All Too Late Chapter 293

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All Too Late Chapter 293

All Too Late Chapter 293

Are You Mad

Samuel held Kathleen in his arms as he dozed off after the eventful night.

He hugged her tightly, afraid she would disappear when he woke up the following day.

Kathleen was utterly drained, having to satisfy his desire.

She was exhausted after doing it with Samuel for the whole night.

By the time he woke up, it was already afternoon the next day.

He lifted his hand. The wound on his palm was hurting, and blood was smeared all over the blanket.

Then, the first thing he did after regaining his senses was to look for Kathleen.

Fortunately, she was still there, curling in his embrace and sleeping soundly like an adorable bunny.

She didn’t leave! She must have returned here after she left last night. Kathleen couldn’t bear to leave me to my own devices here. This is great. She still has a soft spot for me.

Samuel’s heart ached at the sight of the hickeys on her whole body.

Yareli Yoeger! I’ll never let you off the hook.

Kathleen was still asleep, but she was frowning as if something was troubling her mind.

Samuel kissed her cheek before getting off the bed to pick up the clothes on the floor and put them on.

He noticed all the buttons on his shirt had become loose. Apparently, he was very anxious to take off his clothes last night.

I reckon Kathleen’s clothes will be in worse condition.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door.

Samuel opened the door and saw Leonard standing outside.

He grinned. “Good afternoon.”

A cold glint flashed across Samuel’s eyes.

“These are some clean clothes.” Leonard was very thoughtful.

Samuel asked indifferently, “ Were you the one who called Kathleen over?”

“I was trying to help you.” Leonard curled his lips.

Samuel received the clothes. “Just you wait!”

Leonard became flummoxed. “But I helped you.”

Samuel grimaced. “You’re dead anyway.”

Leonard was rendered speechless.

Did I not do a great job as his best friend?

“Mr. Sullivan.” Kathleen’s voice sounded from behind Samuel all of a sudden.

Samuel was stunned.

She woke up?

“Can you have someone bring over the first-aid kit?” Kathleen asked.

“Sure.” Leonard nodded. Then, he immediately excused himself.

He did not forget her declaration yesterday that she would destroy that whole place if he dared to tell a single lie.

Samuel closed the door and walked up to her.

She wrapped her body with a bathrobe and was gazing at him frostily.

“You’re awake. Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?” Samuel beamed slightly at her.

“I feel uncomfortable everywhere. I can’t believe you fell for Yareli’s trap and was tricked by her,” Kathleen uttered.

“I drank some wine last night. Besides, she took me by surprise by suddenly assaulting me,” he explained.

Kathleen snorted coldly.

“Go and rest on the bed if you don’t feel well. Let me know if you need anything.” Samuel regarded her with a sincere look.

She shook her head.

At that moment, someone knocked on the door again.

Samuel went to open the door and received the first-aid kit from Leonard. “You can leave now.”

Then, he shut the door again.

Leonard was stumped.

I’ve never been so speechless my entire life.

Kathleen stared at Samuel as he reentered with the first-aid kit. She said, “Take a seat.”

He sat down.

She opened the first-aid kit and took out a bottle of antiseptic and some cotton swabs.

Samuel obediently stretched out his hand in her direction.

She disinfected the wound on his hand, applied some medication, and wrapped a bandage around his palm. Then, she reminded, “Keep the wound dry.”

He bore into her dark eyes. “Are you mad at me?”

Kathleen let out a resigned sigh. “I don’t know.”

Samuel pulled her close and placed her on his lap. He wrapped his arms around her thin waist and gazed at her with all tenderness. “If you’re mad at me, you can slap or beat me. Please do not suppress your anger.”

Kathleen rested in his embrace. “Why should I hit you? I chose to come back, after all.”

“Kate. Let’s get married again.” His voice sounded hoarse.

She froze. “Why haven’t you given up on that idea yet?”

“I’ll never give up.” He rubbed his chin against her face. “Everyone is telling me to give up, including you. However, Kate, I don’t have a choice. I’m not trying to take revenge on you or for any other reason. It’s simply because I love you and cannot live without you. When I lose you, every moment felt agonizing to me.”

That was a pain others could not fathom.

Samuel even had the urge to keep Kathleen hidden so no one else could locate her for eternity.

In that way, she would belong to him and him alone.

Kathleen felt helpless. “You’re making things difficult for me, Samuel.”

He took in her ashen yet delicate facial features. “Kate, will you only be together with me if I can help you resolve all those troublesome matters?”

She remained silent.

“If that’s the case, allow me some time. I’ll help you settle the problems. What do you say?” Samuel pleaded in his husky voice.

Kathleen sighed.

She felt a pounding headache ripping through her skull.

Samuel kissed her face. “I’ll assume you’ve agreed then.”

“I did not agree with you.” She knitted her brows. “Samuel, things are not as simple as you imagine.”

“How about we make a bet?” Samuel was slightly disheartened, but his elegant and classy smile did not waver. “If I help you resolve all those troubles, you’ll consider going out with me. Is that all right? There’s no need for us to rush into marriage, but I want to clarify our relationship. Is that fine by you?”

Kathleen turned sideways to look into his charming eyes. “Why are you doing this, Samuel?”

“Why do you ask?” He held her hand with his injured palm and brought it close to his lips. Then, he gently and sincerely kissed her hand.

“Do you really like me that much?” Kathleen frowned.

“Do you think I’m faking this?” Samuel placed her hand on his chest. “Is that scar not sufficient to prove my earnestness? Or perhaps you prefer seeing it with your own eyes? I’ll gouge out my heart and show it to you.”

She was afraid he would become paranoid again, so she immediately shook her head. “That’s not needed. I trust you.”

The problem lay with her as she could not convince herself.

Samuel smiled. “Kate, I do not have any other request. Can’t you agree even to start dating me again?”

That was truly his only wish.

He merely wanted Kathleen to verify his status so he could finally stand by her side openly and officially.

Kathleen felt a little upset and helpless. “Okay.”

Samuel was overjoyed.

“However, you have to remember this. As long as my brother is not cured from the poison, you are not allowed to harm the Blissful Sect.” She turned solemn the next second.

“I’ve ordered my men to find out Melting Ice Grass’ whereabouts.” He curled his lips. “I suppose we’ll be receiving some updates soon.”

Kathleen nodded. Then, she suddenly thought of something. “Were you the one who informed Leonard?”

“Yes. The Sullivan family owns a lot of bars and pubs, even in other countries. I believe there will be some results if he spreads the news,” Samuel said.

The last thing Leonard lacked was connections.

“Okay. I’ll wait for your news,” she replied.

He kissed her face again. “You should take a bath first. I’ll have someone prepare some food.”

“Okay.” Kathleen was indeed starving.

Samuel placed her on the bed and ordered his subordinate to send some food to the room.

Kathleen took her clothes and went into the bathroom.

Samuel curled his thin lips into a smile while listening to the sound of water splashing from the bathroom.

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