All Too Late Chapter 278

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All Too Late Chapter 278

All Too Late Chapter 278

As You Wish

Looking at Kathleen, Samuel felt an ache in his heart as if it was getting tom apart. “I can live well in his place. So let me stay by your side okay?’ He spoke in a low voice “I won’t allow you to stay in control of his body. And I don’t like you. Not even a tiny bit!” Kathleen pushed him away abruptly. “Is that so?

I guess I’ll die together with him then since you don’t like either of us.” Samuel smirked coldly Kathleen froze. What? Samuel walked toward the window with the key in his hand. Kathleen knew what he was getting at. “Stop Samuel!” She ran in his direction to stop him. However, to her dismay, she was too late.

Samuel had threw the key out the window. Below the window was a vast sea. It would be impossible to find the key if it landed in the sea. Kathleen looked at him helplessly. With a pull, Samuel held Kathleen tightly in his embrace. He sounded aloof when he said, “I’ve hidden bombs in this castle, and I’ll die along with Nicolette. Both of us are people that you hate the most. You’ll be able to live comfortably when we’re gone.” What?

Kathleen struggled to break free from his grasp. “You’ve lost your mind!” Then, she felt a sharp pain in her neck She instantly lost all strength in her body. “What are you doing. Samuel?” Kathleen asked as Samuel held onto her. He carried her up in his arms. “Nothing.” Then he walked toward the door.

“I’ll put you in the car. Just wait for Tyson there.” “What about you?” Kathleen asked groggily. Samuel planted a kiss on her forehead and said, “Til stay here. Forever Tears welled up in Kathleen’s eyes. “Samuel won’t want to die. “Tve told you, I’m the one that makes the call for this body now.”

Samuel covered Kathleen with his windbreaker and proceeded to carry her out The weather was cold outside. Samuel carried Kathleen into his car. After he left her in the driver’s seat he touched her face lightly and said, “Goodbye. “Samuel! Don’t leave!” Kathleen panicked. Lowering his head, Samuel couldn’t help but kiss her again.

“It’s time. I should disappear since you hate me so much.” “No, don’t Tears rolled down Kathleen’s cheeks. “I didn’t have a choice that day. Samuel. Your life would be at risk if I didn’t do that Huh? Why would my life be in danger? That made Samuel frown. “I don’t want you to die. Samuel.

I mean it Kathleen held onto Samuel’s clothes with whatever strength she had left. “You’re lying Samuel was visibly unconvinced “This is the last time we’ll be seeing each other. Kathleen, I love you no matter which personality I am.” He put her hand back on her lap. “No!” Kathleen stretched out her arms once again “Samuel, I’m telling the truth. Someone wanted to kill you. The sniper was nearby the Lewis residence at that time.

Caleb saw it too. That was why he helped me.” Samuel stiffened. “Urgh…” He clutched his chest all of a sudden. He was in so much pain his face instantly turned pale. “Go back! Go back!” Samuel roared. Seeing that, Kathleen frowned. Who is he talking to? She held onto Samuel’s arm with all her strength. “It’s me. Samuel. I’m Kathleen. Don’t let him control you any longer. Come out. Let’s talk all right? I have so many things to tell you.

Please, please come out and meet me.” Samuel’s eyes became bloodshot as he directed his gaze at her and smiled coldly. “Why? Don’t you want to see me? He’s Samuel, but so am 1.” “Don’t blame me, but I only want him. The other Samuel.” Kathleen’s heart tightened. Samuel chuckled. “What a cruel lady.” Samuel touched her face again. Suddenly, he said calmly. “Fine, as you wish then Kathleen looked at him intently. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” Samuel’s eyes were filled with reluctance. He continued, “I just met you, and now I have to leave. I’ll disappear for real once he recovers.” Kathleen was started upon hearing that “But it’s fine. As long as you’re happy…everything’s fine… Samuel’s voice became softer, and his eyelids got heavier. Soon, he shut his eyes. Then he fell on his back.

“Samuel!” Kathleen yelled. Mustering all her strength, she got off the car. There were only two of them here. She covered Samuel with the windbreaker he gave her and sat quietly beside him. Just then, lightning flashed across the sky It was going to rain soon. Kathleen put Samuel’s head on her lap.

Soon the rain started pouring down Kathleen covered Samuel’s head to prevent him from getting drenched in the rain. She had no idea when the effect of the drug would wear off. Also, she was uncertain when Tyson would arrive. Both Samuel and she would be in deep trouble if they had to stay here overnight and if the rain got heavier.

Kathleen let out a sigh at that thought. She pondered for a moment before she placed Samuel’s head onto the ground gently. Slowly, she moved to open the door to the backseat of the car. Then, she tried to move Samuel into the car with all her might Unfortunately, it didn’t work at all.

After trying a few more times, she felt she was going to lose all her strength. Needless to say, she was exasperated. Cough! Cough! At that moment, Samuel regained his consciousness. “You’re awake, Samuel?” Kathleen was pleasantly surprised and crawled over. “Kate?” Samuel’s voice sounded hoarse.

“Why are your “Can you stand up?” Kathleen asked. “We need to get out of the rain.” Samuel stood up. He was mostly unharmed. He lifted Kathleen Then, he headed straight into the castle with her in his arms. Samuel clenched his jaw. He seemed to have guessed what had happened after seeing everything in front of him.

“Kate… Samuel croaked. “Head upstairs, don’t stand here. Both of us need a hot bath” Kathleen instructed. “Okay.” Without hesitation, Samuel carried Kathleen upstairs. Kathleen secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It really is Samuel! As soon as they arrived at the room. Samuel went to the bathroom to prepare hot water.

Kathleen wrapped herself in the blanket after she took off all of her wet clothes. It was different for her than Samuel Although Samuel got poisoned, he had a blood transfusion from her. As such, he would be fine. However, in Kathleen’s case, she had lost too much blood. On top of that her body was weak originally.

After this series of events, her body could no longer take it. Just then, Samuel came out of the bathroom and walked toward Kathleen. “It’s done. I’ll carry you inside. Kathleen put down the blanket Samuel gulped when he saw her naked body. “Stop staring. It’s not like this is your first time seeing it anyway.

Do you want me to freeze to death?” Kathleen complained. Samuel was rendered speechless. He carried Kathleen and walked into the bathroom. Then, he put her inside the bathtub filled with hot water. Kathleen hummed comfortably as her body warmed up. “Okay. You don’t have to worry about me.

Go take your shower. She closed her eyes. She was completely worn out. “Okay,” Samuel croaked. He then left and went to the room next door to take a hot shower. Samuel was in a bathrobe when he returned. “Are you done?” he asked as he squatted next to the bathtub. Kathleen slowly opened her eyes and asked, “This illness of yours… have you tried getting it treated?”

Samuel froze His guess was right “I won’t hurt you, Kate.” He held onto her hands tightly will never hurt you no matter which personality I am. “I know you won’t But I can’t accept that you hurt yourself, Kathleen stressed. “You’re afraid of me, aren’t you?” Samuel murmured

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