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Don’t endure it alone

“Really?” Chris’s eyes fell on him. He was gentler without glasses.

Sivan’s face was cold and he said, “Hmm.”

“OK.” Chris didn’t say much, but told him, “If you still feel bad, come to me. Don’t endure it alone.”

“Okay.” Sivan said as little as ever.

He didn’t stay here much and left the hotel with his mobile phone.

Not long after he left.

Chris looked at the closed door, and his beautiful lips curled a little.

This guy.

Did he really think he didn’t know his trap?

He didn’t get up either. He rubbed his head and pulled the quilt to sleep. Anyway, Sivan asked for leave for him, so he might as well have a good rest.

Lying in bed, he thought of last night.He was drunk last night, but not completely.He clearly remembered Sivan’s trap when he asked Sivan. If it was someone else, he would not say a word.

But that was Sivan. He had known Sivan since his childhood.

In addition, he didn’t want to hold back anything between the boss and Miss Yeats. He chose to tell him since Sivan asked him.

Whether Sivan wanted to tell Miss Yeats or not was up to him.



If the boss wanted to punish him, he would take it.

Chris put away these thoughts and felt asleep.

Sivan had gone to the Angel International Group. By the time he arrived, it was already eleven o’clock.

Sarah had just finished her work and was about to go out when he saw Sivan coming: ‘Aren’t you asking for leave today?”

In the morning, she received the leave application submitted by Sivan.She approved it directly.

“It’s all right now.” Sivan answered. He looked at Sivan more thoughtfully than usual.

He was wondering whether to tell the boss about it.

When he drank last night, he spoke exactly what he thought. But at this moment, looking at Sarah’s face, he realized that he still couldn’t lie to her without any burden.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah saw that he was a little abnormal. “If you haven’t woke up, you can go back to have a rest and come back to work tomorrow.”

Sivan didn’t answer. He just said, “Boss.”


“Do you really want to know what Jason talked to your grandfather about?” Sivan was still indifferent.

“Not much, but I still want to know.” Sarah didn’t hide from Sivan, “Did you not get anything out of Chris?”

Sivan was silent.



Sarah didn’t care about this: “It’s OK if you don’t get that. I think about it carefully when I go back. It’s a bit inappropriate for you to trap your friend for my private affairs.”

Chris was a good man. He had always been very kind to her.

If he told Sivan about Jason after getting drunk, he may be fined.

“I know that.” Sivan couldn’t cheat her.

Sarah raised her eyebrows slightly, and was surprised.She looked at Sivan and asked, “Do you have a load on your mind?”

He couldn’t blame her for thinking too much.

Sivan had always been a person who worked cleanly. He was not emotional.But at this moment, she saw that he was struggling.

“I know what Jason talked to your grandfather about.” Sivan thought it over and over again and gave the following words after rational consideration, “But I don’t want to tell you.”

If it were someone else, Sarah might be angry.

If you didn’t want to tell me, why did you let me know that?

But this was Sivan.

He had been with her since the founding of the Angel International Group. In recent years, he had devoted all his energy to the company and her.

Such a sincere person, since he said he didn’t want to tell her, that meant he had his own consideration.

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“Then don’t say anything.” Sarah’s mood didn’t change. “Wait until you want to say, but if they talk about something that will cause trouble, you have to help me deal with it.”

“Don’t you blame me?” Sivan was a little emotional.

After all, it was the first time in years that he had failed to follow her instructions.He was ready to take on everything.

“Why do I blame you? You have your reason.” Sarah got over it.

“Besides, you have already knew that now. You will tell me when I really want to know one day, won’t you?”

“Yes.” Sivan nodded.

As long as Sarah had a strong desire to know, he would tell her.

But before that, he didn’t want to.

What Jason did was meaningless, and what he said would only make the boss more upset and unhappy.

“That’s all right.” Sarah still trusted Sivan, “Go to have a rest before going to work.”

“Okay.” Sivan nodded.

In spite of what he said, he did not rest at all.

After Sarah went out to do other things, he began to deal with other trivial but important things.

At noon.



Sivan brought the meal ordered for Sarah.

Sarah was about to eat when she saw Chris’s call. She subconsciously glanced at Sivan and then slid the answer button to answer.

“Miss Yeats”.

“It’s me.”

“Has Sivan returned to the company?”


After Sarah said this, Chris didn’t speak for a long time.

Sarah thought about that Sivan inebriated him for dragging the secret out of him and asked Chris one more question: “What do you want to see him about?”

The Sivan was receiving water and was confused.


“Yes, a little.” Chris hesitated for a moment before speaking.

When he woke up again, he sorted out what happened last night, and speculated that Sivan drank with him in order to trap him. However, considering Sivan’s reaction at that time, Sivan said that he had a crush on someone and he was lovelorn, and he still felt those were true.

After all, Sivan, whom he knew, did not have such good acting skills.

Sarah looked at his special assistant with a cool face and said, “Let me give him the phone.”

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That being said.But she couldn’t help thinking, why didn’t Chris call Sivan directly?Could it be that they were unhappy last night?

“No, no, no, I’m not looking for him, I’m looking for you.” Chris immediately changed his words, blaming his drunkenness for the wrong words he said.

Sarah was confused.

Without waiting for her to ask, Chris said, “Can you arrange less work for Sivan these days? He may not be in a good condition recently.”

Sarah became more puzzled. She was not emotional, but at this moment, she really couldn’t help thinking too much.

She thought, ‘What happened to them last night? How did Svan get out of shape?’

Was it not…

The moment this idea came out, Sarah restrained it.

There should be no sex after drinking between two men.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“Just… he suffered a bit of frustration in his love.” Chris didn’t know how to say about Sivan. After all, the guy was too cold.

“Give him less work if possible, and I’ll pay for it if you deduct his wages.”

Of course, don’t tell him,” Chris added.

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