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Looking at the piles of things on it, the frown between his deep eyebrows creased imperceptibly, as if Jason hadn’t thought that a person’s mind could be so complicated.

For such a meaningless thing.

At the same time, he was fully aware that he had wronged Sarah for everything before.

“Let’s meet Cindy.” Said Jason without hesitation.

“Okay.” Said Chris.

As Chris walked out, Jason was still looking at the thick pile of documents in his hand.

At this moment, he was more shocked than ever. He didn’t expect that a person could disguise so well.

Cindy Thomson.

Andy’s sister.He had never doubted her and never thought that she would frame Sarah.

These two people couldn’t be together forever.

Thinking of this.

Jason raised his hand to touch his forehead. At this moment, he really regretted it.

His suspicion, questioning, unfair to her and her explanation flashed through his mind.

How did he treat her at that time?He didn’t believe her.

Thinking of this, Jason felt difficult to breathe deeply.



What Sarah said was right. It was him who had changed from beginning to end. Sarah had always been herself, never changed.

The more he thought about it, the more depressed he felt.

In the end, he felt a dull pain.

When Chris came in and was about to report, he saw his boss staring at the pile of documents with his head down. The atmosphere was depressed, like a child regretting doing something.

He sighed. He didn’t bother him, quietly went out and closed the door, leaving him alone.

Life was a process of constant gains and losses. People had to pay the price for their choices.His boss and Miss Yeats were not meant to be together.

In the following hour, Jason stayed in his office.

Some people wanted to ask him for signature or something, but Chris stopped them for the time being. He also recorded the questions they needed to sign and asked, and waited to ask Jason all together.

For Miss Yeats, she might have broken up with her lover half a year ago. But for his boss, today was the real breakup.

Fortunately, Jason hadn’t been depressed for too long.

At about six o’clock in the afternoon, he finished reading all the documents and called Chris in.

“How’s the contact going?” With a cold expression on his face, Jason said in a lower and hoarse voice than before.

“Miss Thomson didn’t answer the phone.” Chris explained.



“Contact Grandpa Thomson and tell him that I have something to talk to Cindy.”

Since Mr. Thomson was not at home, it didn’t work to contact him. As for Andy. He couldn’t even handle his own business.

“Okay.” Replied all these things. Then he handed over a stack of documents and records, “These are the documents that need to be signed today and the questions asked by the directors and general manager below.”

Without saying a word, Jason took it over, quickly browsed it and signed it.

As for the questions those people asked, he gave them answers one by one.

After he finished his work. It was already seven o’clock in the evening.

“You don’t have to wait for me tonight. You go back first.” Said Jason in a deep voice.

After hesitating for a while, Chris asked, “Don’t you really need to wait?”

“No, thanks.”

“Got it.”


The conversation between the two was brief.

Jason didn’t mean to say anything more today. He didn’t even have the time to argue with Chris.

Chris felt sorry for him. Although he deserved it, Chris couldn’t help sympathizing with him for three seconds.

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Yes, three seconds.

No more or less.

“By the way, do you want to tell this to Miss Yeats?” Asked Chris, It seems that Miss Yeats is also investigating.”

“Don’t say it for the time being.” Jason had already made up his mind. “You can tell her after I finish it. Just… I’ll make up for her.”

He knew it wouldn’t be difficult to find out and solve it with her ability.But he still wanted to do it himself.

After all, what Cindy had done had aggravated the conflict between him and Sarah again and again.

In the end, they became strangers.

“Got it.” Replied Chris.

That night.

Jason invited Lucas for a drink, who had come to New York to make a film.

In the private room of the bar.

Jason drank one after another, and there was already a bottle of wine that was almost empty on the table.

Seeing that he was about to open the second bottle again, Lucas held his hand and said in a gentle voice as ever, “Drinking can’t solve anything. What happened?”

Jason kept silent, and his eyes were so dark that no one could see through them.He still opened the bottle and poured himself another glass.



Seeing him like this.

Lucas didn’t stop him. He rubbed the wine glass in his hand and said slowly, “You haven’t failed in your career. Even if you fail, you won’t take it seriously with your character. Your parents and Grandpa Noth are also very healthy. There is no family accident.”

After taking a deep drink, Jason didn’t pour any more.

“So you mean it’s because of Sarah or Jenny?” Guessed Lucas.

In the past one month, he had been working in the crew.

He didn’t care much about the relationship between the two of them, so he didn’t know whom Jason had chosen in the end.

“What do you think of Sarah?” Asked Jason.

“I don’t know much about her.” Lucas didn’t make much comments on people he didn’t know.

“But I think she’s not bad.”

A mocking smile appeared on Jason’s face.

An outsider knew her better than him.

“We divorced.” After a long pause, Jason finally said it in a hoarse voice.

“Now that you have divorced, you should live a good life with Jenny.” Lucas respected his choice. “Everyone has to pay for his own choice. Don’t think about anything else.”

Holding the cup in his hand with his slender fingers, Jason said, “I’m not married to Jenny.”

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Lucas was puzzled.He peered at Jason as he didn’t understand.It seemed that he didn’t know what Jason was doing.

“It was just a fraud that she came back to me,” Said Jason in a deep and hoarse voice, but his thoughts drifted back to the past.

“If I didn’t want to live a good life with that person from beginning to end, would the result be different?”

In that case, he would live a warm life with Sarah. She could do anything as she wanted at home every day while he went to work and made money to support her.

They didn’t quarrel. Their family was warm.

“If you really want to be with her from the beginning to the end, you shouldn’t have started with Sarah.” Lucas said to him.

Jason didn’t know how to describe his feelings.He only knew that it was terrible.

“Do you regret divorcing Sarah?” Lucas asked him.

“I have wronged her a lot.” With his eyes down, Jason was surrounded by loneliness. “I didn’t know the truth of all the things until today. I didn’t know that I was wrong from the beginning.”

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