All Too Late Chapter 92

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All Too Late Chapter 92

All Too Late Chapter 92


Samuel did not expect Kathleen to take the initiative to send him off.

He curled his lips into a smile. “Sure.”

Kathleen then got up and walked Samuel out.

Outside, the warm afternoon sun rays shining on Kathleen made her look warm and pleasant.

It was as though the whole of hers was no longer icy.

“Samuel.” Kathleen looked up at the man who was much taller than herself.

He was dazzling with his back against the light.

Yet, he was so cold that the sunshine did not seem to warm him.

“Hmm?” Samuel stared at her.

He had not seen her for a year. She seemed to be the same as before, but at the same time, she looked different.

When she gazed at him, her eyes no longer twinkled.

“Let’s just be friends.” Kathleen’s gaze on Samuel no longer contained the nervousness it had when they last met at the airport.

She was now as calm as millpond.

Samuel silently stared at her before saying, “Do you think I can do that?”

Kathleen pursed her lips as she spoke. “If you can’t, I have no choice but to stay away from you in the future, Samuel. If it hadn’t been for Grandma, Mr. Macari, and Mrs. Macari, I would never have reconciled with you.”

“Reconcile?” Samuel mocked himself, “Didn’t you say I was a killer? Are you sure you want to reconcile with me?”

Kathleen shook her head. “You’re right. In truth, you were the executioner who indirectly ended both my children’s lives. There’s no way I can really forgive you. But Samuel, I don’t want to put Grandma and the others in a tight spot. I don’t want them to drive you away when I meet you in the Macari residence. There’s really no need for that.”

“Are you trying to tell me that I’m only a stranger to you now?” Samuel’s voice was husky.

Although he knew the answer to his question, he still felt incredibly miserable when he uttered the words himself.

“Yes.” Kathleen nodded.

Samuel looked at her with a sullen face. “What if I can’t do it?

Kathleen knitted her brows. “As I told you, I have no other choice but to try my best to stay away from you if you’re unable to do so.”

“Are you going to avoid me for the rest of your life?” His voice was hoarse as he said, “I’ve found you now. I’ll never let you go again.”

Everyone had helped Kathleen keep the secret from Samuel for the past year.

However, once she exposed herself, he would definitely seize her, giving her no chance to escape.

“Samuel, if you want both of us to suffer, you may have a try.” Kathleen met his sharp eyes as she spoke. “There’s nothing I can do if you insist on getting into a life-and-death conflict.”

Samuel took a step forward and grabbed her delicate, fragile chin with his rough, slender fingers. He said coldly, “You won’t die. I’m the one who should die.”

Kathleen inhaled deeply as she took a few steps back. “Since you insist on having your own way, I can’t stop you from that. Anyway, I came back with Charles this time just to settle some personal matters. We’ll leave once everything is done. The world is so big; you won’t be able to find me.”

As soon as her words fell, she turned to leave.

Samuel’s gaze turned colder. Is she going to leave gain? No, I’ll never let her leave!

Kathleen’s face was filled with sadness when she returned to the mansion.

Upon seeing that, Charles went up to her and put his big hand on her head. “It’s okay. Just ignore him.”

Kathleen remained silent.

Just then, Wynnie walked over. “Kate.”

“Mrs. Macari.” Kathleen looked at Wynnie, feeling a little guilty. “Actually, you guys don’t have to treat Samuel like this for my sake.”

Wynnie held Kathleen’s hands. “It’s okay. He deserves it.”

Kathleen was at a loss for words.

“By the way, I heard something good happened between you and Christopher. Is that true?” Wynnie asked with a smile.

A feeling of awkwardness surged in Kathleen instantly. “Mrs. Macari, actually—”

“Indeed, Mrs. Macari.” Charles’ gaze darkened. “In fact, if it wasn’t for Christopher, Kate and I might not have been able to reunite with each other. He has helped Kate a lot this year.”

Wynnie smiled faintly. “Don’t feel too pressured, Kate. It’s normal to get married again after you and Samuel have divorced. Christopher is my nephew. I’m still very happy to see both of you get together.”

Kathleen felt helpless.

In truth, her relationship with Christopher was not like what Charles claimed.

However, she understood her brother’s intention.

After all, the only way to convince Samuel about her engagement with Christopher was to convince Wynnie and the rest first.

Kathleen thought Samuel would stop pestering her by then.

“Please don’t hesitate to let me know if both of you need any advice on legal matters in Jadeborough,” Wynnie said gently.

Kathleen nodded in acknowledgment.

“No matter how you and Samuel ended, we will still treat you as part of our family. Even though you and Samuel can’t treat each other like brother and sister, you are still the child of the Macari family.” Wynnie caressed Kathleen’s head and smiled. “No matter where you are, you will still be our family’s girl.”

Kathleen’s eyes were red with tears. “Mrs. Macari…”

Wynnie smiled dotingly. “This is also your home. Remember to come back often. As for Samuel, I’ll drive him away whenever you come.”

Kathleen fell speechless upon hearing that.

Suddenly, Calvin walked over to them. “Darling, are you going to work? Let’s go together.”

“Sure.” Wynnie nodded.

Calvin then flashed Kathleen a smile. “What Wynnie said is exactly what I want to tell you. Don’t feel pressured.”

“Thank you, Mr. Macari,” Kathleen expressed her gratitude.

“Don’t be afraid. If Samuel dares to bully you again, I’ll smack his face for you.” Calvin also caressed her head as if she was his daughter.

“Thanks, Mr. Macari.” Kathleen chuckled.

Calvin smiled in response and left with his wife.

Seeing that, Charles sighed. “I finally understand why you’re willing to reconcile with Samuel even though he had hurt you so much.”

In truth, all the Macaris are kind except for Samuel.

Meanwhile, in Macari Group, Samuel remained indifferent throughout the meeting in the afternoon.

Everyone was scared stiff and spoke extra cautiously.

After casually glancing at his son, Calvin announced to the room, “Let’s take a ten-minute break.”

Everyone immediately breathed a sigh of relief before getting up from their seats and heading out.

Soon, only the father-and-son duo were left in the conference room.

“What’s with this sour face of yours?” Calvin was displeased. “Did we offend you?”

“It’s time for you to retire, Dad,” Samuel said indifferently.

Calvin was rendered speechless.

“Having one person in charge in the company will be sufficient.” Samuel’s face was void of emotions.

“You—” Calvin exploded in rage. “Okay! I’ll just retire, then! I’ll be more than happy to spend more time with your mom at home.”

“You’re the one retiring, not Mom. Just go home and be a househusband,” said Samuel coldly.

Apparently, he was displeased with everyone that day.

“Haha! What’s wrong with being a househusband? I’m delighted to become one.” Calvin sneered. “I can make my wife delicious food after being a househusband. Unlike you, simply throwing tantrum here for not having a wife.”

“Childish.” Samuel narrowed his eyes.

“I’m childish?” Calvin snorted. “Yeah, I’m childish. At least, my wife didn’t force me to divorce her with her own life. And you? You didn’t give your wife a hoot when she was around. Now that she’s gone, you pretend to be deeply in love with her and even stabbed yourself in the chest. How pathetic you are!”

Samuel fell speechless.

Calvin slammed the table before bellowing, “Initially, I wanted to teach you how to patch things up with Kathleen. But apparently, you are still the same! F*ck! I don’t care anymore!”

With that, Calvin proceeded to make his way out.

“Dad,” Samuel called out awkwardly. “You’re such a wise and powerful man. How can you retire now? Our company needs you.”

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