthat’s okay. It’s fine for her to not be a daughter of the Yoeger family. After all, I’d feel disgusted if she becomes cousins with Nicolette.”

    Vanessa was stunned.

    Yasmine added, “Thus, I hereby announce that I’ll pass the thirty percent of the shares of the Schotts’ family company, which originally belonged to my sister, Frances, to Kathleen. She Is not a child of the Yoeger family; she’s the child of my family, the Schott family.”


    Vanessa was enraged. “How could the shares of both the Yoeger family and the Schott family be given to her?” “What? Should I give them to you instead?” Yasmine shot back sarcastically. “Do you remember what you’ve done?”

    Vanessa froze.

    Her reputation had been destroyed after the video clips of her abusing Frances were uploaded to the internet.

    “Besides, it belongs to Frances. She can give it to whoever she wants. Does that have anything to do with you?” Yasmine questioned coldly.

    Vanessa’s eyes almost bulged out of their sockets as she shot daggers at Yasmine. “She can give it to her biological grandchild, but what about my mother’s shares?” “Your mother took them back then.” Yasmine explained, “But later when Hector wanted to marry Frances, he gave those shares back to the Schott family as a betrothal gift. In the end, Hector didn’t suffer any losses at all, and what he did was disgusting.”

    Vanessa’s expression stiffened. She couldn’t believe that had happened.

    Yasmine continued in an emotionless tone, “Besides, the Schott family became prosperous after your mother passed away, so the heads of the Schott family are rightfully Frances and me. It has nothing to do with your mother.”

    Vanessa chewed on her lip, holding her tongue.

    Bitterness was written all over her face.

    “You can ask the three lawyers if you have more questions. If not, you can either scram or watch on with your mouth shut,” Yasmine snapped impassively.

    Vanessa shot a deadly glare at her before wheeling around to leave.

    Once she was gone, the atmosphere became much more relaxed.

    Yasmine asked someone to bring over the shares transfer agreement.

    With that, Kathleen also inherited thirty percent of the shares of Schott Group.

    She was now a loaded lady, but she would not have it all to herself.

    She would give them to Charles. After all, she was not interested in business even though she could handle it as well.

    When everything was settled, the press conference came to an end.

    After getting off the stage, Kathleen held Yasmine’s hand and went to meet Diana and Frances, only to find Frances was in tears.

    Kathleen crouched down and comforted her.

    “Granny, are you all right?” “I’m okay.” Frances was still weeping. “I didn’t expect that my life would be filled with so much adversity.”

    Kathleen pursed her lips.

    Frances, now that things have developed to this point, can you tell US who was the man who made you pregnant?” Yasmine frowned deeply. “Why didn’t he care or ask about you all these years?”

    Frances shook her head lightly, sighing. “It’d be better for you all not to know about these things, so don’t ask me again.”

    She didn’t really want to talk about it.

    Yasmine looked at her sister helplessly, and Kathleen didn’t want to push Frances either.

    “All right. Don’t cry anymore,” Diana consoled. “How about this? I will bring you to watch a movie. It’s been a long time since we watched a movie together.” “What are we going to watch?” Frances asked in a low voice.

    “The movie in which Kate played the female lead. That’s also the one she got an Academy Award for. It was released a few days ago,” Yasmine suggested.

    “Sure!” Frances was quite hyped. “I have to support Katie!”

    I’ll make the arrangement,” Samuel chimed in. “I’ll reserve the whole place.” “No!” the three old ladies rejected together.

    Diana was the one who disliked his idea the most. “We’ll use our own money to support Katie, not yours.” “That’s right!” Frances nodded. “We’re not going to use a scumbag’s money. We don’t want to smear Katie’s reputation.”

    Samuel was left speechless.

    I’ll do it then.” Yasmine took out her phone smilingly, booking the tickets.

    Kathleen threw Samuel a sideways glance.

    Noticing her glance, he flashed her a helpless smile.

    Now that there are so many people supporting her, she’s definitely over the moon.

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