All Too Late Chapter 295

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All Too Late Chapter 295

All Too Late Chapter 295

Mind Your Own Business

Kathleen had arrived at the Yoeger residence.

This morning, Frances had already moved in.

Giselle was always by Frances’ side. Seeing her there, Kathleen felt more at ease.

Having seen that Kathleen had returned, Frances clasped Kathleen’s hands. “I heard that you were called to the set last night and have been busy till now.”

Kathleen knew that Giselle was covering for her.

“Well, the crew have been in a hurry to wrap things up,” Kathleen explained.

“Then you shouldn’t be too concerned about us. I reckon you should come over when you’ve got yourself sorted out,” said Frances fretfully.

“Granny, is Yareli at home?” Kathleen asked coldly.

“I haven’t seen her all day,” replied Frances. “Do you have business with her?”

“Yes, I need to see her.” Kathleen was not too keen on telling Frances the truth, lest the latter felt worried.

Then I’ll give her a call.” Frances took out her mobile phone.

“Don’t worry about it, Granny. We can talk when she gets back.” Kathleen continued, “I still have to work after dinner.”

“Okay.” The old woman nodded and said, “I’ll have the housekeepers prepare dinner right away.”

Kathleen hummed in response.

“By the way, I have prepared a room for you to stay in.” With that, Frances tugged at her hand again. “I’ll show you.”

Naturally, she was not going to make things difficult by letting Kathleen stay in Nicolette’s old room.

After all, the Yoeger residence was huge. It was not difficult to prepare a new room for Kathleen’s stay.

Kathleen followed Frances from behind.

When they arrived at the new room, Kathleen seemed surprised to see that it was newly furnished.

She had not expected Frances to spend the whole day making this happen.

“Thank you, Granny,” said Kathleen gratefully.

“Ah, well… I have not managed to raise your mother for a single day,” sighed Frances wistfully. ”But fortunately, God sent you to my side to let me make up for my regret.”

Frances hugged Kathleen. “From now on, my house is your house too, dear child.”

Kathleen nodded.

“I also had someone prepare your brother’s room. When he comes back, he can move right in.” Frances smiled and said, “With you and Charlie by my side, I can pass on without regrets.”

“Granny, you will definitely live a long life,” said Kathleen indignantly.

Frances laughed when she heard this. “Yes, I still want to see you and your brother building your own family and flourishing!”

Kathleen smiled slightly. “Yeah.”

“Come on, let’s go downstairs for dinner.” Frances decided to drag Kathleen downstairs.

After dinner, Frances went back to her room because she had other matters to attend to.

Now that they were alone, Giselle looked at Kathleen. “What happened to you last night?”

Kathleen shook her head passively. “I’m fine.”

“Kathleen, I think they might be here,” Giselle said solemnly. “I moved here with Old Mrs. Yoeger today, but I kept having the feeling that we were being watched.”

“Your intuition has always been sharp,” Kathleen said thoughtfully. “I just don’t know who is here this time.”

Giselle sighed. “You know there aren’t many people in the Blissful Sect who can give me the creeps like this.”

“Could it be that he’s here?” Kathleen frowned.

“I’ll look into it,” replied Giselle.

“Giselle, you’re not from the Blissful Sect. I think you should drop it.” Kathleen frowned.

Giselle was planted by Charles and not the Blissful Sect.

“It’s okay. Your brother asked me to investigate this matter,” Giselle explained.

“Then, be careful. Call me if there’s anything.” Kathleen was worried.

“Don’t worry.” Giselle smiled lightly. “Don’t forget, I’m very adept at protecting myself.”

Kathleen nodded lightly.

“I’ll be off then.” She got into her car.

Giselle grunted in response as she watched the car speed away.

Just then, Giselle’s heart lurched.

Surely it can’t be that man?

It was about one in the morning by the time Kathleen finished work.

She yawned, ready to go home.

Samuel came to pick her up.

Kathleen frowned.

Just then, she spotted a black car from the corner of her eyes.

There was a flash of light in the car.

Her heart sank.

“Samuel, don’t pester me before you find the Melting Ice Grass,” Kathleen said coldly.

Samuel knitted his brows at that.

“This behavior of yours is really irksome,” she continued in a displeased tone. “If you’ve got so much time on your hands, why aren’t you looking for the Melting Ice Grass? Only then I’d consider being with you. If someone else finds it first, then I’ll consider them, too.”

Samuel remained rooted to his spot.

Kathleen got into her car and drove away.

The black car continued to tail after her.

A grim look soon spread across Samuel’s handsome face.

Is she telling the truth? If someone else finds the Melting Ice Grass, then she’ll marry them?

Kathleen had driven for quite some distance before she pulled over to the side.

The black car tailing behind her had also rolled to a stop.

She walked over and opened the door. “So, Wyatt. It’s really you.”

In the car sat a charming man with a sinister, demonic aura. With a half-smile, he said, “I’ve missed you.”

Kathleen clenched her fists. “Was it you who sent that woman?”

“Which one?” Wyatt played dumb.

“The one who drugged Samuel,” Kathleen said coldly.

“Oh.” Wyatt smiled. “You mean Lauren? She’s not one of mine. She’s my brother’s subordinate.”

“Lauren is working with Wilbur?” Kathleen frowned.

“If I had someone with her talents with me, then I wouldn’t be so badly oppressed in the Blissful Sect.” Wyatt smiled sardonically at her. “Besides, you’re not helping me, dearie.”

“Shut the hell up, Wyatt!” hissed Kathleen.”I have nothing to do with you at all!”

“Why are you so heartless?” Wyatt was very aggrieved. “Don’t forget. Without the Snow Grass, your brother would’ve—”

“Enough!” Kathleen snapped. “What are you doing here?”

“Why, to see you, of course,” said Wyatt, his voice tinged with ice. “I also came to tell you that you’re mine. So stop fooling around with your ex-husband.”

“Wyatt, are you insane?” Kathleen was very displeased. “Even if we have a three-year contract, it will take three years. You can’t control me now.”

Wyatt smiled deeply. “Fine, I’ll leave you be. But you should stay out of my affairs, too.”

Kathleen glared daggers at him.

“Samuel’s grandfather killed my grandfather, so I must avenge his death. If you hadn’t been so meddlesome, I’d have killed him ages ago,” Wyatt said unhappily.

“Nobody knows if Samuel’s grandfather actually killed your grandfather. Even your father is uncertain.” Kathleen frowned.

“Well, one of them is a soldier, and the other is a bandit. Since a fight broke out, who could it be if not his grandfather who killed mine?” asked Wyatt icily.

“Wyatt, listen to me. Unless you can come up with solid evidence, I won’t stop meddling in your affairs!” Kathleen was enraged.

“He killed both your children, yet you still forgave him?” Wyatt narrowed his eyes.

Kathleen paused before replying, “Forgave him? No. But the Macari family treats me very well. Samuel is the only heir to the Macari family. If anything happens to him, they will be devastated. I can’t let you kill him.”

I won’t let you.

Wyatt snorted. “Excuses.”

“Whether or not it’s an excuse, you know very well.” Kathleen glared at him again. “You’d better not show up in front of him. He is already aware of your existence.”

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