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Linda Brown Freaked out

“Am I right, Ms Brown?” said Sarah unhurriedly

“I know you don’t like me, but you don’t have to guess maliciously about me and Wendy like that.” Ms Brown seemed to have been humiliated, but she didn’t lose her temper because of her identity.

“I just want to have a simple relationship with your father, without any interests.”

Sarah, “Really?”

“Yes,” Linda Brown said seriously.

“In that case, I won’t interfere in your marriage with my father.” without further argument with her, she continued, “you can discuss a time to get the marriage certificate.”

Ms Brown, “?”

Ms Brown was totally confused.

She didn’t expect that Sarah’s mind was so off.

Didn’t she ask her seriously and angrily before? why did she ask them to get the marriage license after a few words?

She didn’t seem to trust her easily.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” said Sarah, seeing that the effect had been achieved.

Ms Brown knew that she was out of control, but she had always been good at acting and calming herself down. “Do you really agree to let me marry your father?”



They hadn’t gotten the marriage certificate for such a long time.

It was because he was worried about the feelings of his two daughters.

“I agree.”


“Because you are just a relationship without benefits.” Sarah began to get to the point.

“But before you get the marriage certificate, I have to tell you something in advance.”


“After you got the marriage certificate with my father, Wendy couldn’t inherit any property.”

Ms Brown was stunned.


“My father has transferred the shares to me and Rita.” After knowing the purpose of

Linda Brown, she also knew that she was not so sincere. “As for his other investment and financial products, they are also notarized and will belong to me and Rita in the future.”

What she said was true.

After what had happened after her mother’s death, her father had made an appointment with a lawyer behind their backs.

She found it by accident some time ago.

“What the…” Ms Brown finally lost her composure. Sarah looked at her.



Ms Brown seemed to have noticed her gaze and came to herself at once.

She quickly adjusted her mood, and the tenderness on her face was much softer than before. “That’s good. As long as you agree to let me be with your father, everything else will be fine.”

“Okay,” said Sarah lightly.

Ms Brown was a little absent-minded.

She didn’t want her father to be with a woman who always cared about his property for the rest of his life, so she said the last sentence, “At last, I want to remind you that don’t want Wendy to get involved into any united marriage. This is a very realistic circle. If she doesn’t have the support of interests behind her, she won’t live a good life even if she get married.”

They had many houses under his father’s name.

His savings of several hundred million plus those houses were enough for Ms Brown and Wendy to live a rich life.

The premise was that they wouldn’t be too greedy.

“Sarah.” Ms Brown suddenly stopped her.

Sarah stood up and was about to leave, saying indifferently, “what?”

“Can you give some shares of the Yeats group to Wendy?” Ms Brown couldn’t hold on any longer. If there was nothing, why did she choose to be with Eric? “I want her to marry a better man.” As long as she had the shares of the Yeats group, it was not difficult for her to marry any of the rich and powerful families.

Anyone didn’t dare to bully her.



Sarah looked sideways at her, as if she was curious about how she said that.

“As long as you agree, I can give up anything and live a stable life with your father.” Ms Brown blurted out.

She didn’t care about being plain, she wouldn’t have a hard time with Eric Yeats. He had always been generous and kind to her.

But she had to think about her Wendy’s future.

“No,” said Sarah coldly.

Why did her parents give their painstaking efforts to an outsider.

“After all, she is your sister,” Ms Brown couldn’t hold back her emotions after hearing what she said. “Can’t you give her a little?”

“You can go to my father,” said Sarah. “Ask him if he wants to.”

Ms Brown wasn’t as energetic as before.

Before leaving, Sarah stressed, “Besides, I only have one sister, and that is Rita. And even if you marry my father, Wendy is only Wendy.”

After saying that, she left.

She couldn’t sympathize with Linda Brown and Wendy, nor could she like them. She wondered how her father would feel if he knew that Ms Brown was thinking about the shares of the Yeats group.

With these feelings, she went back to the living room.

When Rita saw her. She felt a little relaxed.



They finally finished talking!

“Where is my mother?” Wendy asked in confusion as she waited for a long time but didn’t see Linda Brown come in.

Sarah had always been cold to her.


Wendy stood up and walked out.

There were only the three of them in the living room at once. Sarah’s father asked, “How was the talk?”

“Please go and have a look, she should have something to tell you.” Sarah didn’t know what to say. “Rita and I will be waiting for you in the car.”

Sarah’s father paused and then nodded, “Okay.”

They walked out.

Before Eric Yeats went to find Linda Brown, Linda Brown came over with Wendy.

The latter looked confused and didn’t know what had happened. The former was in a bad mental state and looked a little haggard than before.

“What’s wrong?” Sarah’s father had never seen her like this.

“Eric … We’d better not.” Linda Brown said in a low voice with a complicated look on his face, “Sarah is right. There is a huge gap between US. If you really get married to me, people in the circle will definitely talk about you.”

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Rita whispered to Sarah, “what’s going on?”

Sarah didn’t say anything.She just pinched her hand.

Rita didn’t ask any more.

“Mom, what are you talking about?” Wendy was so confused that she couldn’t help ask about it.

Didn’t she tell her to behave well today?

Why was she suddenly saying such words?

Linda Brown didn’t answer her question. She just looked at Sarah’s father with red eyes and unwillingly mixed emotions.

“I’ll leave with Wendy tomorrow.” Linda Brown lowered her eyes to conceal all her emotions, bowed her head and thanked, “Thank you for your care these days, Mr. Yeats.”

It seemed that….

It seemed that she was forced to do so.

Eric Yeats also subconsciously thought that she might have misunderstood what Sarah said.

“Wait,” he stopped her. “Is there any misunderstanding between you and Pumpkin?”

Linda Brown glanced at Sarah with red eyes and finally said nothing.

It seemed that she wanted to show her grievance to the extreme.

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This scene made both of them subconsciously think that Linda Brown misunderstood what she said. The two of them didn’t know that Linda Brown was acting.

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