Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 278

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 278

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 278

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Miss Yeats doesn’t work, but what about K

Bella raised his head and fixed his eyes on him emotionlessly.

It seemed that he was saying, “childish.”.

“You can leave now,” said Serial, avoiding eye contact with him.

“If you dare to erase her from Jason’s memory, she will make your future very difficult.”

said Bella kindly, but his expression was not much different from before.

“She can do that?”

“She can.”

“I know she is the daughter of the Yeats Family and she has a wide range of contacts.” said Serial disapprovingly.

“But she can make my future very difficult? Don’t you look down on me?”

If she was still Jason’s wife, he might believe it.

It was true that the title of the daughter of the Yeats family was very useful, but for him, she was just a rich lady.

Without trying the password again, Bella walked out.

Serial followed him.



Even he himself didn’t know why he followed Bella. He knew that

Bella didn’t like him, but he couldn’t control himself.

“The daughter of the Yeats family can’t do that. What about K?”

when Bella walked to the gate of the base, he looked back and said lazily.

Serial was stunned.


He had a bad feeling and asked tentatively, “Do you mean that Sarah is k?”

Although Bella didn’t answer, his eyes gave an answer.

Serial was shocked.

Was he kidding him?

“K is such a mysterious person. How could it be Sarah?” Serial felt that his perception had been overturned.

“Shouldn’t she be a woman who stays at home all day long and only plays computer?”

She was born in a rich family. How could she be a hacker?

A rich lady should be occupied with music instrument, chess, calligraphy, dancing and other training courses when she was a child.

How could she still have time to be a hacker?

“Are you kidding me?” asked Serial again.



Without answering him, Bella walked out of the base. Obviously, he

didn’t want to have any more contact with him.

Serial caught up with him. He couldn’t let him go before he figured it out.

As soon as Bella closed the door and was about to leave, he saw that passenger seat was opened and then someone sat in.

“Get out.” the look in his eyes suddenly became cold.

After being scolded, Serial continued to stay shamelessly. “I’ll just ask. I’ll leave if I figure it out. I promise I won’t disturb you.”

The temperament of Bella was still cold, and the alienated feeling could push people thousands of miles away.

“So, that night, Sarah sent you to the hospital.” Serial wanted to ask about her identity, but he didn’t know why he said that.

Bella fell into silence.

All the complicated feelings that Serial had before vanished, and his

heart was clear.

He misunderstood.

Bella was still single.

“How do you know that Sarah is k?” asked Serial.



Bella: “It’s none of your business.”

Serial was speechless.

It was still difficult to get close to him because of his attitude.

“She asked me to tell you that if you hide anything from her and

she finds it out,

she won’t let anyone help you with the research and development

of the precise equipment you need in the future.”

it was rare for Serial to say so much. “You will also be blacklisted by


“Does she need to be so ruthless…” said Serial, who became


He can offend miss Yeats. Anyway, she was just a daughter from a

rich family. He didn’t lack those connections.

But he can’t offend K.

In addition to being a hacker, K also had a lot of resources that they

couldn’t reach.

If he offended her, he might be really miserable in the future.



Bella caught his reaction, turned to look at him and began to doubt.

Serial was still smart. When Bella looked at him, he knew that he

was exposed through his reaction.

“Tell her, I will definitely not hide it from her. I will report whatever she wants to know, only hoping that she can fulfill her


“What promise?” Bella was concerned about Sarah.

For him.

Sarah was a friend and a sister.

Although she was K, in his heart, she was just an ordinary girl,

simple and kind-hearted.

“Nothing,” said Serial, who took the initiative to get out of the

passenger seat. “Have a good trip.”

Bella was still staring at him.

Serial was a little scared of Bella, not to mention that there was

something about K in his heart at the moment. “Nothing really!”

Bella continued to stare.



“Jason doesn’t want to have anything to do with her, but she wants

to know what’s going on with him.

If I tell her a piece of news and she will give me one hundred

million dollars,” said Serial. He gave up.

He still hoped that his relationship with Bella could be restored.

“When did it happen?”

“Two days ago in the hospital, she came to me with the family

agreement. We discussed it in the corridor.”


Bella replied slightly and closed the door and then drove away.

This series of reactions confused Serial. He couldn’t understand

what Bella was talking about and what he was doing.

What did he mean?

After he couldn’t figure it out for a while, he stopped thinking and

focused on the matter that Sarah was K.

He looked at the phone number of Sarah. After hesitating outside



the base for a while, he made the call.

When she received the phone call, she was in the Noth group.

She gestured to Chris and answered the phone.

“Good morning, Miss Yeats.”

“What’s the matter?”

“You’re really good at hiding your identity.” Serial returned to his

cunning look and smiled,

“if you had told me earlier that you are K, I would have given you

any news you want for free. Why should you spend money?”

“Okay,” said Sarah in a softer voice.

After a short pause.

Okay… What did it mean?

“I’m K,” Sarah introduced herself.

The corners of his mouth twitched, “…”

K doesn’t care about money, does she?

According to her previous character, she should say that I have to

pay you. I don’t like to owe people.

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Did Bella lie to him?

Without hearing the reply on the phone, she asked, “Anything else?

I’m hanging up.’

“Wait a minute,” identity, “when will you transfer the ten million you said in the email last time?”

said Serial, who still wanted to confirm her

“With your memory and sight, it’s hard for me to trust you can cure Jason.” Sarah knew that he was testing her identity. “I’m just kidding,” said Serial, feeling that he had suffered a great

loss. “You go ahead with your work. I’ll go to see how is Jason doing.”

Then he hung up the phone in a hurry, wishing to slap himself.

Why did you say you didn’t need money!


He won’t get one hundred million dollars for piece of news.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Sarah was about to

continue her conversation with Chris when she received a call from


He always got straight to the point and said without hesitation, “Serial must have hidden some things from you. I didn’t see


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