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“Why didn’t you say anything to me?”

Grandpa Thompson was very concerned about it.

It was not easy for him to have a favorite junior.

As a result!

Why didn’t she tell him about her marriage.

“I wanted my marriage to be a secret.” Sarah stopped playing chess and comforted the old man, “Not only you don’t know, but also my grandfather and father don’t know.”

Grandpa Thompson was even more confused.

Who on earth was the child of such a rude family that he married Sarah without even telling the elders.

It was ridiculous!

“Who is this man?” Grandpa Thompson began to speak indignantly, “I have to teach him a good lesson!”

“It’s all over. I’m over with him.”

“No, you have to tell Grandpa Thompson who he is.”

Sarah was silent.She didn’t know what to say.She knew that Jason knew Grandpa Thompson and was a little familiar with him.

It didn’t seem good to say that.



“Don’t you take Grandpa Thompson as a family member?” Grandpa Thompson really wanted to give vent to his anger on this affair. How could someone not cherish such a good girl.

Stroking the stone in her hand, Sarah finally said, “Jason Noth.”

“Who… Who did you say just now?”

Jason Noth? Isn’t he that guy?

“Jason Noth,” Sarah repeated indifferently.

There were a series of questions on Grandpa Thompson’s forehead, and he always felt that this matter could not be connected. Wasn’t Jason Noth very polite and courteous?

“Is he the current president of the Noth group in Atlanta?”

“Yes, he is,” said Sarah, nodding her head.

“No, every time I see him, he is very polite and well-educated. How could he…” Grandpa

Thompson couldn’t figure it out.

Except for his relationship with Sarah, he was an impeccable person all the time.

He was filial to the elders and generous to the employees.

Although he had been threatening Chris with his bonus all the time, he had never really deducted it.

Such a person.

Which confused Grandpa Thompson.

But he knew clearly that she wouldn’t lie.



“It’s me who didn’t tell him who my family is,” explained Sarah. It was true. “He wanted to see my father, but I refused.”

Grandpa Thompson was even more confused. “Well…”

“Grandpa Thompson, it’s time for you to make a move.” Sarah changed the topic.

Grandpa Thompson was not in the mood to play chess now. All he was thinking about was the matter of Sarah.

No wonder when he came to him two days ago, he said that Cindy had done a lot of things to hurt Sarah. At that time, he thought that he cared about her because of the cooperation between the two clans.

He didn’t expect such a relationship!

Noticing that Grandpa Thompson frowned and thought about something, she called him,


“Is it convenient for Grandpa Thompson to ask why you divorced?”

“I’m sorry but I don’t think so.”

The simple words made Grandpa Thompson understand.

There must be a lot of things happening between Sarah and Jason. Otherwise, how could two such good children go to divorce?

Thinking of this, he sighed silently.



In the following twenty minutes, Grandpa Thompson kept thinking about this matter, so that he was absent-minded when he played chess.

He wanted to make a match between Will and Sarah.

But she didn’t know if will would be unwilling to see Sarah get married.

He didn’t care. After all, Sarah had always been outstanding, but he was not Will himself.

He didn’t know what he was thinking.

The more he thought about it, the more worried Grandpa Thompson became!

“Grandpa Thompson.” seeing that there were only two chess left, Sarah said, “You’d better focus on playing chess first.”

After casting a glance at the chess, Grandpa Thompson made a move.

In less than two steps.

He asked again, “Does your captain know about it?”

Sarah was stunned, as if she didn’t understand why the captain was mentioned.

But despite the question, she still answered, “Yes.”

Since White knew about it, he had been gossiping with them, so the captain naturally knew about it.

Plus what happened before, he knew everything.

“Does he really know?” there was a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

Sarah nodded, “Yes.”

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The simple words cheered up Grandpa Thompson and he began to play chess seriously.

Although Grandpa Thompson didn’t have much chess left, he still lost after dozens of steps with Sarah.

“One more round,” said Grandpa Thompson, who was now in a relaxed mood.

Of course, Sarah agreed.

In the past, she had to pay full attention to the game with Grandpa Thompson.

But just now, Grandpa Thompson was so absent-minded that she didn’t spend too much time to win the game.

Fortunately, both of the two were fully focused in the second round.

As a result, the two played a chess game for more than an hour and finally ended up with the victory of Grandpa Thompson.

The reason why she played chess with the old man was that she wanted him to have a good time. No matter she played with Grandpa Noth or Grandpa Thompson, she would try her best to make the old man win. As long as the process was wonderful, everything would be fine.

The second round ended.

Grandpa Thompson looked at the time. It was ten fifty-three.

He frowned. ‘What’s wrong with Will? It’s almost noon. Why hasn’t he come back yet?’?

Did those old men take him to play chess again?

At the thought of this.

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He wanted to argue with those old men.

It was such an important day today, why were those old fellows so blind.

“Grandpa Thompson, do you have something to deal with?” Sarah asked as he checked the time several times, she didn’t want to delay the old man’s work.

“No, I’m not, I’ve been free all day every day,” said Grandpa Thompson. He didn’t want to make her suspect him, so he told her the truth. “Someone told me that he would come today, but he didn’t arrive until this time. I guess he won’t come.”

“Do you need me to call him and ask?” Sarah didn’t doubt it.

No matter how hard she tried, she didn’t expect that her Captain would be here.

After all, she knew it would be tomorrow.

“No.” Grandpa Thompson didn’t want to alert the enemy, so he changed the topic. “Let’s talk about you. Do you have anything else to talk with me today?”

He saw the bag she took when she came here.

In the past, when she came to play chess with him to relieve her boredom, she never brought her bag or something like that.

This girl must have something to do.

She knew Grandpa Thompson was a thoughtful man, but she didn’t know what to say at this time.

If she told the truth, it was very likely to ruin Grandpa Thompson’s good mood.



“What’s the matter? You don’t have to be so polite to me,” said Grandpa Thompson. He really loved her.

Sarah hesitated.

In the face of Uncle Thompson, she might be able to directly hand over the documents to get to the point.

But Grandpa Thompson….

Seeing that she didn’t say anything, Grandpa Thompson asked tentatively, “Is it something I can do for you?”

“Sort of.”

“You want to recommend someone to the army?”


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