All Too Late Chapter 288

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All Too Late Chapter 288

All Too Late Chapter 288

Derek turned around and left

Samuel glanced at Kathleen with a grim expression

She looked back at him in silence

“Do you believe it now?” Samuel gazed at her sternly.

Nodding, Kathleen apologized, ‘Yes. I’m sorry.”

“ve told you before. It’s pointless to apologize. Samuel cupped her chin and continued, “You know what I want.”

Gnashing her teeth, she yelled, “You just want to take advantage of me!”

Samuel flashed her a half-smile. “Nobody forced you to agree on this. I wouldn’t have done anything to you if you didn’t agree earlier. You’re too naive.”

Kathleen was livid by his cheeky attitude.

“Do you want to do it here or in the car?” Samuel’s lips curled up in a devilish smile.

Taking a deep breath to calm herself, Kathleen replied, “In the car.”

“Let’s go.” Samuel grabbed Kathleen’s hand and led her to the car.

As soon as they sat down in the back seat, Samuel instantly cupped Kathleen’s chin and kissed her

She had no strength to struggle free

Ten minutes later, Kathleen’s face flushed with embarrassment as she stared at him with misty eyes.

I can’t believe he kissed me for ten minutes! Damn it!

Samuel snorted at her. “You’re a terrible kisser.”

Unsurprisingly, Kathleen was furious by his remark.

Shoving him away, she exclaimed, “I’ve already apologized to you. Goodbye!”

Having had enough, Kathleen was getting ready to leave

Samuel wanted to send her back However, he knew Kathleen would turn him down, looking at her expression

Forget about it I should send someone to protect her secretly

As Kathleen drove home, she called Charles on her Bluetooth earphones.

Biting her lip, she said, “Charles, it’s me Something has happened to the Yoeger family.”

Charles frowned “What’s going on?”

“Someone secretly helped Nicolette She took Vanessa away and then injured Zachary. Nicolette has let jadeborough She should be overseas now,” kathleen explained, frowning

Did that really happen? Why would Nicolette take Vanessa away?” Charles was stunned

“I told Nicolette that the person who needed her kidney was Vanessa. Zachary was totally fine. It was Vanessa who wanted to kill two birds with one stone. She wanted to get rid of both of them,” Kathleen explained

Charles paused for a moment before asking. “Are you safe over there?”

“I’m fine, Charles. What about you?” she inquired worriedly.

“Those two brothers are competing fiercely against each other. They’re trying to win my favor. I don’t know who’s behind this for the time being.” Charles explained.

Thinking of something, Kathleen said, ‘I found a phone number in Nicolette’s room. It’s from overseas. I’ll send it to you later. Please help me check the number

“All right. It’s very chaotic over here. So, don’t come here for the time being and never leave Giselle’s side. Understood?” he reminded

Kathleen’s frown deepened “Charles, are you fine over there?”

Charles let out a chuckle “Of course, I’m fine They won’t do anything to me as long as I don’t pick a side. Don’t worry about me.”

“Okay.” Kathleen nodded.

Even so, she was still concerned about her brother’s safety

We have to solve these issues in Jadeborough as soon as possible

The next day, Kathleen went to the filming set first

She had too much on her plate lately.

The film crew was thrilled to see her on the set

“They’ve received Mr. Macari’s payment.” Valerie informed

Kathleen also knew about the situation at work.

She was busy doing the reshoots the entire morning,

Kathleen swiftly got into the character and managed to shoot the scenes without having a retake so that no one could find faults in her acting.

In the evening. Samuel came to the filming set when they finished shooting.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she asked, “Didn’t you promise not to pester me?”

“Zachary’s awake, Samuel said coldly.

“Should I visit him in the hospital, then?”

Samuel cast her a meaningful look. “He said he wants to meet us

Kathleen was puzzled. Why would Zachary want to meet us?

T’ll wait for you to get changed. He stood at the door of the lounge with no intention of entering

it’s even welrder for you to stand there.” Kathleen frowned at him.

Arching his brows, Samuel stepped inside the lounge.

Kathleen had meant to tell Samuel to wait for her in the car. Nevertheless, he completely misinterpreted her words,

What a bother!

She reluctantly went inside to change her clothes.

Ten minutes later, the duo left the filming set and headed toward the hospital.

Zachary’s complexion looked pale as he lay on the bed.

“You guys are here,” he uttered weakly.

He was shot in the shoulder and the call. Nonetheless, his injuries were not serious.

Zachary would be fine as long as he recuperated smoothly

Glancing at him indifferently, Kathleen probed, “Why did you ask us to come here?”

Zachary gave her a long, meaningful look. “Yoeger Group’s stocks have been going down today It’s estimated that it will continue to plummet tomorrow.”

“What does that have to do with me?” Kathleen was puzzled.

*Kathleen, you’re also part of the Yoeger family no matter what.” Zachary mumbled.

Kathleen could not help sneering at him. “Me? Part of the family? Ha! Does it mean that I’m part of your family only when I’m being useful to you guys? Don’t forget that I have no relation with any of


“Even though your mother isn’t my father’s biological daughter, she’s still my cousin. You can ask Old Mrs. Yoeger. There’s no way she will stand aside and do nothing when the Yoeger family is in trouble.” Zachary explained hurriedly.

“You guys only need her to clean up the mess. How did you treat her back then?” she retorted.

Zachary said dejectedly, “Kathleen, I was also deceived by Vanessa I only found out that there was nothing wrong with my body today. That wicked woman was the mastermind behind everything! She even planned to marry Yarell off to an old guy just to consolidate her position. Isn’t she despicable?”

“It takes one to know one.” Kathleen scoffed.

Zachary could not come up with a retort.

“What are your motives behind this?” Kathleen did not want to waste time talking nonsense with him.

“I want to take Frances back to the Yoeger residence and let her preside over these matters. Otherwise, the Yoeger family will be ruined, Kathleen, I promised to transfer some of the family’s shares to you if you allowed me to bring her back,” Zachary pleaded.

Kathleen snorted in response

However, Zachary was genuinely willing to do so.

“I wont allow you to do that.” Kathleen sald.

Zachary was stunned by how swiftly she rejected his request.

“You guys are too ambitious and heartless. Who knows what you will do in the future? That’s why I’ll never agree on this. Therefore, you can save your breath, Kathleen advised coldly

Zachary pursed his lips “Kathleen, can I see Old Mrs. Yoeger?”

Shaking her head, Kathleen rejected him indifferently. “No.”

All of a sudden, Yareli’s voice sounded from the entrance of the ward. “Who gives you the right to say


Kathleen turned around and saw Yareli entering the ward while holding Frances.

“Granny? Why are you here?” Kathleen was shocked.

Frances stepped forward and advised, “Kate, you don’t have to say anything. I will handle all the matters of the Yoeger family.”

Kathleen frowned upon hearing that.

Looking at Samuel, Yareli greeted, “Samuel, you’re also here.”

Nevertheless, he did not deign to reply her.

“Mom, I’m so sorry. It’s all my fault. I shouldn’t have believed in Vanessa’s words Zachary broke down in tears.

“That’s enough. You aren’t a child anymore. Stop crying.” Frances admonished frostily

“Okay.” Wiping his tears, Zachary added, “Mom, we need you to step up and reassure everyone in the Yoeger family right now.”

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