Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 277

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 277

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 277

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Serial and Bella

At that time, if Sarah was calm enough and observant enough, she would find some loopholes and some unreasonable parts.

But people were not machine after all. No matter how smart and rational people were, they would be negligent sometimes.

Unfortunately, she didn’t have a chance to verify this negligence.

In the next two days, Sarah made arrangement for the business of Angel International Group and then met with Bella.

Although the bullet was taken out of Jason, there would be nothing for Bella to do.

But she still wanted to know the situation.

The relationship between Bella and Sarah was good. He would answer all her questions.

Before leaving, he agreed to the thing that she had asked him to do.

Serial had been busy with the matters of Jason all day long, either monitoring his data or studying his case.

On the day of 23rd.

After Serial finding some clues, his assistant came in from the outside in a hurry, “Boss, someone… Someone is coming.”



“Just refuse to see the guests. Why are you in a hurry?” said Serial naturally.

“This person is a little special…” the assistant said hesitantly, and there was a bit of complexity in his eyes.

“You’d better go and see him.”

Serial was interested, “Who is it?”

“Doctor Bella,” the assistant said obediently.

Serial: “”

Serial kept silent.

Bella had never liked him and treated him as a stranger. Why did he suddenly come to him?


“Got it.”

Putting down his work, Serial tidied up his white coat and walked


He didn’t look as casual as when he met with Jason, nor as casual as when he talked to Sarah.

Instead, he looked like he was going to meet someone he didn’t dare to meet.

When he went out, Bella was sitting in their reception room.

This was a high-tech base, even the reception room.



When Serial walked over, the door opened automatically. He saw

the person who looked sleepy. “Why are you here?”

Without saying a word, Bella wore a light gray knitted sweater, lazy and alienated.

“Looking for me?” seeing that he didn’t say anything, Serial asked again.

“Why did you lie to Sarah?” said Bella, looking at him with his starry eyes. Although it was very deep, but it was empty when he looked at it carefully.

For a moment, Serial didn’t respond.

Fortunately, he was smart enough.

After a short daze, he asked in confusion, “What did I lie to her?”

“About Jason”. Bella got straight to the point.

“She told you that I lied to her?” Serial felt funny, but he felt a little

uncomfortable in his heart.

“Believe it or not, I’ll tell you the truth about what happened to

Jason. I didn’t lie to her.”

Even if there was, it was a lie from Jason.

It had nothing to do with him.

Bella pursed his thin lips.



With a sad smile on his face, Serial said sadly, “I can’t beat her no

matter what I say, can I?”

“Yes,” replied Bella without any hesitation.

This word hurt Serial. He just looked at Bella like this and met his

pure black eyes.

Without dodging, he looked at each other calmly.

One was complex and the other was cold.

In the end, Serial gave in first. He lowered his eyes and smiled

wryly. Then he regained his composure and said,

“I’m sorry. I can’t give you the answer you want. No matter

whether Sarah can accept it or not, what I told her about Jason in


“I want to see him,” requested Bella.

Serial refused, and his words came out like a knife, “Irrelevant

people are not allowed to visit.”

“What are you feeling guilty about?” said Bella, seeing through




“I’m not feeling guilty,” said Serial, looking into his eyes.

“As a doctor, I’m responsible for letting Jason rest in a quiet environment and not be disturbed by anyone.”

“What if I have to see him?” it was rare for Bella to have emotional

fluctuation with him.

Serial smiled faintly,

“You can’t get in. There are three doors in total from here to the

medical room where Jason stays. You can only get in with


With his hair in a mess like before, Bella stood up slowly and looked

at Serial, then walked out of the reception room.

Just when Serial thought that Bella was going to leave the base that

he would never want to step into again in his whole life, he walked towards the first password door.

Face recognition, pupil identification, fingerprints identification

and pass

Either one was correct, he can enter.

Looking at the screen with his pale eyes, he thought for a while and



clicked on it.

The first time, incorrect password.

The second time, incorrect password.

Hearing the mechanical sound of incorrect password, a mixed

feeling rose in Serial’s heart.

He felt lucky that Bella couldn’t get in, but at the same time, he felt

a little bitter.

Just then, a mechanical voice sounded.

“The password is correct. Please come in.”

The door opened automatically.

With an alienated temperature all over his body, Bella stepped in.

Serial was stunned.

The password was correct???

His eyes shook violently. The complex emotions just now were

instantly dispersed, and there was only one thought in his mind.

Bella remembered.



He remembered!

Regardless of his expression, Serial followed Bella behind.

When he caught up with him, Bella had opened the second door and

was about to enter the third one.

“Bella!” shouted Serial.

Still unmoved, Bella continued to walk.

Serial rushed over and stopped him and looked at him, with the

emotions that had not faded away in his eyes.

“You know this password, does it mean…”

“No,” said Bella coldly.

Serial wanted to say something more.

The latter part of Bella’s words seemed to kill him, “Knowing the

password is just because I was too stupid, so I remember this lesson.”

“Bella, back then…” Serial wanted to explain.

But the way Bella looked at him was like looking at a stranger. It

was this look that made Serial swallow back all the words.

Bella didn’t like his explanation.



For him, his explanation was just a lie.

Bella passed him and walked towards the third door. He input the

same password as before.

But this time.

The password was wrong!

Serial didn’t stop Bella, nor did he speak to him. Standing there, he

looked a little lonely.

They had been on bad terms with each other every time they met.

If it weren’t

for the fact that the situation of Jason was too dangerous at that time, he wouldn’t have gone to K, nor would he have asked her to turn to Bella.

Thinking of this, he looked at the person who was still working on

the password.

“You don’t have to try it,” said Serial, leaning against the wall. ”

You will never be able to guess the password for the rest of your life.”

Bella looked at him.

Serial was unmoved.

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“Go back and tell Sarah that Jason still owes me something. I will

treat him well without her saying.”

Then he said, looking at Bella’s eyes, “But if she asks you to come again, I will erase her from Jason’s memory.”

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