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Hearing this, Eve was surprised, “How could it be her? I always think she is a very warm-hearted girl. After all, sne helped me call you at that time.”

It was totally unbelievable.

This was too outrageous.

“I’m also a little surprised.” What Sarah said was true.

“I have a question.” Eve couldn’t figure it out, “Since she wants to deal with you, why would she help me?”

“Two possibilities.” Sarah had already thought about it.

“What?” Eve asked.

“The first one is that she is only crazy about the things about Jason, but she is warm-hearted on other things.” Said Sarah word by word.

If possible, she hoped that this was how Cindy was.She hoped that Cindy would just help Eve.

Holding the phone, Eve asked, “What about the second one?”

“She deliberately left a positive first impression on me. In this way, even if someone finds out that it was her who did it in the future, I will subconsciously deny it.” Sarah said slowly. “After all, she is a good person at the first sight.”

Eve kept silent.



“You said before that if it weren’t for the phone call from Eve that day, you would have risked your life to protect your child.”

Sarah didn’t want to doubt people with a dark side. “She should have known this, so she just sold her out.”

After all, it was in hospital and no one really wanted to kill anyone.

Once they were in a stalemate, the hospital would definitely call Edgar. By that time, things would be different.

Achill ran down Eve’s spine. “Why did she do that? She is from a rich family. She can get whatever she wants.”

She had always felt that their circle was very dark, with all kinds of petty action.

Now she realized that.

This kind of thing happened in every circle.

Human nature was the most unpredictable thing.

“I don’t know.” Sarah didn’t think too much. It was not what she should think.

“What are you going to do with this matter?” Eve was worried about Sarah. Fortunately, she was smart enough. Otherwise, something bad would happen. “It’s almost impossible to arrest her.”

After a moment’s silence, Sarah said, “I’m looking for Grandpa Thomson.”

She told Eve that she would find Andy was just a cover up.



It was not a big deal to find a peer for the matter of the same generation. Although Grandpa Thomson doted on his children, he was fair.

Of course.

The most important reason.

She had a close relationship with Grandpa Thomson. She could told him in person so that there would be no need for Cindy to be partial or shield.

“I heard that Grandpa Thomson has a special identity.” Said Eve with a little worry. “He seems to live in the military compound. Can you… make an appointment?”

The Thomson Family had been talked about in the business circle.

Grandpa Thomson had two sons. One was in the army and the other was in business.

In the past, there was a boss in his circle who wanted to see him, but he was refused politely. Later, it was said that Mr. Thomson didn’t like to meet businessmen.

Sarah was the eldest daughter of the Yeats Family. She didn’t know if it was a good idea to meet him.

“Yes, I can.” Said Sarah, reassuring Eve.

“That’s good.” Eve felt relieved.

Before hanging up the phone, Sarah reminded her of what happened before.

Eve promised repeatedly, “Okay, don’t worry.”

“You… You don’t suspect me at all?” In fact, Sarah was a little surprised.


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“You are my friend. Why should I suspect you?” Said Eve directly, “I know what kind of person you are.”

“Thank you.” Said Sarah in a much better mood.

She had heard from adults or older peers that the most important friends in her life were known when she was a student.

After leaving the school, there would only be friends who won’t be true to each other. But Eve was really good.

Before she returned to her identity, Eve had been protecting and treating her very well.

Now that she knew she was Sarah Yeats, her attitude had never changed.

“Don’t thank me.” Occasionally, Eve and Sarah argued, “Silly girl.”

Sarah was speechless.


After the conversation with Eve, she called Grandpa Thomson.

When he learned that it was from her, Grandpa Thomson was very happy. He talked with her through the phone for a long time.

After that, he was even happier when he heard that Sarah was going to see him.

“lam waiting for you.” Grandpa Thomson’s voice sounded serious, but with his love for Sarah. “As long as you come, I will be free at any time.”

Hearing what he said, Sarah touched her nose. She suddenly felt a little sorry for Grandpa Thomson’s enthusiasm for her.



The old man welcomed her happily, but she would told him the bad news…

“Then I’ll make an appointment with you on 6th next month.” Sarah set a date.

“That is fine!”

Grandpa Thomson was totally satisfied with her.

Among all the old people who got along with Sarah, Granpa Noth, Grandpa Ambers and Grandpa Thomson all liked Sarah very much.

Only her own grandfather was not satisfied with her.

After hanging up the phone, Grandpa Thomson dialed a number with great joy. It was a deep and pleasant voice, “Grandpa Thomson.”

“Little Gardner, don’t blame me for not telling you that your team member, Sarah, will come to see me on 6th of next month.”

Grandpa Thomson’s face was still serious, but his words were full of gossip. “It’s up to you whether you come or not.”

“Will she come to you?” Asked Captain Leon, raising his voice.

“Do you want to be beaten up?” Said Grandpa Thomson with a serious expression.

“Got it.” Captain Leon seemed smiled in a good sound, “I have two boxes of good tea. I’ll bring them to you.”

“That’s good.”



“Don’t let it slip.” Captain Leon told him in particular.

After saying that he knew, Grandpa Thomson hung up the phone. He didn’t have the slightest intention to talk to him as Sarah on the phone.

It seemed that he was just sending a message.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, Captain Leon rubbed the phone with a smile on his good- looking thin lips.

At the same time.

On the other side of Jason.

After he signed the document, he was about to ask Chris to send it away.

Then he saw Chris came in in a hurry, with a complicated expression on his face, “Mr. Noth…”

“What’s the matter?”

“I’ve found out what you asked me to investigate.” Looking at the pile of materials in his hand, Chris felt a headache.

Jason was puzzled.

He looked at him and hinted Chris to go on.

“The real backstage manipulator of those things was the second daughter of the Thomson Family, Cindy.” So Chris knew the relationship between his boss and Miss Thomson. “It was her who hinted or revealed the information inadvertently and asked those people to do it for her.”

Jason frowned as if he didn’t understand what he meant.

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Chris pursed his lips and handed over all the documents. “You can read them yourself.”

“What are you going to do with this matter?” As Jason took the documents and checked one by one, Chris asked.

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