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Jacob stopped typing and didn’t worry about it anymore.

Since Captain Leon was so good at taking care of people, they would reluctantly let him take care of Pumpkin.

After drinking the honey water for a while, Sarah sat on the spotless carpet. Her opened eyes seemed to be full of worries, looking a little sad.

It was not suitable to make decisions at night, nor to get drunk.

Even if she was sober and calm, when she was surrounded by these two matters, her sense would overwhelm her sensibility.

She didn’t know what was going on, but the matter that Jason was deeply injured and his central nerve system was damaged appeared automatically. Those things seemed to have been magnified infinitely.

“Captain Leon.” Sarah was like a disoriented child.

In her heart.

Captain Leon was the guider and omnipotent.

He could easily comfort all of their realistic and mental problems, leading them to go forward, and make them unconsciously trust and rely on each other. Will sat down with her and looked at her from the side. And then he said, “What’s wrong?”

“What if Jason really can’t recover?” Sarah put her arms around her knees and rested her chin under her. “How can I explain it to his family?”



He was the inheritor of the Noth Group, the grandson that Grandpa Noth valued the most, and also the favorite child of Mrs. Noth and Mr. Noth.

Once Serial came to a conclusion that Jason would never be fine. She really didn’t know what to do.

“Serial hasn’t come to a conclusion yet. Don’t be too anxious,” said Will, who was rational and knew that she was emotionally unstable. “He was capable and that won’t be too serious.”

Sarah raised her head to look at him. Her beautiful eyes, which used to be calm and emotionless, were now very confused.

She asked, “Really?”

“When did I lie to you?” asked Will.

Sarah thought for a while and shook her head.


“Go to take a shower and go to bed,” said Will. He rubbed her head with his big hands, which gave her a sense of security and warmth. “When I wake up tomorrow, I will go to see Serial with you and ask him about the situation.”

“Okay,” said Sarah, nodding her head.

“Can you stand firm?”


Seeing that she stood up and walked towards the bedroom, Will felt that this fellow’s guard was too low.



He stopped her, “Atha.”

“What?” Sarah was still confused.

Biting his lips, Will finally didn’t say anything. “Nothing. Go wash yourself. Remember to put on your clothes before coming out.”

Anyway, he had retired from the army and could protect this guy. She didn’t need to worry too much.

“Okay.” Then Sarah turned around and went to the bedroom.

She closed the bedroom door, took her clothes and went to take a shower.

Taking a shower was a process that made people sober up. With steam rising, her white face was fair and ruddy, and her long curly eyelashes were hung with mist. Her skin was white and red, like a good jade.

Will had been waiting outside.

About twenty minutes later, Sarah came out of the bathroom.

She was wearing a cotton pajama. Because she had washed her hair, her hair was wrapped in a dry towel, making her neck look fair and slender.

At this moment, Sarah had almost woken up. She put down her hair and wiped it with a dry towel before opening the door and walking out.

Seeing her wet hair, Will frowned slightly.

What did she think in such a cold day.

“Captain Leon, I’m fine now.” Sarah didn’t know how to face him.



She stood at the door and pretended to be calm. “You should go to bed early.”

“Come here,” said Will in a cold and deep voice.

Sarah was confused.

Although she was confused, she still walked over.

Before she could react, Captain Leon took a hair dryer and began to dry her hair.

She was stunned for a moment.

Did Captain Leon know what he was doing?

“Captain Leon…”

“What’s wrong?” asked Will. He rubbed her hair and blew her with a gentle wind.

But Will was a little nervous.

It was his first time to dry her hair. He didn’t know if he hurt her hair or the wind from the hair dryer was too hot.

Sarah took the hair dryer to her hand and turned it off.

The surroundings quieted down immediately.

“I can dry my hair myself.” She was still not used to it. “You should go back to sleep early. You have been tired all day.”

“Okay.” Will did not say too much. “Call me if you need anything.”

“Okay,” replied Sarah.



After taking another look at her to make sure that she was fine, Will stood up and left. Sarah sent him to the door and thanked him when he opened the door and entered his house.

After the two went back to their own houses, Sarah closed the door and dried her hair by herself.

She always felt that drying hair was only suitable for intimate people, such as parents, brother and sister, or lovers.

It was done by Captain Leon.

She had an indescribable strange feeling.

After drying her hair, she lay on the bed and was about to go to bed.

Before sleeping, she checked her phone to see if there was any message or missed call.

As a result, she saw the message sent by Sivan.

Make advances to her?


She asked naturally, [Who?]

When Sivan received the message, he was still waiting for Sarah’s message at home.

The boss didn’t need him to pick her up since he joined the company. Many things that needed to be done by him and the boss were done by Will.

This made him feel a sense of crisis.

Therefore, when he saw the message from Sarah, he typed a few words directly: [Will Gardner.]



As soon as he was about to send this message, he thought that his boss was very kind to Will and stopped.

What if his boss had a crush on Will? Didn’t he help Will express his love in advance?

For a moment.

Sivan was caught in a dilemma.

He didn’t know whether he should send the message or not.

Sarah waited for a long time, but Sivan didn’t reply. She thought he was asleep, so she put the phone on the bedside table and fell asleep.

Sivan still didn’t send this message. He thought that he would tell

Sarah in another way the second day when his boss came to the company and asked him.

But what he never thought was that.

On the second day, Sarah and Will didn’t go to the company.

The next morning.

After sending a message to Sivan that she wouldn’t go to the company, she called Serial and told him that she was going to the base.

In fact, Serial had refused in his heart. He had promised to keep

Sarah out of his matters. If he let Sarah visit him, wouldn’t it mean that he hadn’t kept his promise?

With Jason’s character, it was not sure how would Jason trap him later.

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But except for being Sarah, she was still K.

Serial couldn’t afford to offend her!

He felt that his head was going to explode.

After weighing the pros and cons, he gave her another reply. “I’ll show you all the data about Jason’s body, but you can’t see him. How about this?”

“I don’t intend to see him.” With the phone in her hand, Sarah didn’t make it difficult for him. “Will sees him.”

Serial was confused.

Will Gardner?

Was it that Will Gardner he knew?

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