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Did you misunderstand something

The simple sentence stunned Jason.

The reason why he investigated Sivan was just because he wanted to know Sivan’s and Sarah’s identities. But now he found out, he was even more confused.

It was rare for Chris to stand there without talking nonsense.

“I don’t intend to do anything. I just want to answer the questions in my heart.” Said Jason.

Not everything was meaningful.He just wanted to answer all the questions in his heart.

After a pause, Chris finally asked, ‘ When are you going back to Atlanta?”

“Let’s talk about it later.” He didn’t answer.

During this conversation, Chris could clearly feel that his boss was not in a good mood. He also knew that he was getting more and more regretful for divorcing Miss Yeats. But it was a foregone conclusion.

Not everything had a chance to restart, and not everything that had done wrong could be compensated.

There was only regret between his boss and Miss Yeats.

In the next few days, Sarah lived her own life. In addition to ordering flowers and sending flowers every day, Jason occasionally went to the Yeats Group to look for her.

He knew that Sarah didn’t want him to disturb her now, but he also knew that he had to make the people behind Jenny feel that he was still pursuing her.



His marriage had failed her. He couldn’t mess it up.

Soon, it was the end of September.

It had been five days since the other side contacted Sivan last time.

On the day of September 29th, the people there made an appointment with Sivan again, probably indicating that he should implement the second plan at the league construction at the end of the month.

They wanted everyone in the Yeats Group to know what happened between Jason and Sarah.

As for this matter.

Sivan told Sarah.

On the noon of 29th, Sarah and Sivan stayed in the Yeats Group.

“Miss. Yeats, how are we going to deal with it this time? It seems that there are a lot of people at the league construction.” Sivan asked Sarah after he told her the matter.

With so many people around, he would never do that even if his boss agreed, even if it was just a show, not a real one.

Virginity and reputation were important for girls.He couldn’t let his boss mess around.

“It’s none of your business. I already know who she is.” Said Sarah. “I’ll talk to her later.”

Before what happened to Eve, she was not sure if it was that person, but now she was sure.

Now that she had made up her mind, it was time to tell the truth.

“Do you need me to go with you?” Sivan didn’t ask too much.



“No, thanks. I can go there alone.” Said Sarah.

That afternoon.

In a nice coffee shop.

Sarah was sitting next to a graceful and good-looking girl, Cindy, who had called her when Eve had an accident.

After the coffee was served, Cindy looked at her and said in surprise, “To be honest, I really didn’t expect you to ask me out for coffee. What do you want from me?”

“In fact, I want to invite you in for tea more than coffee.” Said Sarah unhurriedly while stirring the coffee.

Cindy smiled, which made her feel comfortable. It seemed that she didn’t realize what Sarah meant. “Anything will be okay as long as it’s your treat.”

“Really?” Asked Sarah.

“Of course.” Said Cindy, “You haven’t told me what you want from me.”

“A few days ago, when I went to see Eve, she told me that she wanted to invite you for dinner.” She talked nonsense with her.

“Last time you called me to help her, she hasn’t officially thanked you.”

“That’s just a piece of cake.” Cindy said with a smile. “You’re welcome.”

“It’s a piece of cake for you, but for her, you saved her child.” She continued to chat with her. “She received you at the place where she nourishes her fetus tonight, and she personally cooked a table of delicious food for you.”


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“Where is she nourishing her fetus?” Cindy asked.

Sarah stopped what she was doing and looked into her eyes. “Don’t you know?”

“What?” Cindy was confused.

“Isn’t it you who sent the message to Edgar when he went there?” Said Sarah.

With a confused look on her face, Cindy asked, ‘What message?”

Sarah looked at her quietly.

“Did you misunderstand something? Or did someone say something to you?” She asked. “I haven’t contacted Edgar since I returned to New York.”

“Miss Thomson, it’s not interesting to pretend anymore.” Said Sarah in a light tone.

“I really don’t know.” Cindy said innocently.

Such a look.

If she hadn’t guessed and investigated, she might have been deceived. She was too innocent and confused.

Cindy frowned and said, “So you called me out today because you thought I had sent a message to Edgar and made trouble for me on purpose?”

“Yes.” Said Sarah. She didn’t want to waste time with her.

“God, I really didn’t do it. You’d better stay away from that person who told you that.” Cindy said naturally. “I don’t know where Eve is, and I can’t send message to Edgar for what I saw last time. I have



no reason to do so. I have no enmity with Eve.”

“Not with her, but me.” Sarah was almost convinced by her acting skill. “You like Jason, don’t you?”

Cindy was even more confused. “How could I like him? If I like him, why did I refuse the marriage arranged by my grandfather?”



“There are only two of us now. You don’t have to pretend. Since I’m here for you, it means that I’m sure it’s you.”

“I didn’t do it since I truly didn’t do it. There’s nothing to say.” Cindy stood up and was about to leave.

“Let’s sit down and have a talk.” Sarah took her hands with more strength.

Cindy stared at her with a frown.

Sarah looked straight into her eyes.

Finally, Cindy gave in and sat back. She put her bag back with a little more strength. Obviously, she was losing her temper.

“What else do you want to say? Say it quickly. From this day on, I’ll pretend that I don’t know you.”

“It’s a pity that Miss Thomson doesn’t enter the entertainment circle.” Sarah thought that this person was really good at camouflage. “I really admire your acting skill.”

If it were for Jenny, things would have been more outrageous.


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As a person who didn’t trust the others easily, Sarah almost believed her just now.

“What do you want to say? Just say it. Don’t be so sarcastic here.” Said Cindy angrily.

These reactions. She looked exactly like someone who had been wronged.

“It was you who asked people to do such things as the car accident of Jenny, the loss of her virginity, the hit on the Internet,

Robert in the hotel, and the bribing of Sivan, right?” Said Sarah calmly, with a sense of pressure all over her body.

“What’s wrong with me? Why did I do such things?” Cindy glanced at her as looking a fool.

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