Burr by Brooke Lockyer Free Download

Burr by Brooke Lockyer Free Download

Burr by Brooke Lockyer Free Download.Brooke Lockyer’s novel Burr will brighten your day. The author entertains readers with a stylish and fascinating plot in this work. All of the characters are interconnected, resulting in a great anticipated situation. The story advances smoothly from book one to book two, leaving no unfinished business. If you require this book in a different format, please let us know.

Synopsis of Burr

Burr is a fantastic novel that you can read online or save for later reading. Here is a summary of the book that you can read before you start reading or downloading. You may also be interested in black-talon-by-jaime-castle-andy-peloquin-pdf-download

A Southern Ontario Gothic from the 1990s, sung with mournful intensity and ghoulish sensuality.
Jane, a thirteen-year-old girl from Burr, Ontario, longs to see her recently departed father and fantasizes about excavating under the dirt to his coffin. This leads her to form a friendship with Ernest, a local eccentric who is still grieving from the death of his younger sister. Meredith, Jane’s mother, flees into the wilderness, reenacting the past on an abandoned bed she discovers in the midst of the forest, until her daughter’s abduction prompts her to act.

The town’s voice reveals a rural community’s suspicions and latent fears—a chorus of whispers that reaches a fever pitch when Jane and Ernest vanish.

Burr together as a whole. Henry, a former wrestler who once stood on his bed in the middle of the night, holding up the weight of the ceiling in his sleeping hands, haunts the narrative throughout.
Brooke Lockyer’s debut novel, which combines reality with the surreal, analyses the nature of loss and desire that extends beyond the tomb.

About The Author

Brooke Lockyer received her BA from Barnard College and her MA in English with a concentration in creative writing from the University of Toronto. She won the 2009 Hart House Literary Contest and was a co-winner of the Peter S. Prescott and Lenore Marshall Barnard writing awards. Her work has appeared in Toronto Life, carte blanche, the Hart House Review, White Wall Review, and Geist, among others. She’s lived in rural Japan, New York City, Bristol, and the Mojave Desert, among other places. Lockyer presently resides in Toronto, Ontario, with her family.

Detail About Brooke Lockyer eBook

  •  Name of Title: Burr
  •  Author Name: Brooke Lockyer 
  •  Language for Reading: English
  •  Supportive Formats: PDF/ePub
  •  Cost For Getting: Free to Download
  •  Genre:  Literary Fiction
  •  Series: None
  • File Size:2 MB
  • Pages: 236
  •  Price: Free

Editorial Reviews

“Original. Beautifully written. Lockyer twists and turns her narrative of a little girl struggling with her father’s death, converting a terrible world of loss and grieving into a celebration of life. “Absolutely charming.”
The Betrayal of Anne Frank: A Cold Case Investigation, by Rosemary Sullivan
“This is a magical novel, death-obsessed but alive, wondrously attuned to tender and unexpected connection.” It was fantastic! Brooke Lockyer writes like she’s in a dream. Every sentence changed my perspective on the world. “Read Burr and be changed.”
Catherine Bush, author of The Rules of Engagement and Blaze Island Posted on: 2023-03-09

“Gentle, wise, and beautifully strange: this is a novel that takes grief’s eerie and tender dimensions seriously our fictitious afterlives.”

Gail Jones, Five Bells author Posted on: 2023-03-09

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What is Burr by Brooke Lockyer about?

This book is a Literary Fiction

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Where can Burr by Brooke Lockyer download?

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