Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 282

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 282

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 282

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Do you want to be my girlfriend

In her heart, she prayed for Zack silently.

Why did he have to offend the captain.

Without dodging Sarah, Will opened his contact list in the study and called a young


“Hahahahahaha!” as soon as the phone was connected, Zack burst into laughter and

said proudly,

“The song I asked someone to set for you is very beautiful, isn’t it?”

Will turned on speaker: “Very proud?”

“What do you think? Just treat me a meal and sincerely apologize to me. I’ll have your

phone restored to its original state.”

Zack was so playful. “Otherwise, your phone will be useless.”

Will didn’t say anything, waiting for him to finish.

Only when he was held high and then fell down would he have a deep impression.

“I kindly remind you that it can’t be removed even your phone is reset.” Zack was still




In his opinion, the reason why will called was that he changed the phone card to another


He had never thought that there was anyone around Will who could crack it.

Will asked, “Where are you now?”

“North Road. What’s wrong?” Zack asked happily, “You want to hit me? What a pity! I’m

going home soon. You can’t hit me!”


Then Will hung up the phone.

He estimated the time and said to Sarah,

“Plant it at six o’clock. In addition to what I have said previously, add another sentence,

what a pity, you can’t hit me, hahaha. ”

“Is he the coach of paraglider today?” Sarah found the voice was familiar.

Will: “yes.”

“You said you knew him only two days earlier than me.” Sarah exposed his lie.

Will responded naturally: “You can understand that I don’t want to

know him.”

Sarah was speechless.



Judged from their conversation.

Obviously, they grew up together and they were very close.

“Implanted a conversation as: Mom, come and hit me. What a pity

that you can’t hit me, and five laughter, right?”

Sarah asked when officially changing the program.

“Okay,” Will requested. “It would be better if you can use his

annoying tone.”

Sarah tapped on the keyboard.

After a while, she planted the virus on Zack’s mobile phone. It

would work at six o’clock.

After he finished that, Will texted back in the group chat, saying

that he could make it.

At six o’clock that night.

Zack sat at his table. As soon as he picked up the bowl, his phone vibrated.

He thought it was someone who called him, so he took it out of his pocket, but an

annoying voice came out from his phone!

“Mom, come and hit me! What a pity! You can’t hit me! Hahaha!”



The moment the voice came out.

The middle-aged couple on the table immediately looked at him


Zack felt a chill on his back and said, “Mom, I can explain…”

Before he could finish her words, the phone played it again, “Mom, come and hit me.

What a pity that you can’t hit me. Hahaha!”

“I’ll let you see if I can beat you.” His mother picked up the feather duster and walked

over aggressively.

Zack hurriedly pressed the shutdown button, but it didn’t work!!!!


“Let me explain!”

[… You can’t hit me. Hahaha!]

Zack, “!!!”

Damn it!

“You don’t have to explain. You are old without a girlfriend. You always stay at home and

do nothing but eat and drink.”

His mother chased after him and was determined to defeat him.



“How dare you provoke me?”

“I’m innocent!” Zack jumped up and down in the living room.

[… Hahaha…] the same voice as his laughed in the phone.

Zack knew clearly that he had been tricked by Will.

In order not to piss his mother off completely, he smashed the

phone to the ground and broke it into pieces.

Fortunately, the sound did not play again.

He took a deep breath and felt lucky that there was nothing

important in his phone.

“Mom, I…”


The feather duster fell on him.

Zack was beaten up and jumped up, looking so funny.

“It hurts!” the hair on his forehead fell down, and his whole face wrinkled. “Be gentle.”

“Who taught you to smash things in front of me?” his mother beat him again.

Zack knew his mother very well. It was not until now that he

realized he can only admit mistake, “I’m sorry!”



“Can I hit you?”

“Yes, you can!”

“If you play tricks on me again, I’ll beat you so hard that your

father doesn’t even know you.”

“You are right.”

After he admitted his mistake decisively, this matter was finally


He quickly took two bites, and then went upstairs with his mobile


Thanks to his spare phone, or he couldn’t even scold Will.

At this moment, Will and Sarah were having dinner. Sarah appreciated the cooking skills

of captain. Although she was

not a picky eater, she knew whether it was delicious or not.



“What does your family do?” although she knew that she shouldn’t



talk while eating, she still wanted to know more about it.

“Doing business,” said Will seriously, “what’s wrong?”

Sarah didn’t know whether he was telling the truth or not.

She had heard that the captain had a good family background, but she wasn’t sure

whether it was true or not.

She wouldn’t investigate it. After all, it was unnecessary.

“Nothing.” while eating, Sarah said, “if you want to go home to

visit your parents, just tell me. You don’t need to ask for leave.”

The captain hadn’t been home since he retired.

“I can only go back by bring my girlfriend home.” Will tricked her.

Without precaution, she fell into the trap and asked, “Can’t you go back if you don’t have


“Yes,” said Will in a mocking tone, “how about you being my girlfriend so that I can go

back home?”

“You should ask for Jim.” Sarah didn’t realize that it was a

disguised confession at all.

Instead, she seriously suggested, “Jim is lively and lovely, pleasing.

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It’s not a problem to pretend to be a couple.”

Will pursed his thin lips and looked down helplessly.

This woman.

So insensitive.

He suddenly wondered how Jason married her.



“How did you get to know Jason?” Will thought he had to know it.

“You don’t seem to have a tough character.”

Hearing this, Sarah was stunned.

The scene of their first meeting with each other quickly popped up

in her mind.

It had been two years, but it was still clear to her now.

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