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The three entered the gate.

This was a small villa given by her father to Linda Brown and her daughter.

From the perspective of living material, Sarah’s father had never treated them shabbily.

He had given them everything they deserved. In order not to make them tired, he had hired housemaids.

As the three of them entered, they smelled the fragrance of the food.

After a while.

Linda Brown came out with a bowl of soup.

“Eric is here.” Linda Brown put the dishes on the table, with tenderness and joy in her eyes. “Have a seat. The dishes are ready. We can have dinner now.”

Wendy asked them to sit down and said, “My mother made these by herself. They are all her specialty dishes.”

“Isn’t there a cook?” Sarah’s father asked in confusion.

Because he was worried that they didn’t like to cook by themselves, he specially called a cooking aunt for them.

She wanted to improve their lives and balance nutrition.



“I have given Auntie a holiday.” Linda Brown said gently, “it’s rare for you to come here. I want to let you eat the food I cook.”

The simple sentence made Sarah’s father feel a little guilty.

He seldom came here these days.

“Come on, let’s have dinner.”

Linda Brown greeted.

Linda Brown cooked a whole table of dishes. It took them a long time to have this meal.

During this period, Wendy recommended food to Sarah and Rita, and then poured fresh juice for them.

Even the gentle Rita couldn’t accept her enthusiasm.

As for Linda Brown, in addition to Sarah and Rita, she spent most of her time picking up food for their father.

After dinner.

Linda Brown went to prepare some fruits again.

Sarah’s father didn’t know how to describe his current mood. He had no idea that she had asked the cook to go back. There were so many dishes for today’s meal, and he didn’t know how long it had been prepared.

They sat there, eating fruits and chatting.

They chatted for more than 20 minutes.

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Sarah looked at her watch and thought it was time to get to the point. “Ms Brown, I have something to talk with you alone. Is it convenient?”

Linda Brown was first stunned. After taking a look at her father, she answered in a hurry,

“It’s convenient.”

“Please follow me.”


Ms Brown looked very easy-going.

When she stood up and left with Sarah, she didn’t forget to tell Wendy, “Wendy, take good care of Uncle Sarah and Rita.”

“Got it,” said Wendy obediently.

With what had happened before, Sarah’s father didn’t believe her anymore.

When he saw Wendy, he remembered that she had lied to him and guessed the relationship between him and Pumpkin.

He didn’t like her, but he was an elder and would be her stepfather in the future, so he couldn’t show it too obviously.

“Uncle Eric.”


“I apologize to you for what I did wrong before.” Wendy was a good girl and her eyes were full of sincerity. “I will find a good job and work hard in the future. I hope you don’t dislike my mother because



of me.”

Sarah’s father paused. He didn’t expect her to say that.

Wendy continued, “My mother really likes you.”

“I can tell,” said Eric Yeats with a complicated expression on his face.

Hearing that, Wendy didn’t say anything more. “Thankyou.”

Seeing her like this, Sarah’s father didn’t know how to face her all of a sudden.

On the other hand, after what had happened before, Rita had completely treated Wendy as a half stranger. She just needed to be polite on the surface.

She had no interest in chatting with her.

She looked out of the yard and didn’t know when her sister and Ms Brown could finish their talk.

Since what had happened, the way that Rita addressed Linda Brown had changed from

Aunt Linda to Ms Brown, a polite and alienated way.

At this time, in the yard outside.

Sarah and Ms Brown sat on the open-air chairs, with a small round table in the middle.

“What do you want to talk to me about?” Linda Brown asked in a polite tone

She wanted to call her Sarah.

But thinking of her rejection of her, she just went straight to the point.



“Yes, there’s a little thing. Now there are only two of US, so I’ll ask directly.” she was very straightforward, and her tone was as indifferent as before, “why do you want to be with my father?”

“Well…” Linda Brown didn’t expect her to ask about this.

In her opinion.

Sarah was a very cold person. Even if she really knew something, she would disdain to talk to them.

But now she suddenly asked, and she didn’t know how to answer.

Sarah, “difficult to answer?”

“It’s not difficult.” Linda Brown came up with an idea and planned to muddle through today. “It’s just that the matter between your father and me is more complicated, not just what you saw before.”

“Do you mean you and my father used to be lovers?” Sarah asked straightforwardly.

Linda Brown was stunned.

She didn’t expect that Sarah would know about it.

Sarah told her, “I know. Dad told me about it.”

“Now that you know, you should also know why I’m with your father…” Linda Brown’s heart was not as calm as before, but she still finished her words. Sarah turned to look at her.

Her indifferent look made Linda Brown’s heart skip a beat. She didn’t know why a 20-year-old girl’s eyes had such a strong aura. She just wanted to end the topic as soon as possible and leave. “Do you have anything else to talk about?”

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“You have been separated from my father for more than 20 years, and you also have children with other people.” Sarah didn’t believe what she said. “Do you think I will believe that you were with my father because of your previous relationship?”

“You don’t believe me?” Linda Brown asked.

“Ms Brown, I hope you can give me a serious answer,” said Sarah.

“Believe it or not, I’m with your father because I like him,” said Linda Brown with the same expression. “I didn’t know that I’ve been in love with him until I met him again.”

Hearing this.

She also knew that Linda Brown was going to continue the play the role. After all, if she wanted to deceive others, she had to deceive herself as well.

She didn’t give her the chance to play, “You should know better than anyone else

whether you haven’t let it go or you want to be the chairman of the Yeats group.”

“What… What do you mean?” Linda Brown was a little confused, but her face remained normal.

“I know what your purpose is.” based on her understanding during this period of time and

Linda Brown’s reaction just now, she made a guess. “You want to become a member of the Yeats family by marrying my father. As long as you marry my father, Wendy is my father’s stepdaughter. Stepdaughter is also the daughter of the Yeats group. It’s not difficult for her to find a good marriage partner in the future. After all, the Yeats family is in a good circle. ”

After saying that, Linda Brown clenched her hands on her legs. She didn’t expect that.

She had hidden such a good idea, but it was discovered by this Sarah, whom she had only met twice.

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