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Have you decided to have this baby

The heaviest stone in Eve’s heart finally disappeared, but she still felt a little empty in her heart.

Eve felt a little stuffy in her chest and reached out her hand to Sarah, “Sarah, hug me.”

Sarah gave her a warm and safe hug.

Eve didn’t let her go, she just kept holding her.

After a long time, Eve said in a hoarse voice, “Sarah.”


“Do you think I’m insane?” Eve put her chin on Sarah’s shoulder, with tears a little red. “He did that to me, but I still feel a little sad when I heard that he agreed to divorce.”

“Everyone has emotions.” Sarah comforted her. “People are complicated. You are already doing great.”

It was normal that there was love and hatred.

It was not a big deal.

After all, love was not something that could be controlled easily.

“I want to be as free and easy as you.” Said Eve sadly, “But I can’t do it.”

Sarah held her in her arms and said nothing.

People’s bodies would always make people forget the pain and sad unconsciously.



Sarah had loved Jason deeply. At that time, he was gentle, patient and took care of her emotions. She soon fell in love with him.

At least, he was really good before what happened to Jenny.

Half a year after the accident. She looked fine and lived her own life without Jason.

But only she knew how she had gone through those days. Every time she was at home alone, she would look at a place from time to time in a daze. One or two hours had passed when she came to her senses.

Or she went running or Boxing Gym to vent her anger.

She didn’t cry in front of Jason, nor did she beg him to stay.

Although those days were hard and depressing, she knew very well that it would be better if she could get through it.

No matter how big the matter was, it would eventually pass and become smaller and smaller in front of the time torrent.

Therefore, with her current appearance, there came Sarah that had never loved him in his heart.

“Eve.” Sarah called her suddenly.

“What?” Eve asked.

“Have you made up your mind to have this baby?” Sarah wanted her to think it over. “Once you give birth to it, you have to raise it alone. From birth to vaccination, then to school, you have to take care of everything.”


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If the Williams Family knew about it, they would definitely come to take the child back.She didn’t say that.

After all, at that point, she could help Eve stop it. But raising a child was not something that could be solved as long as she had money.

“Yes, I’ve made up my mind.” Eve sat down on the sofa with her, “It’s a little difficult, but with my current savings, I can hold on for two years.”

“A single mother will be very tired.”

“I’m not afraid.”

Eve smiled and made up her mind.

Seeing that she had made up her mind, Sarah was relieved. As long as Eve could hold on, she didn’t mind raising a child for her. She liked babies anyway.

After this matter was settled, Sarah began to care about another thing.

She didn’t beat around the bush when talking with Eve, “Does anyone know that you are here?”

Eve shook her head.She didn’t tell anyone because she didn’t want to attract Edgar.She didn’t bring the address to her WhatsApp moments occasionally. Most of them were pure words without pictures. Even with pictures, most of them were not nearby.

“Take good care of yourself and the baby in the future. Don’t worry too much about Edgar.” Sarah only hoped that she could be happy.

“If you want to go out, ask the bodyguards to take you out. Don’t worry about being recognized.”

Eve was a star at a second tier. There were many people who knew her.



However, the places she told the bodyguards were basically set with membership system. Even if they recognized her, they

would not have any reaction.

After all, those people were those who supported stars and invested on them.

Eve nodded, “Okay.”

Sarah accompanied her for a while.

When she was about to leave, Eve suddenly said, “Sarah.”


“Do you think I am your mistress?” Eve smiled slyly.

“Not really.”


“Because you are my… baby.”

“Ha ha!”

Eve laughed out loud.

Raising her head, Sarah asked in confusion, “Am I wrong?”

“That’s right.” Eve raised her hand and poked her cheek with a warm smile, “I just didn’t expect that these words would come out of your mouth. So silly.”

Three black lines fell on Sarah’s forehead.



Sarah poked her forehead and said, “I advise you to study English again, especially the class of adjective.”

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Eve just smiled and said nothing.

Sarah didn’t stay here any longer.

After telling her and the bodyguards something, she drove away.It was already noon when she returned to the Angel International Group.

After finishing his work, Sivan ordered lunch.

When the two of them were having dinner, Sivan wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. He looked at Sarah several times, wondering if he should say something.

“What’s the matter?” Sarah asked.

“Chris is investigating me.” Sivan said very seriously, and added, “To be more accurate, it’s Jason who is investigating me.”

Hearing that, Sarah stopped eating and said, “I know.”

The reason why he appeared there by coincidence last time was because he had investigated Sivan.But she didn’t understand why Jason investigated him.

“You don’t know.” Sivan corrected her, “He didn’t investigate me. He did investigate which company I worked in before.”

After eating a mouthful of rice, Sarah’s eyes darkened.

In an instant, she made up her mind, “Let him investigate if he wants.”



“Not confidential?”

“No, just let nature take its course.”

The reason why Jason wanted to know where Sivan worked was that he wanted to know if she was the person behind him.

For her now, it was the same whether he knew it or not.

Whatever he wanted.

Because there was no special obstruction from Sarah, the investigation went smoothly.

In just two or three days, he had found out who was behind Sivan.

When Jason learned that Sivan worked in the Angel International Group, he was almost sure that Sarah was the boss of the Angel International Group.

Hearing this, Chris was more or less confused. “How do you know that Miss Yeats is the boss of Angel International Group?”

“Her mother’s surname is Ambers, and her sister’s name is Rita.” Said Jason firmly. “In addition, it’s not difficult to guess from the attitude that Sivan treats Sarah.”

If he was just a part-time special assistant, he couldn’t be as tacit as Sivan to Sarah.

Most importantly.

Chris had told Jason that Sivan’s boss had taken two years off, and that it was only two years before they got married.

“And then?” Chris asked a very important question.



“Then what?” Said Jason coldly.

“Now you know that Sivan is working for the Angel International Group and Miss Yeats is the boss of him.” Said Chris seriously,

“What are you going to do?”

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