Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 281

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 281

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 281

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My mother hasn’t hit me for three days

After the message was sent successfully, he turned off his phone and put it away,

completely preventing someone from disturbing him.

It was not easy to take Sarah out for relaxation. It couldn’t be spoiled.

The young and handsome coach looked at the message on the phone, with a series of

question marks on his forehead.

What do you mean by being clever?

What’s the point?

He called without hesitation.

–Sorry, the number you dialed is powered off.

The young coach was speechless.

Staring at the car that was driven away by Will, he gritted his teeth and said, “If you have

the ability, don’t turn it on all your life!”

Will was not afraid of making people angry at all. Anyway, the two of them had been

playing tricks on each other since they were young.

To be more exact, they always turn against each other, and make up when necessary.



When the car arrived at the downtown area, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

Will drove Sarah home directly.

At this time, she couldn’t go to the company to work.

Besides, he and Sivan had finished dealing with the problems, so she didn’t need to

worry too much.

When they arrived home.

Sarah opened the door and entered the room.

“Thank you for what you have done today.” after entering the

room, she turned around and said in a somewhat serious tone,

“I will raise your salary next month.”

“Thank you, boss.” Will said causally.

Sarah was speechless.

As expected, she was still not used to this title.

“Go in and have a good rest. I’ll call you when dinner is ready,” said Will, like a big

brother who was worried about her.

“I have to deserve the raise you gave me.”

“I…” Sarah wanted to refuse.



Being stared with his dark eyes, she held back the words that were about to come to her

mouth. She rephrased, “Okay.”

Although she didn’t know if it was her illusion, she still felt that if

she refused just now, the captain would probably call her Atha again.

After the two of them separated.

Then Sarah contacted Robert.

Compared with her, Robert knew more about the captain. After all,

he was not only his teammate, but also as smart as him.

The video chat was connected. After chatting for a while, Sarah

asked, “How can I refuse the meal of the captain?”

“Meal?” Robert raised his glasses.

“The captain asked me to have a meal from time to time.” Sarah

was a little uneasy.

Although the captain had promised not to care about the previous things, she was still

worried. ”

According to his previous way of doing things, whoever is kindly

treated by him will be unlucky.”



Except for that matter, she didn’t seem to have provoked the


But now it was all over?

Robert lowered his eyes and smiled. He sighed silently in his heart

that the captain must had difficulty in pursuing her.

Noticing his expression, Sarah asked, “what are you laughing at?”

“Is there any possibility that our captain has retired?” asked

Robert, trying to guide her.

Sarah: “?”

Didn’t the captain say that?

Robert said, “since he is no longer the former devil captain, we

shouldn’t compare the present with the past.”

“What do you mean?” asked Sarah.

“Maybe he just wants to treat you well by asking you to have a meal

with him,” Robert explained, and then joked,

“or he feels uneasy living in your house and earning the high salary

you gave him, so he wants to do something to repay you.”



“Captain… How could he have such a mentality?” Sarah was

completely defenseless against these people.

“He used to be our captain, and he was better than us in everything

there,” Robert continued to joke.

“But after he came out, he found that we all came from a good family, especially you. It’s

inevitable for him to feel inferior.”

Sarah frowned.

Self abasement?

Did it have anything to do with the captain?

“Pumpkin, men have strong self-esteem, especially captain.”

Robert made up the story seriously and painstakingly for Will.

“You should come when he asks you to have a meal, so that he may

feel better.”

“Are you serious?” Sarah thought it was too mysterious.

As far as she knew, the captain was definitely not that kind of

person, but what Robert said seemed to be reasonable. Robert joked again, “if you don’t

believe me, you can ask James and



others, but not to mention the captain.”

Sarah nodded and chatted for a while before hanging up the video


Sitting there, she began to think about what had happened in the


In the end, she concluded that the captain seemed to have a strong


But she didn’t think about it anymore.

Thinking of the group chat the captain had mentioned before, she

clicked on the eight-people group chat which included captain and


“I’m free recently. We can meet whenever we want.”

Serial was still observing the situation of Jason, and she had dealt

with the things that Chris couldn’t deal with in Noth Group.

As for the company, it had been arranged before.

She did finish her work temporarily.

Jacob: [then tomorrow night.]



Jim: [No problem.]

Robert: [+1.]

Julian and the others also said they were free. The only one who

didn’t reply was only Will.

In the group chat, Jacob and Jim mentioned him countlessly, but he

didn’t show up.

At this moment.

There was a knock on the door.

When she walked to open the door, she saw the captain holding his

mobile phone, as if he had been tricked. “Do me a favor.”


“My phone is hacked.”

Sarah opened the door a little more and let him in.

Only then did she realize that the captain’s mobile phone was newly

bought after retirement.

She hadn’t strengthened the system for him.



“Don’t turn it on.” seeing that she pressed the power on button,

Will blurted out.

But it was too late.

Not long after she pressed the power on button, his phone vibrated

violently, and a joyful song came out.

“I’m Will. My mother hasn’t hit me for three days!”

“I’m Will. My mother hasn’t hit me for three days!”


The song was repeated on the phone, and the words appeared on

the screen.

Even Sarah was silent for a moment.

With short hair, Will looked energetic and handsome. He was not

embarrassed at all.

He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Can it be solved?”

“Yes,” said Sarah.

She went to her study with her phone.

This kind of problem was easy for her. She easily solved it. After

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that, she also helped him strengthen the mobile phone system.

After she finished her work, she handed the phone to him and asked, “did you offend



“Do you need my help?”

Hearing this, Will paused for a while, and then pursed his thin lips slightly and raised a

smile. “Then please help me. Play ‘Mom, come

and hit me’ when Zack turns his phone on and off.”

Sarah was speechless.

The captain was so childish?

“You can’t?” Will raised his tone.

After a moment’s silence, Sarah agreed, “okay.”

“I’ll call him first, and you can have the implant after half an hour.”

Nobody could escape from his trap.

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