Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 283

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 283

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 283

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You set me up

“I met him at AY Club in Atlanta.” It was not a private thing, so Sarah didn’t hide it from

him. “My mother passed away, so I was in a bad mood to go to Atlanta to relax, and then

I met him there.”

There was a hint of heartache in Will’s cold eyes that no one noticed. He continued to

ask, “And then?”

“Then we drank for a while and chatted.” Now she still remembered what they had talked

about at that time. “After the conversation, I found that he was knowledgeable and we

shared the same values on many things. In addition, he was good-looking, so I agreed

when he asked me to marry him later.”

At that time, Jason was a perfect man.

He had sound look, figure, education background and positive values. He was extremely

patient and gentle to her after marriage.

Although he was on a business trip or worked overtime most of the time, as long as he

promised, no matter how busy he was that day, he would not break his promise.

Facing such a person, she unconsciously fell in love with him.



Those happy days were broken by Jenny’s call. She realized that no matter how they

shared the same values, as long as they were not in harmony in love, they could not go

to the end.

“Flash marriage?” asked Will coldly.

Sarah nodded, “Almost.”

“How did he treat you after marriage?” Although he didn’t want to

ask, Will still wanted to know something.

At least he could get some experience.

If he was lucky enough to be with her, he could take good care of her.

“Everything is fine except for this half a year.” Sarah could speak it out calmly, but there

would still be regrets.

“Next time when you want to get married, come to me first. I don’t think I’m bad looking.”

Sarah was stunned.

Then she observed Captain Leon carefully.

He looked languid and casual, with dashing eyebrows and starry eyes, and his face was

as angular as carved features. He was a perfect man.

It seemed that… Really… Ok?



She vaguely remembered this amazing scene, but when she recalled it carefully, she

only saw the serious and ruthless training scene of Captain Leon.

“You want to get married?” Sarah thought he was urged by his


“Yes, I do.”

I wanted to marry you.

Will did not say the second half of the sentence.

“Then I’ll organize a masked party at the annual meeting this year.” She thought that

Captain Leon wanted to be in a relationship too much. As a teammate, she should share

the burden with him. “How about inviting all the single men and women who want to be

in a relationship in the Angel International Group?”

After looking at Sarah for a while, Will said, “Okay,”

Sarah also thought that was feasible.

Sivan and Captain Leon were both single. Maybe they could take

this opportunity to be in a relationship.

After the chat, the two continued to eat.

As soon as Will picked up food with chopsticks, his phone buzzed.



He took a look at it. In order to avoid the person from calling him again and again, he

answered, “Have you been beaten?”

“Damn it!” Zack’s irritable voice came from the phone, “Will, you set me up.”

“Watch your mouth,” said Will casually.

“It would be a gentleman to return this revenge.” Zack came to set

a goal, “After you get married, I will find someone to get a virus on your mobile phone.

Every time you are with your wife, your phone will say “Honey, I miss you so much.”

Will was speechless.

“I also turned on the voice changer to call you at midnight, telling you that I’m pregnant

with your child!” Every move was vicious than the last. Zack continued to say, “Ruin your

relationship, making you kneel down on a washboard.”

“Isn’t this lesson enough?” Will said indifferently, but he put a lot of pressure on Zack.

Zack shivered as he felt a knife on his neck.

But now he didn’t care about it at all. He still had questions to answer. “Don’t talk

nonsense with me here. Who cleared the virus

for you? And what about mine?”

“I gave it back to you.” Will did not say much.



“Don’t be so narrow-minded.” Zack was still poking a beehive. “Believe it or not, when I

see her next time, I will tell that girl you…”

Then Will hung up and muted it.

Atha was still like a piece of wood.

If this bloke spilled the beans, Sarah might shun him in the future.

Seeing him hang up the phone, Sarah thought he had finished

talking, so she didn’t think too much.

It was lucky that Will didn’t put him on speaker this time. Otherwise, if Sarah heard it, she

might suspect him.

After dinner.

Sarah went back to her own home.

Sitting on the sofa, Will began to rack his brains to find a way to

chase Sarah. If things went on like this, he might not be able to do

it all his life.

Atha was too insensitive to love.

Sarah didn’t think about it at all. She went to bed after going back.

She wanted to ask Serial Lance about Jason, but thought that she



had let Bella Roberts ask that, so she didn’t call Serial.

The second day.

Sarah received a call from Jenny.

She asked Sarah out and the two met in a restaurant.

Not knowing what Sarah liked to eat, the dishes Jenny ordered were

all the specialties of this restaurant. After ordering, she began to

talk about, “I haven’t formally thanked you for so long.”

“Let’s not talk about it.” Sarah’s mood was much calmer than


She used to make jokes occasionally, but now she was not interested in many things.

Or, she couldn’t have too much emotional fluctuation.



“I’m sorry,” said Jenny sincerely, “I apologize for all the wrong

things I have done in the past.”

She owed Sarah too much.



Even if she had no choice back then, what she had done had always

harmed Sarah. However, Sarah had chosen to take the high road

and protect her safety on the Butterfly Island.

“It is all over.” After knowing that Jenny was forced by Maxwell

Borr, her emotions for Jenny were all gone.

Jenny bit her lips and showed a complicated expression on her face.

Finally, she asked, “Jason… Is something wrong?”

“No.” Sarah didn’t tell her the truth.

Jenny wanted to ask more, but she was afraid that Sarah might

misunderstand her. She just had dinner with her and didn’t ask anything else.

After dinner, Jenny left New York.

Sarah didn’t see her go.

She didn’t ask where Jenny was going, whether she would continue

to be a model or anything else.

Jenny was just a passer-by for her.

After dinner, she returned to the Angel International Group. There

was not much work for her to deal with. After reading the schedule of the day, she called

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Sivan to her office.

Captain Leon had been in the company for almost a month. She had

to ask about the situation and bring him to the area he was good at

as soon as possible.

“Boss.” Sivan appeared in the office with a serious look. “Are you looking for me?”

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