All Too Late Chapter 98

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All Too Late Chapter 98

All Too Late Chapter 98

Another turmoil broke out.

John disputed, saying, “We all knew you were hurt, so we asked the production team to come to get you. We also heard that the production team had sent you to the hospital for an examination. What else do you want us to do?”

Kylie’s tears streamed down her cheeks. “How could you be so mean? You’re all bullies!”

“What? You’re accusing us of bullying you? Could you please stop your nonsense?” John scoffed. “Who was it that was attempting to frame Kathleen earlier? We’re already being considerate to you by not exposing you right away.”

“You!” Kylie gritted her teeth in frustration.

“After we instructed you to purchase items for us, we were unable to contact you for two hours before you finally answered the phone. And guess what? Not only did you not buy anything, but you also injured yourself.” Then, he continued indifferently, “What have you been doing in those two hours?”

“It’s just that I can’t locate the location. What’s wrong with that?” Kylie yelled angrily.

When John heard that, he replied coldly, “Ha! Please! Someone on Twitter posted that you were casually hiding in a dessert shop and enjoying your dessert until you finally decided to buy the ingredients. It was around that time that you were hit by a bicycle and had your ankle twisted.”

Kylie’s cheeks and ears flushed red in an instant.

She had no idea how John had found out about it.

Initially, she believed that nobody would be aware of it as long as there was no drone following her.

Then, sarcastically, John asked, “Do you really think no one would recognize you as long as you have a hat and mask on? You were still recognized in the end.”

Surprised by John’s words, Steve frowned and looked at Kylie. “Is that true?”

“I…” She was at a loss for words.

“Kylie, this is a show, not a drama in which you have to compete to be cast. Could you please refrain from employing such deceptive tactics?” Dissatisfied, John added, “Do you even realize how worried everyone was today?”

Nancy was taken aback as she stared at John.

After all, she had not anticipated John speaking up for Kathleen.

John defended Kathleen because he was impressed by her culinary skills that day in the kitchen.

In the past, he had some prejudice against Kathleen.

He assumed she was a troublemaker because she was the wife of a wealthy family.

However, after they got along for a while, he realized that in addition to being good-tempered, competent, calm, and collected, she also made everyone feel secure.

In reality, John had no ulterior motive. He simply admired her.

He felt compelled to defend Kathleen because he thought Kylie was being too pretentious.

“How dare you!” The more Kylie heard, the more enraged she became, to the point where she no longer pretended to cry.

“You taught him all this, didn’t you?” she asked, her gaze fixing on Kathleen.

Kathleen, who was drinking water at the time, replied coldly and directly, “Kylie, I don’t need other people’s help to deal with you.”

“Kylie, you were already in the wrong, and you’re saying they’re being instructed just because they pointed out your wrongdoing? How talented you are at distorting the truth. So you’re saying that even if you’re wrong, everyone has to stand up for you?” John made a mocking remark.

Kylie responded by staring at him.

“Forget about it. Everyone in this room can reason logically. Do you honestly believe that everyone is the same as you?” John chimed furiously.

Kylie gritted her teeth and retorted, “You all are just ganging up on me!”

Nevertheless, no one paid attention to her.

When she noticed that, she turned to face Steve. “Are you in agreement with them, Steve?”

Steve stared coldly at her and responded, “It’s better if you just admit your mistake.”

With an attitude like that, netizens had already lost trust in her. To make matters worse, she could easily jeopardize her own acting career by behaving this way.

Steve was not a moron, so he did not defend her.

When she realized no one was standing up for her, she returned her gaze to Kathleen and yelled, “You’re nothing but a woman abandoned by a wealthy family. I’m sure Samuel dumped you because you’re a bad woman!”

“Hey!” Steve frowned. “Stop talking nonsense.”

Is she crazy?

“Did I say anything wrong?” Glaring at Kathleen, Kylie continued, “You’re just an actress who won an Academy Award. Maybe you even used some shady methods to get it. You’re nothing more than a divorcee!”

When Kathleen heard that, she responded, “So what if I’m a divorcee? Do you have any experience marrying into a wealthy family?”

Kylie was taken aback when she heard that.

“As for how I won the Academy Award, it was because of my own abilities. Do you have an issue with that?” Staring at Kylie indifferently, she added, “I’m not like someone who only knows how to make a fuss and slander others.”

After Kathleen finished her words, Kylie’s face flushed with embarrassment.

“In fact, the reason I divorced Samuel was that I no longer needed him. If you don’t believe me, you can ask him yourself. Oh, wait. You have no chance of meeting him because of your social standing.”

“You!” Kylie was outraged.

She became more enraged as Kathleen spoke casually about it.

Everyone could see that Kylie was no match for Kathleen, and the comment section was lively once more, with countless netizens giving their own two cents regarding the situation.

Kylie is going too far. She has overreached by launching a personal attack.

So what if Kathleen is divorced? Is there a rule that divorced women do not deserve to be in the entertainment industry?

My goodness, Kylie is so disgusting. How could she be so cruel to Kathleen, referring to her as a divorcee?

I can’t believe someone so evil exists. Even though she was the one who made the mistake, she is attempting to dismiss it by blaming others.

Everyone’s disregard for the fact that Kylie was hurt was what caused her to become irate.

Stop your meaningless act, Kylie’s fans. Someone has already tweeted that she was hiding in order to make things difficult for Kathleen.

What a nasty person Kylie is. I’ve decided not to watch all of the dramas in which she has appeared. I sincerely hope that future producers will consider this before hiring her in order to avoid affecting the rating.

I feel bad for Kathleen. Everyone was aware of her divorce from Samuel, so why is Kylie using it to slander her? What a shameless woman!

Actually, I’m more surprised by Kathleen’s calm demeanor. If it had been me, I would have slapped Kylie right away.

Meanwhile, Samuel was looking at the calm and unruffled woman on the screen in Macari Group. He felt as if his heart was being torn apart for some unknown reason.

Then, he opened his Twitter and tweeted a message.

Hey, Samuel tweeted on Twitter.

What did he tweet?

He claimed that he divorced Kathleen because he was a bad husband who did something wrong. It wasn’t him who wanted to divorce her, but the other way around. He also stated that everything was his fault and that Kathleen had nothing to do with it.

I didn’t expect to learn the reason for their divorce from this show!

Samuel is a responsible man because he came forward and admitted that he was to blame, unlike some men who were afraid to admit their mistakes despite the fact that it was clearly their fault.

Now that he’s explained it, it’s actually good for them. Otherwise, it could be used to slander Kathleen again.

Over at the restaurant, no one bothered to care about Kylie.

After all, they were all annoyed.

Feeling enraged, Kylie shouted, “You all are bullying me! I want to quit!”

With that, she turned around to leave.

“Are you not going to persuade her, Steve?” Nancy cast a glance at Steve.

In a composed manner, Steve replied, “I’m not someone who matters to her. Why would she listen to me?”

Since she had such a bad attitude, they were all convinced that the next person would do a better job than her.

Suddenly, a growl could be heard from somewhere in the restaurant.

John sighed regretfully. “It’s been a busy day, I haven’t even eaten yet, and I have to deal with such a pretentious woman.”

Hearing that, Kathleen informed, “There are still some ingredients in the kitchen. I’ll go make something for you to eat.”

“That’s an excellent suggestion.” John’s eyes glowed with anticipation. “Kate, I’ve been dying to try your recipes, so my stomach will be in your care for the next fifteen days.”

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