All Too Late Chapter 314

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All Too Late Chapter 314

All Too Late Chapter 314

Still Alive

Gizem finished changing and stepped out of the office.

She headed to the ward to check on Desi.

The girl would be staying in the hospital that night, so Gizem herself would have to work overtime.

When she arrived at the ward, Wynnie and Eil were not there anymore, likely having headed home.

Samuel was the only one accompanying Desi.

The man was truly a loving father.

The love he had for Desi was very genuine.

“Daddy, I want ice cream,” Desi begged coyly.

“Some other time. We’ll have to wait till you get better.” Samuel caressed her cheek.

The little girl looked a lot like Kathleen, especially her pair of eyes.

Samuel’s heart would often throb in pain when he looked at Desi.

If it hadn’t been for him, perhaps Eil and Desi wouldn’t have lost their mother’s love.

He owed his two children far too much.

“But I really want to have some,” Desi pleaded.

“Little glutton.” Samuel chuckled dotingly. “Tomorrow, then. The convenience store downstairs is closed now.”

The girl pouted. “I don’t believe that you can’t even get me some ice cream, Daddy. You are Samuel Macari, aren’t you?”

Samuel couldn’t refute that.

Meanwhile, Gizem found it rather hilarious.

Samuel heard her chuckle and turned around to throw her a sharp sideways glance.

For a moment, Gizem froze. “I didn’t mean to eavesdrop. I came to refill her IV drip.”

True to her word, she was carrying a bag of IV drip.

Samuel nodded.

Gizem walked over to Desi and replaced the nearly empty bag with the new one.

“Ms. Zabinski, can I have some ice cream?” Desi tugged on Gizem’s white coat.

“Yes, you can.” Gizem’s red lips curved upward. “If you intend to revisit the emergency room tonight, you can do that.”

Hearing that, Desi pouted again. “No way! I don’t want ice cream anymore!”

Gizem smiled faintly. As expected, children are so predictable.

Samuel came to tuck Desi in. “Since you’re not having ice cream anymore, sleep early, then.”

Desi yawned. “Ms. Zabinski, can you tell me a story?”

Gizem froze.

“Let me do it.” Samuel furrowed his brows.

In the past, Desi used to pester him all the time.

It made him feel needed.

“I got bored of your croaky voice, Daddy,” the girl grumbled. “I want to hear Ms. Zabinski’s gentle voice.”

As she said that, she turned to Gizem. “Can you, please?”

Gizem glanced at Samuel, who said nothing.

Thus, she nodded at the girl. “Sure.”

Desi was elated. She shifted from her spot on the bed to give Gizem some space.

When Gizem sat down, Desi quickly wrapped her arms around the woman’s slim waist and buried her face in Gizem’s embrace. “Ms. Zabinski, you smell like herbs.”

Gizem stiffened.

Desi closed her eyes. That’s clearly how Mommy smelled like.

Gizem didn’t think that this kid would like her that much.

Samuel’s gaze darkened. “I’m going out.”

Gizem nodded.

With Desi in her lap, she began to narrate a story.

Since she had barely read any fairy tales herself, she racked her brain and made one up on the spot.

Desi listened attentively in fascination. Soon, she fell asleep.

Gizem, who had gone through an exhausting day, closed her eyes too, her arms wrapping around Desi.

Outside, Samuel was on the phone.

“Samuel, my subordinates have been tracking Charles for three years but haven’t found Kathleen’s grave,” Leonard reported. “Do you want us to continue?”

“Not even once?” Samuel’s gaze was dark and solemn.

“Not even once,” Leonard answered firmly. “Do you suppose that Kathleen wasn’t buried?”

“Impossible,” Samuel said in a hoarse voice. “Charles would definitely give her a proper burial.”

“For three years, Charles hasn’t visited the cemetery once. Does that mean Kathleen is still alive, then?” Leonard surmised.

At that point, Samuel suddenly burst into a coughing fit.

His body had never been in good shape.

On any given day, his internal organs would protest.

He was well aware of his physical condition.

He just wanted to hold on until Desi turned eighteen.

He wanted to see Desi undergo surgery before he could die in peace.

If Kathleen were alive, he would surely tell her that he had raised their children well.

If she wanted, she could take the kids with her anytime.

He would not force her to stay by his side anymore.

However, if she weren’t, by the time Desi completed the surgery, Eil would have grown up too, and Samuel could finally leave peacefully.

Would Kathleen be waiting for me on the other side? Or would she have moved on because she didn’t want to see me again?

“Samuel, you ought to take care of yourself,” Leonard said concernedly.

“I’m fine,” Samuel replied in a hoarse voice. “Charles is a recluse and prefers to lay low. He may not have anyone to care for him, but five years ago, he had to bury Kate. He couldn’t possibly do it on his own.”

“I understand,” Leonard said solemnly. “If no one had been there to help him, then that means Kathleen isn’t dead.”

“Or he could have hidden her body,” Samuel croaked. “I’ll think of a way to get Charles here. When that happens, get your people to search his place.”

“Got it.” Leonard nodded.

Samuel hung up the phone.

He gazed at the moon outside the window and recalled Kathleen’s smile.

He had been too immature back then.

If he could turn back time, he would surely not pester her anymore.

He just wanted her to live.

That would be good enough.

As long as he knew that she was living somewhere on the planet, that would suffice.

If he missed her too much, he could check on her secretly instead of being separated by heaven and Earth like this.

Samuel’s hands were shaking again. He missed her.

He took some time to recollect himself outside the ward, only stepping in when he was ready.

He wouldn’t show his vulnerable side in front of Desi.

After all, Desi needed her father’s support.

When he got to the bedside, he found that Gizem had fallen asleep with Desi in her arms.

Both adult and child held on to each other tightly like a mother-daughter duo.

He didn’t plan to wake Gizem.

If she woke up, Desi would be disturbed too.

Hence, he headed to the couch, sat down, and shut his eyes to get some rest.

Gizem woke up a while later and saw Samuel lying face up on the couch.

An indescribable sense of loneliness emanated from him.

She observed the man quietly.

It seemed that she didn’t feel any sort of warmth coming from him.

He was simply too austere.

Carefully, she rose to her feet.

She spotted a blanket nearby, picked it up, and walked closer to Samuel, planning to cover him with it.

However, Samuel had always been a light sleeper.

He was woken up when he heard movements.

Gizem froze when he stirred. “I…”

He said flatly, “Pass that to me.”

She handed the blanket to him, then turned and got ready to leave.

Unexpectedly, she slipped and found herself falling toward Samuel.

The man managed to catch her.

The scent of medicinal herbs on her immediately lifted his spirits.

This smell!

Gizem wanted to get up, but Samuel had a hand tightly wrapped around her waist.

“Where did you get this scent?” he asked.

Kathleen smelled just like that.

She liked to make perfumes using some of her favorite scents.

Thus, only Kathleen could have made this.

The fragrance was rather faint. One could only pick up on it if they got close enough.

This was the first time that Samuel had come into such close contact with Gizem.

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