Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 279

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 279

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 279

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Take Sarah to relax

“I have guessed it.” Sarah said in a serious tone.

She had thought over the whole thing in the past two days and still felt that something was wrong.

But she couldn’t tell exactly what was wrong, so she asked Bella to help her.

“If you want to know, you can break the password of the third door for me tonight. I’ll help you.” Bella suggested.

“No, thanks.” Sarah was not the one who wanted to get to the bottom of the matter.

“If he wants to hide it, just let him. As long as he can make Jason feel better, it doesn’t matter what he wants to hide.”


“Thank you.”


He hung up the phone.

Sarah put her attention back to the conversation with Chris.

Normally, when Chris heard that Sarah was K, his eyes would be lit up with excitement.

Then he would take out a notebook and hand it to her for signature.



But at this moment, apart from the emotional fluctuation when he heard it, he was more focused on his boss.

“Is boss really in a bad condition?” he looked at Sarah who was sitting on his right front and asked worriedly.

“Yes.” without telling him the details, Sarah signed her name on a contract.

“You can come to me whenever you can’t make up your mind or have any misgivings during this period of time.”

She signed a confidential agreement as a guarantee to Chris.

She was the boss of the Angel International Group and the investment counselor of Yeats Group. She didn’t want Chris to have any misgivings.

“There’s no need for that.” Chris trusted her. “I trust you.”

“I know.” she always knew that Chris was a good man. “That’s why I should give you this.”

Chris had mixed feelings.

Miss Yeats was really a good girl.

If it weren’t for those things, the boss and miss Yeats would have become an enviable couple.

“I have something to ask you to do,” said Sarah after careful consideration.

“Go ahead,” said Chris.

“When Jason comes back, don’t tell him that I have participated in



the business of the Noth group, and don’t tell him what I have


Sarah didn’t want to argue with him later. “Just take it as you did it.”

With a confused look on his face, Chris asked, “Why?”

Shouldn’t she let the boss know that she had helped him? At least the boss should remember it.

“He doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore, and he doesn’t want to owe me anything.”

She made it clear to Chris, knowing that he couldn’t figure it out.

“If he knows that I’m involved in this after he recovers, there will

be conflicts.”

She didn’t want to experience quarrels anymore.

All she wanted was that he could recover and be a passer-by as he

wished without disturbing each other.

Chris pursed his lips and wanted to say something, but finally he

said, “Okay.”

“Call me if you need anything.” she handed the confidential agreement to him and said, “Anytime.”


Chris took it over.



After watching Sarah leave, Chris went to his boss’s office.

During this period of time, he had been handling most of the affairs

in New York, and he couldn’t hand it over to the general manager of

the branch company again.

If he did, there might be some clues.

The boss was still being treated, so he had to pay attention to the

situation in New York all the time.

Most importantly, he couldn’t let the media know that his boss had

an accident.

Former boss had specially told him not to reveal anything.

In fact, Chris had worried too much. Ever since Sarah was sure that

Jason couldn’t recover temporarily, she had blocked the news


As long as there were any reports about Jason, they would be blocked and couldn’t be released.

The reason why she did so was to hide it from Mrs. Noth and grandpa Noth. She didn’t want the two of them to worry about




After walking out of Noth group, Sarah went to her car. She just sat on the driver’s seat, leaning her head against the chair to relax.

It was not until today that she learned from Chris that Jason had a

high fever before that one according to Bella.

She didn’t expect that her forgiveness would bring such a big emotional impact to Jason.

She didn’t expect that on the day she told him that she was going to

be taken away, he was still in the hospital with a high fever and had

an intravenous drip.

His high fever had lasted for a long time, and he stayed by the beach all night and caught a cold, which had aggravated the high


If not.

That shot wouldn’t have caused such a serious consequence.

Thinking of this.

Sarah felt stuffy in her chest.

She didn’t know why things would turn out like this.

If she had known it earlier, she should have found a place to live

peacefully for a month from the moment she signed the divorce




She won’t bring her computer, phone or anything.

In this case, the current situation would not be like this.

“Knock, knock, knock.”

There was a knock on the window.

She opened her eyes and looked out of the window. She saw Will

outside the car with an imperceptible worry in his dark eyes.

She sat up straight and lowered the window. “Captain Leon?”

“Come down, I’ll take you somewhere,” said Will in a lazy and slow tone, with one hand in his pocket.

Since Sarah didn’t want to go anywhere now, she plucked up her

courage and said,

“It’s working time now. If you skip work for no reason, your salary

will be deducted.”

“It’s one of my duties as a special assistant to make my boss

happy.” Will said seriously.

Sarah was speechless. Sarah finally got out of the car.



She knew the captain very well. He wouldn’t have let her go with

him if there wasn’t something important.

After closing the door and locking the car door for her, he took her

into his off-road vehicle.

Sitting in the car, Sarah looked at the off-road vehicle with a

confused look.

Will asked, “What’s wrong?”

“No.” Sarah was preoccupied, so she didn’t think too much. “I just

feel that this car looks familiar, as if I have seen it somewhere.”

Will answered the question calmly with his eyes slightly moved, “This is not a limited edition. It’s normal to see it somewhere.”

Sarah said nothing.

This off-road vehicle was only several million dollars.

There were indeed many people in New York who could afford it,

and there were also many people who had bought it for refitting, but she still felt that it looked a little familiar.

But she didn’t think about it. After getting in the car, she sat there,

thinking about something.


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In fact, she didn’t mean to do that, but it popped out automatically.

Noticing that she was in a bad mood, Will didn’t find a topic to talk to her on purpose. Instead, he quietly drove her to the destination.

It took more than an hour to get there. Sarah’s mind drifted away

during the whole journey.

When they arrived at the destination, they saw a wide and flat

mountain top. It was surrounded by green lands and woods.

Standing on the side, she could see clouds and mist, like a mountain of the immortal realm.

“Captain, why do you take me here?” asked Sarah.

Did he want her to cry out her troubles loudly?

As soon as this idea came up, she rejected it.

Compared with this way, captain preferred to let people release their worries in the training.

Once people were tired, they would not think about anything troublesome.

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