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Pumpkin, We Love You

“By the way,” said Robert Shawn, who wore glasses and looked very gentle. “Why did Sivan choose to be the special assistant of Sarah?”

Hearing that, Sivan was stunned with his cold eyes, as if he had never thought that Robert Shawn would ask him.

“Because my boss is one assistant short.”

He quickly reacted and gave a perfect and impeccable answer.

Robert Shawn raised his eyes slightly, and a meaningful smile appeared on his lips. In the end, he said nothing.

His reaction confused Sarah, she couldn’t get his point at all.She didn’t ask more.

Just chatting with them like that.

Noticing that it was getting dark, Wilson Yeats took a look at the time and said to them, “You guys talk first. I’m going to prepare something.”

This was the most important thing tonight. He couldn’t screw it up.

Sarah didn’t think too much and let him go.

As soon as he left, she asked the question in her heart that she had always wanted to ask, but she didn’t ask because of his presence.

“Did the captain tell you when he would come back these days?”



“Why do you care so much?” Robert Shawn asked curiously, “Did you really do something wrong to our captain?”

“No.” it was impossible for Sarah to admit it.

Robert Shawn pushed his glasses, with disbelief in his eyes.It was abnormal for Pumpkin to act like this.

“Just tell me if he has contacted you.” Sarah knew that the more she talked, the more mistakes she would make.

“Yes.” Robert Shawn didn’t lie to her.



She was a little nervous but she calmed down. “What did you say?”

“He will come back on 7th.” he clicked on the chat log and showed it to her, “he said he wanted to have a get-together with US.”

Sarah took a look.

It was indeed 7th, and he emphasized not to tell her for the time being.

She would go to talk with Mr. Thompson on 6 th. If everything went well, the meeting would be over that day. After that, she would take a taxi to the airport.

She would come back after the captain left or was busy with something. In this way, he would have no time to talk to her about that day. She was relatively safe.



“What’s wrong?” Robert Shawn asked, as he saw her pondering.

“It doesn’t matter. I want to talk to the team leader. The four guys are not here, so the atmosphere is not lively.”

She was indifferent, so was Robert Shawn and the team leader.

Only White was a chatterbox.

But in front of the captain, the chatterbox, Wayne, was temporarily offline to be a good boy.

“You don’t need to be active.” Robert Shawn saw through her true self at a glance.

At that time, the relationship between him and White would be just a background board. What the captain wanted to find was only Pumpkin.


Some people didn’t know it yet.

Without thinking too much, she asked, “Really?”

“At that time, our captain will probably check our physical strength.” Robert Shawn raised the corners of his mouth slightly and talked nonsense seriously. “At that time, the atmosphere will automatically be active.”

Sarah was speechless.So much for the talk.

The two of them didn’t avoid Sivan when they were talking.

Because he knew more or less, but he never asked more.


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“It’s just a joke. Don’t take it seriously.” seeing her downcast face, he added, “it’s getting late. Let’s go to have dinner first. We can talk about it later.”


Sarah answered.

The three of them stood up and left the pavilion, walking towards the open grass over there.

As soon as they arrived, she saw that Wilson Yeats seemed to be talking to Rita and Julian white in the distance, and there were many square things around them.

But because of the darkness and the distance of more than thirty meters, she did not see clearly.

When she was about to walk over.

Robert Shawn stopped her and said, “Just stay here.”

Sarah was confused.

The next moment.

What Wilson Yeats and others did made her understand what Robert Shawn meant.

The three of them were holding something with sparks in their hands as they approached the boxes.

Then, a series of loud bangs were heard. Colorful fireworks bloomed in the dark sky, presenting a beautiful and stunning scene.

One by one, they lit up the night sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!



Another series of sounds.

The fireworks were blooming in the sky, as beautiful as a picture made by a master.

She stared blankly at the fireworks. Her eyes reflected with those amazing flowers in the sky.She was looking at the fireworks, while Sivan was looking at her.

Another sound was heard.

A huge firework bloomed in the sky, followed by a sentence, “Pumpkin, we love you!”!

These words were as bright as day in the sky.

After staying for a while, they turned into countless small fireworks, like meteors streaking across the sky.

“Sister! I love you!”

“Sarah, I love you!”

“Pumpkin, we love you!”

Standing at the place where the fireworks were lit, Rita Yeats, Julian White, Wilson Yeats and Eric Yeats all announced their love for her loudly.

Tears welled up in Sarah’s eyes and her nose became sour all of a sudden.She was not a sentimental person.

But at this time, when she saw them walking towards her, her eyes were still wet.



Seeing all this, Robert Shawn gently rubbed her head and said with all his love and care, “Pumpkin, welcome back.”

“Welcome back, boss.” the usual cold expression on Sivan’s face softened.

She looked away.

These idiots.

Rita rushed over and threw herself into her arms, “Sister!”

Sarah hugged her.

Wilson Yeats, Julian White and Eric Yeats also came to her.

“When did you prepare these?” Sarah calmed down after a while.

“We’ve been thinking about it since you came back, but we don’t know how to make you relax a little.” Rita got out of her arms and smiled beside her.

“I suddenly remembered that you said you liked to see fireworks a few days ago, so I prepared these.”

It was a beautiful place far away from the downtown.

It was a perfect place to relax.

At this moment, Sarah’s heart was surrounded by their warm love, “Thank you.”

“Sister.” Rita Yeats took out a small bunch of chrysanthemum from nowhere and handed it to her. There was only the figure of Sarah in her beautiful eyes. “This is for you. I love you forever.”


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The rest of them also took out a small bunch of chrysanthemum and handed it to Sarah.

Including Sivan.

Sarah took them all. All the bad mood these days seemed to disappear at this moment.

“Sister Sarah, although the flowers are not the best, they are the most representative of our love.” Julian White said. “All of us will always love you.”

With her eyes curving into a crescent moon, Rita said, “I love you, forever ever!”

‘I love you forever,’ which was what chrysanthemum meant.

Sarah gave them a hug and said, “Thank you.”

“It’s not over yet.” holding her hand, with a smile on her face, Rita continued, “dinner is ready over there. I made a huge and cute cake for you myself.”

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