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Tell Me I Am Considerate

After a moment’s silence. Eve’s decided to listen to Sarah, “okay.”

“Don’t worry about the Williams family. You just need to consider whether you like this child or not and whether you are ready to be a mother.”

“Sarah.” Eve’s nose was sour.

Sarah was very gentle to girls. “Hmm?”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” answered Sarah, and she added, “After you divorce with Edgar Williams, I can arrange a new house for you and change a new agency, so that you can stay away from everything in the Williams family.”

“Okay,” Eve’s agreed.

After comforting her for a while, she hung up the phone.

Pregnant people needed to be surrounded by love. If Edgar Williams couldn’t give it to Eve’s, she could give it to her.

Life doesn’t have to be filled with love. Family affection, friendship, and a firm self can make life wonderful.

After hanging up the phone, she continued to lie there in the sun.

It was not until nearly evening that she went back to the study and sorted out what had happened to Cindy Thompson, so that Grandpa Thompson could see it clearly in two days.



It was already nine o’clock in the evening when she finished her work.

After saying good night to Rita and her father, she took a bath and lay on the bed.Her lifestyle was usually very regular.

The next morning.

When they were having breakfast, Eric Yeats received a call from Wendy Black.

Probably she wanted to see her father and them.

Sarah’s father answered the phone on the speaker. After hearing what was on the phone, he looked at them and said, “Not today. I have something to deal with.”

“But today is Mommy’s birthday,” said Wendy. “Are you really not coming?”

Eric Yeats was stunned.He didn’t know what to say.He could go. After all, he has agreed to spend the national day with Sarah and Rite at home.

Today was indeed her birthday.

“I bought a lot of food early in the morning, specially prepared for you and my sisters,” said Wendy in a pitiful tone. “If you don’t come, these dishes will be wasted.”

Eric Yeats was about to refuse.

Then Sarah said, “We’ll be there later.”

Eric Yeats was speechless…

Rita, “?”



The two were both surprised.

Even when Wendy heard this, she was stunned.She knew how much Sarah didn’t like her and her mother. How could she agree to come?

“Pumpkin?” Eric Yeats was a little confused.

“I don’t have much work to do today, and it won’t take much time to go there.” she thought about more things now.

In the past, she might be as selfish as all the children, thinking that her father belonged to her, Rita and her mother.

But after knowing what had happened to her parents, she felt more sorry for their past.

She also learned to feel relieved.

As long as Linda Brown and Wendy didn’t plan to take over the Yeats group and didn’t hurt her family, she could accept anything else.

The Yeats group was the result of their parents’ marriage.She wouldn’t let anyone covet it.

“Sister, are you sure?” Rita said with her eyes flashing.


“Really?” asked Eric Yeats.

Sarah nodded, “Yes.”

Seeing that she was so serious, Sarah replied to her, “We’ll be there soon.”


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“Okay, mom and I will wait for you,” said Wendy quickly.

After hanging up the phone, she told Linda Brown about it.

As surprised as her, Linda Brown asked in a light and slow tone, “Did Sarah really agree?”

“Yes,” said Wendy honestly. “Uncle Eric and Rita didn’t say they would come until she agreed.”

Linda Brown didn’t say anything.

Wendy stood there obediently, she was obedient to her mother.

“From now on, you must get along well with Sarah and Rita, but don’t be too hospitable,” said Linda Brown earnestly. “As long as Sarah has no objection, I can get the marriage certificate with your uncle Eric.”

“But… I have offended her before.” Wendy was worried.

“Everyone makes mistakes. You just need to behave well in the future.” Linda Brown said to her. “This time, don’t make a mistake again.”

Wendy pinched her sleeve and said, “okay.”

Looking at her, Linda Brown was about to say something, but finally he sighed heavily.She didn’t delay and began to work on the lunch.

Lunch for five people.She had to work hard for a while.

On the other side, Sarah was still having breakfast. Out of curiosity, Rita asked softly, “Sister, didn’t you like them before? Why did you agree to have lunch with them?”

Hearing this, Eric Yeats also looked at Sarah.



He was also curious.

“Mrs. Brown is our father’s new wife,” said Sarah. “Our father is supposed to go to her birthday party.”

Rita’s eyes twinkled.

However, Sarah’s father felt sorry for her.It would be great if he was not so considerate.

“I won’t be there for long.” Sarah also made it clear. “I’ll leave after dinner.”

She wouldn’t go there if it was usual.

But this time, she decided to have a showdown with Linda Brown.

It was not a good way to delay the matter between her and her father. As time went by, people in the circle would talk about whether Linda Brown was her father’s mistress.

This was not good for his father’s reputation.

“If you don’t want to go, then don’t be embarrassed.” Sarah’s father said after careful consideration.

“It’s not embarrassed.” After drinking the milk in her glass, Sarah still wanted to give her father a heads up. “I went there mainly to talk to her about your business. It’s time for her to make a decision whether to stay or leave.”

Eric Yeats knew that Sarah wouldn’t do anything stupid, so he agreed, “okay.”

In fact.He knew what she wanted to talk about.

It was better for her to say something than he did.



Seeing that they were talking so seriously, Rita swallowed what she wanted to say.She’d better find another chance to say it.

At this time, she said that her father and sister might not agree.

After the three of them finished breakfast, Sarah’s father called someone to send the gift he had booked for Linda Brown in advance.

After ten o’clock.

The driver drove them there.

When they arrived, Wendy ran to them like an innocent girl and greeted them happily, “Uncle Eric, sister Sarah, sister Rita, you’re here. Come in and have a seat.”

Sarah frowned in an almost invisible way.She still didn’t like to hear Wendy call her sister.

“Okay,” said Rita with an innocent smile on her face.

“You don’t have to call me sister. Just call me Rita.”

“Okay,” replied Wendy.

Sarah raised her eyebrows slightly, she was a little surprised at her sister’s words.

Rita blinked her eyes and said cunningly, “Tell me I am considerate.”.

Sarah raised her hand and rubbed her head softly.

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