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“You will be in charge of the company next year,” said Wilson Yeats, throwing a very important message to her. “If you don’t come to the party to get to know these administrators, you won’t know who will be in charge of the company.”

Sarah, “?”

Sarah, “who told you that I’m going to run the company?”

“My uncle,” said Wilson Yeats indifferently, “he has decided to hand over the company to you.”

Sarah frowned.

Didn’t she say that she wouldn’t run the company?

“Didn’t you manage it well?”

“Who doesn’t want to have a free life?” said Wilson seriously, “Tell me, how long have I managed it for you? shouldn’t I have the right and time to fall in love with someone and get married?”

“There are not many things to deal with in the company,” said Sarah seriously.

“If you come to the party tomorrow, I can consider helping you manage it for one more year.” Sarah was speechless

“It’s up to you.”

“Okay, okay.”

Sarah hung up the phone.She also knew that she had to go there this time.



What she didn’t know was that after the phone call, Wilson Yeats reported to the people around him.

At this moment, he was with Rita and her father.

“Pumpkin has promised to attend the party tomorrow,” said Wilson Yeats with a sigh of relief.

With a smile on her face, Rita said, “You surely know how to deal with your sister!”

“Is she angry?” Eric Yeats asked.

“I don’t think so.” Wilson Yeats was not sure, “she sounded normal, but she will ask you about the company management later.”

“It’s fine,” said Eric Yeats.

“She doesn’t like too many people,” said Rita. “Don’t team her up with anyone else except those she knows tomorrow.”

“Don’t worry. I know,” replied Wilson Yeats.

Sarah didn’t know these arrangements at all. After answering the phone, she fell asleep soon.

The second morning.

She went to work as usual.

On the last day in September, she went to work in the Yeats group with Sivan.

After all, the employees of the Angel International Group had a holiday and they deserved a good holiday.

On the way to the Yeats group, Sarah looked at her special assistant.



She had already given him a holiday, but he didn’t want to. He insisted on going with her.She couldn’t stop him, so she just let him be.

The Yeats group only worked for half a day in the morning, then there was the party for everyone.

Every department was responsible for the establishment of their own team. After all, there were so many people in the Yeats group. Except for all the people gathered at the annual meeting, the establishment of their own team was usually planned by each department.

This was the routine.

Wilson Yeats came to see her after work at noon.

After getting the address, Sarah asked them to go first. She would go after she finished her work. Wilson Yeats didn’t stop her and said “Okay”.

It was one o’clock in the afternoon when she finished her work.

She didn’t go there until she had dinner with Sivan. But they didn’t expect to see Cindy Thomson when they walked out of the Yeats group.

Sarah only took a look at her, and finally looked away.

However, there was a stir in Cindy Thomson’s heart. Yesterday, she had asked someone to investigate Sarah, but only two words were found by her subordinates: Margaret, female.

The information founded was less than what she knew. All those information, such as she was the daughter of Eric Yeats, ex-wife of Jason Noth, couldn’t be found anywhere.

This made her have to think about the identity of Sarah.

Why was her information so hard to be found.



Sarah didn’t know what she was thinking. Even if she knew, she wouldn’t care.

After they left, they went straight to the resort mentioned by Wilson Yeats.

It was already three o’clock in the afternoon when they arrived.

As soon as they parked the car, she heard someone call, “Sarah?”

Sarah was a little surprised.She looked sideways and saw that Edgar Williams had just got out of the car.

Before she could say anything, he opened the door again and walked towards her with something. “You’re here. I have something to talk to you.”

“Go ahead,” said Sarah, as usual.

“About Eve Kent, I want to have a talk with you.” Edgar Williams said four words and waved the divorce agreement in his hand.

“Okay,” said Sarah.

Then she went with Edgar Williams.

Seeing that Sivan also followed him, Edgar Williams frowned imperceptibly and said with a bit of complexity, “This is…”

“He is my special assistant.” Sarah didn’t explain too much.

Looking at the expressions of Sivan and Sarah, Edgar Williams knew that if he asked Sivan to wait here, Sarah would not agree, so he took him with them.



After a while.

Edgar Williams took them to a private room in the villa.He directly handed the divorce agreement to Sarah, “Have a look. If there is no problem, please give it to Eve.”

Sarah took it over.

When she looked at him, he wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.It seemed that he wanted to say something, but he didn’t know where to start.

“Fifty million?” Sarah looked at the amount of money on it.

Edgar Williams: “Yes.”

Sarah didn’t say anything.She just looked through it absent mindedly. Apparently, she was not interested in the divorce agreement.

Noticing that, Edgar Williams asked directly, “Do you think it’s not enough?”

“Legally speaking, the marital property belongs to the common property of a couple. So it should be half half.” Looking at the divorce agreement, Sarah said indifferently, “What do you think?”

Edgar Williams wasn’t surprised at all. He just said, “Half is okay, but I have a request.”


“I want the custody of my child.”

“Don’t daydream.” she said without hesitation.

“The child and Eve will not live a peaceful life.” Edgar Williams said directly, even very realistic. “How can she manage to raise the child and make money alone? Her parents won’t help her.”

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Sarah didn’t answer.She wanted to see what else he could say.

“But if the kid follow me, I can give him the best education environment and the best material life.” Edgar Williams said word by word, “he will never worry about money all his life.”

“Indeed, he won’t worry about money.” Sarah admitted this, “but I don’t know if he will be mistreated.”

“What do you mean?” Edgar Williams frowned.

“I don’t think your family can teach your children well. After all, the Williams family has raised you up, and your moral quality is poor.”

“Sarah Yeats!” said Edgar Williams angrily.

“I can help Eve solve all the problems you just said.” Sarah retorted confidently, “I will raise the child for her. If she wants to work hard, she can work hard; if she wants to raise the child, she can raise the child.”

“Do you really think so?” Edgar Williams thought that Sarah was just pretending. “As time goes by, don’t you think that she makes friends with you for money?”

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