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Don’t Bother Her

For his question, she only replied four words to him, “She is my friend.”

“So what?” Edgar Williams didn’t buy it at all.

“Do you think that the reason why Jason Noth and Lucas Richardson are your friends is because of money?” Sarah asked.

“If one day the two of them have nothing, will you stop contacting them?”

“I’m not such a snob,” said Edgar Williams.

Sarah didn’t say anything and just looked at him.

She worked hard to learn all kinds of things and make money, in order to help her friends one day in the future when they were in trouble, she didn’t need to rely on her family, and she could only rely on her own ability to help her friends.

Now she had made it.

Eve was worthy of her sacrifice.

“A friendship without profit will last for a long time. There is a huge gap between you and Eve’s family background.” Edgar Williams continued, “the problem between you will come out as time goes by.”

“What you are worried about will never happen to me and Eve in the rest of your life.” Sarah made it clear. “You just need to divorce her and don’t bother her.”

Eve was a woman who had dreams and was very warm-hearted. Edgar Williams didn’t deserve her at all.



“You don’t have to think about the kid.” she returned the divorce agreement to him. “As for the property division, it’s up to you.”

If it was really half of the property, Eve would definitely not want it.

She was too innocent.She didn’t want to have too much money to do with him.

“Wait,” said Edgar Williams, stopping her from leaving.

Sarah looked at him indifferently.

Edgar Williams made it clear, “The child is not my request. My parents know it.”

“And then?”

“They want the child, or Eve’s career will be ruined.”

He didn’t know how they knew it, but he couldn’t fight it at all.

The decision of giving half of the property was made by him privately. If his parents knew it, they would definitely be mad at it.

After all, they had been dissatisfied with Eve’s career.

“Did Eve dig your family’s graves?” Sarah really didn’t understand their thoughts. “Are you going to do this to her?”

“I’ll educate the kid well if he stays with me,” said Edgar Williams in a soft tone. “She can come to see him at any time. I won’t stop her.”

“What the hell are you thinking about?” she cursed.



Sivan, “What?”

Edgar Williams was also stunned.

With a slight cough, Sivan came over and said, “Boss, you should go to meet Mr. Yeats. I’ll take care of this.”

“You don’t need to take care of anything.” This is how Sarah would say, “They can do whatever they want. Eve and I are not as soft as they think.”

She didn’t like to bully people with power.

But if Williams Family dared to hurt Eve, she didn’t mind exposing what they had done.

At that time, it would be the Williams Family who would be humiliated.

“Sivan, let’s go.” Sarah didn’t intend to stay here any longer.

“Okay,” said Sivan in a cold voice

Seeing the two of them leave, Edgar Williams was a little depressed. He punched the table and his mood reached the bottom. He didn’t believe that Sarah could protect Eve.

Seeing that Sarah was in a bad mood, Sivan took out a candy from his pocket and handed it to her. “Boss, have a candy. You will be in a good mood.”

Sarah was stunned.

Looking at the white and slender hand in front of her, her eyes became softer.

Without hesitation, she took it over and said, “Thank you.”

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“You don’t need to worry about the relationship between Eve and Williams Family. I’ll handle it well,” said Sivan, he didn’t want to upset Sarah. His existence was to help her solve the problem.

Sarah, “I’m not worried. I just feel sorry for Eve.”

How could such a good girl run into Edgar Williams.

He looked at her coldly and said, “I’m not worth it either.”


“It’s not worth it for you.”

These four words were said very seriously.

His boss deserved the best.

Sarah was in a daze, and then smiled, feeling warm in her heart.

“Boss.” whenever he called this word, he was very serious.

Sarah, “What’s wrong?”

“Although I have said it before, I still want to give you a suggestion this time,” said Sivan. “If you want to get married in the future, please think about it seriously. It would be best if I can help you check it.”

“Okay,” said Sarah.

The moment Sivan heard her promise, there was a slight change in his mood, but only a moment later, he returned to the usual.

The two of them didn’t stay any longer and headed for the place arranged by Wilson Yeats.



It was a relaxing resort.

When Sarah and Sivan arrived, there were only Wilson Yeats, Rita Yeats, her father, and Robert Shawn and Julian White there.

When she saw them, she was stunned.

“Why are you here?” she glanced at the direction of Wilson Yeats, as if asking him if it was their company’s party? Why are they here?

Robert Shawn and Julian white looked at each other, and the former said, “Wilson asked US to come.”

Sarah looked over.

Waiting for his answer.

“It’s just a cover. You see, everyone else has gone to other places.” Wilson Yeats changed into casual clothes and looked very handsome.

“It’s because Rita and uncle Eric think that you may be in a bad mood recently, so they specially asked you out for relaxation.”

For Sarah, if he told her directly to relax here, she would definitely say that she was fine.

No one would be emotionless when they divorced.

She didn’t tell him about it some time ago because there was no chance. In addition, she just divorced, so she might not be interested in it.

Now it was just the right time.



“Sister, since you are here, let’s have a good time today.”

“Pumpkin, you really should take a break.”

“Sarah, it’s rare that your sister cares about you so much. You can’t let her down anyway.”

“What do you mean by saying that I rarely care about my sister so much? White, what do you mean by that?”

“What are you calling me? Call me brother Julian!”

After a while.

The two of them were playing happily.

Eric Yeats and Wilson Yeats looked at each other, intending to leave the young people alone. “I’ll go to see Sarah. You guys take your time.”


They all agreed.Then he left.

He had planned to ask Pumpkin’s assistant to leave, but considering the relationship between Pumpkin and her assistant, he didn’t.

She seemed to have a good relationship with her special assistant. “Let’s go. There is a sea of flowers over there,” Robert

Shawn said first.

“The environment is good, and there is a pavilion to rest.”


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They all agreed and followed him.

At the beginning, Robert Shawn and Wilson Yeats talked about some daily things or told a few jokes to Sarah.

Sarah was also gradually relaxed.

When they arrived there.They aimed at Sivan, who had never spoken here.

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