Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 285

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Free Online Novel

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 285

Divorce Is The Best Choice By Riley Mccarthy Chapter 285

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You can understand that I make advances to you

“It’s normal for other employees to send breakfast to their boss.” Samuel also expressed

his opinion. “But Captain Leon, do you really think the reason why you sent breakfast to

Pumpkin is really

simple? Did you forget that last time you gave me a bottle of water and made me run ten

kilometers with a heavy load?”

“What’s more, bring me food and ask me to practice three times more than usual,” said


Sitting there indifferently, Will asked in a raised voice, “Are you dissatisfied with me?”

Samuel grew alarmed.

James also grew alarmed.


The two felt a chill on their backs and their hearts beat faster. It was really a trap.

“So you really want to punish Pumpkin?” Jacob concluded.

Before Will could say anything, Sarah, who was in a daze and heard the conversation,

suddenly sat up and looked at him with slightly blurred eyes. She said softly, “Captain



Leon, didn’t you promise not to take it seriously? How can you break your promise?”

Perhaps it was because she was still drunk, her voice and

appearance were somewhat naive.

Seeing her like this, Jacob and others all wanted to pinch her face. In fact.

Jacob and Jim had already done it.

“Go home.” Standing up, will added, “Pay attention to safety. I’ll send Sarah back first.”

While they were talking.

He walked towards Sarah.

When he was about to take her away, she asked, “Why don’t you say anything?”

“I’ll talk to you later,” said Will in a low and pampering voice, as he pulled her up from

Jacob. “Should I carry you in my arms or on my shoulders?”

Shaking her head, Sarah said in a muffled voice, “I’ll walk myself.”

“Okay,” replied Will.

Seeing that she could walk, he said to everyone with concern,

“Don’t drive after drinking. Call a driver yourself. Tell me in the group when you get


“Okay…” Everyone was still in a daze.



Then Will left with Sarah.

As soon as he left.

All the people in the room looked at each other as if they had seen a ghost, including

Jacob and Jim.

“Why do I feel that Captain Leon is a little strange about Pumpkin?” said Jacob first.

Jim nodded, “I’ve never seen him so gentle to anyone since I knew him.”

“Does that mean that Sarah will end up in a miserable way?” said Julian, with concern in

his innocent eyes. “She is even worse than James and Samuel.”

They looked at each other.

Why didn’t they think so?

“Is there any possibility that…” Samuel said hesitantly, looking at everyone’s faces one

by one. “Our captain is a man of few desires and no humanity. Does he like Pumpkin?”

James thought the picture just now and said, “I think it’s very possible.”

If they were drunk, Captain Leon would only pack them up and carry them back. How

could he be so gentle to ask whether he should carry them in his arms or on his


There must be something wrong with his patience!



“Fox Shawn, what do you think?” Samuel asked.

They were all foxes, so he should know more about Will.

Robert smiled meaningfully and didn’t say it clearly, “I have told

you that Captain Leon is just nice to Sarah?”

Upon hearing this.

Everyone understood.

“You knew it earlier?” asked James.

“Don’t talk about this with Pumpkin. Don’t be a stumbling block if

you don’t help him,” said Robert in a gentle tone. He specially reminded Jacob and Jim,

“Especially you two.”

They all knew how good they were.

The three of them seemed to be wearing a pair of trousers.

If they didn’t remind them, the two might tell Pumpkin. Judging from her attitude towards

Captain Leon, he was afraid that Sarah would shun that directly.

“Captain Leon is really good at hiding his thoughts.” Jacob was relieved at once. “I don’t

think he likes Pumpkin after he retired

from the army. When did he fall in love with Pumpkin?”



“I don’t know.” Robert was telling the truth.

No one knew when Captain Leon liked Pumpkin.

It could only be said that Captain Leon was really a person who had

a clear distinction between public and private interests. In the past

training, he liked Pumpkin, but he showed no compassion.

But on second thought, it made sense.

Only in this way could they ensure their safety when they carry out


“That’s good,” said Jim. “No one dares to bully Pumpkin when

she’s with Captain Leon.”

Everyone had a tacit understanding to hide this matter. As Robert

said, even if they couldn’t help Captain Leon, he shouldn’t be a

stumbling block.

In a team, only Sarah didn’t know about it.

After leaving the club.

Instead of getting in the car and taking Sarah home immediately,

Will took her to a place nearby for relaxation. At the beginning, Sarah was still walking,



but she needed to wait for ten seconds after she took a few steps, he simply carried her

on his back.

“Captain Leon.” Sarah was still lying on Will’s back with her eyes

closed, but she was unusually stubborn. “You haven’t answered my

question yet.”

“When did I say that I wanted to take revenge on you for what

happened before?” Will’s voice was pleasant, casual and lazy.

Surrounded by such a voice, she felt like she was in a warm environment where the

breeze was gentle and comfortable.

Without thinking, she said, “Then why did you bring me breakfast

and let me go to your place to grab food?”

“You can understand that…” I make advances to you.

He didn’t finish his words.

Although this guy was a little drunk at the moment, she was definitely not completely

drunk. In this case, maybe she would escape with the excuse of business trip on the

second day.




“I’m caring about the team member that divorced,” Will made up

an excuse casually. “Or I am nice to my boss, and it is good for my

career development in the future.”

“No, it’s not right,” Sarah emphasized seriously.

Will, “What?”

“You are not that kind of person.” Even though she was drunk, she

knew her captain well.

Will smiled and continued to walk with Sarah on his back.

Sarah felt that her mind was in a mess. For countless times, she felt

that it was wrong to say that alcohol can dispel sorrow.

At this moment, a lot of things came to her mind. Sometimes it was

about Jason, and then it was the matter of Captain Leon. The two matters intertwined in

her mind, making her mind as messy as a silky ball that had been played by a cat.

When they arrived home.

Afraid that Sarah would have a headache when she woke up the

second day, Will went to prepare honey water for her. Although it could not completely

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sober her up, it could also relieve the discomfort caused by alcohol to a certain extent.

He didn’t tell them they had arrived home in their chat group until

he finished


Jacob said in the chat group, [Mix up some honey water for Pumpkin, in case she gets a

headache on the second day.] Will replied, [She has drunk it.]

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