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Grandpa Thomson wasn’t interested in guessing this time. He just waited for Sarah to tell him.

The more he guessed, the more ridiculous it would be.

“Let’s talk about it after dinner. “Sarah didn’t want to spoil the old man’s mood for dinner,

“There’s no hurry about it.”

“I can’t help thinking about it if you don’t tell me.” Grandpa Thomson sighed deliberately,

“I have already lost my appetite since I have such a thing on my mind, so I guess I’m not in the mood for lunch.”

Sarah: “ ”

Such a cunning old man.

She didn’t want to waste time anymore, she then told him directly, “It’s about Cindy Thomson.”

“Cindy?” the name alerted grandpa Thomson instantly.

He thought of what Jason had come to him about two days ago, could it be that these two were talking about the same thing?

“Yes,’’said Sarah.

She stood up and went to get the document inside her bag. After preparing herself for all sorts of possible reacts of grandpa Thomson, she handed it to him, “Well, she may have done some wrong things, don’t be angry. You can read this first.”



The old man took it and read the document one by one. He was unexpectedly calm during the whole process.

He didn’t even ask.

He just finished reading all the documents without saying a word.

However, the calmer he was, the more worried Sarah was instead, fearing that the old man was repressing his emotions.

“I already knew this two days ago.” Grandpa Thomson said in a low voice, he didn’t became angry except for a more serious look, “It’s your uncle Thomson’s and my fault, I should apologize for having caused you so much trouble.” Sarah was lost in thought for a moment. But she quickly recovered herself and asked, “how did you know?”

So far, only she and Sivan knew this.

Sivan wouldn’t come to see grandpa Thomson.

With a complicated look on his face, grandpa Thomson eventually told her, “two days ago, Jason came to me and he told me.”


“That’s right.”

Her thoughts were already a bit disorganized.

How did Jason know that?

“When he left, he also repeated that don’t ask you about it, and he even apologized to me, saying he’d ensure Cindy bear the consequences of the mistake she’d made.” In fact, the old man still couldn’t



understand how the couple could get a divorce, wasn’t

Jason quite concerned about Sarah?

Sarah was stunned.

Grandpa Thomson continued, “1 would have punished her, but she took a flight out of the country on the evening of 3rd without saying a word, and now no one can contact her.”

This reminded Sarah of the scene that she first met Cindy at the company’s building of Yeats Group.

Did Cindy slip away early because she was afraid of her?

“Atha.” the old man felt very guilty.


“I should apologize to you, if I had known she was doing so many ridiculous things, I would have punished her.” Grandpa Thomson was always fair in these matters, “I’ve already told her father about this, as soon as Cindy returns, we will definitely punish her.”

“Don’t, please don’t apologize. It’s her fault. It has nothing to do with you.” seeing that the old man was fin, Sarah actually felt relieved.

Grandpa Thomson was an impartial and strict man. She believed that.

While for grandpa Thomson, he felt down as he had never thought that his oldest granddaughter would turn out like this.

She must have been spoiled!

“Grandpa Thomson.” Sarah thought of another matter and intended to say anyway.



“It doesn’t matter, just tell me.” said grandpa Thomson. The old man was always kind to Sarah.

“If she tries to harm me again afterwards, I might just fight back once I’m sure it’s she.”

Sarah wanted to tell grandpa Thomson first.

Cindy had always acted cautiously.

She barely leaved any evidence.

In that case, Sarah thought that she had to take countermeasures by herself.

“You can just go for it.” said grandpa Thomson, “I’ll have your back.”

If Alex favoured his daughter too much, the old man would deal with it in person.

If only his elder son could had taught Cindy well, she wouldn’t have been like this.

Although his second son’s child was a little naughty, he was a good boy after all and he would not do anything that violates the law.

“If it’s not a big deal, you can turn to Alex. After his father had rebuked him a few days ago, and he would be reassuring recently.” grandpa Thomson added.

But he retained the most important words.

Now that Leon had retired from the army, if Atha was bullied, he would surely be the first who wouldn’t let the man go.

“Okay.” said Sarah.

Since this had been settled, she felt a little relieved.



Seeing that the dinner was not ready, grandpa Thomson asked Sarah to play another game of chess with him.

Before the chess started.

The old man secretly sent a message to captain Leon, “if you don’t come, Atha would leave.”

Leon was playing chess with a group of retired elderly people when he received the message.

He took a look and texted, “Just a minute. I’ll come right away. After this round is finished.”

“Leon, it’s your turn. Why are you still playing with your phone?”

“Go, go.”

“Next it’s my turn.”

“Show us whether you have get better at playing chess over the past two years.”

“Does it even matter? We have never seen him playing well.”

“Such a weirdo.”

A group of old people began to whisper.

Captain Leon was wearing a long black overcoat, hearing their chatter, he flicked his thin lips and said, “After this is over, you’d better go back to dinner, and don’t keep your women at home waiting for too long.”

“It’s almost twelve o’clock!”

“How time flies! It’s only the second round.”

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“I don’t care. It’s should be my turn after lunch.”

“It’s my turn!”

The old people argued.

Captain Leon has a pair of long, narrow and dark eyes.

His long, slender fingers fall on the chess pieces. It looks like a rhythmic painting.

Leon sped up his game, and he was a little curious about Sarah’s reaction when she saw him later.

At the same time, Sarah was also concentrating on her chess. Grandpa Thomson was very good at playing chess as long as he took it seriously.

Twenty minutes later.

Their chess had turned white-hot, and Leon also finished his game.

Concentrating on their game of chess, neither of them noticed a handsome, slender looking man in a black coat and military boots approaching from across the path.

Sarah’s pawn captured grandpa Thomson’s knight.

Leon also stood behind her at this moment.

His good-looking eyes gave her a glance at the back of her head before falling on the chessboard where the two were playing, with a nice curve at the corner of his mouth.

Sarah noticed someone was behind her, but she didn’t think much of it. She only thought it maybe some passer-by from the Thomson family or from the military compound, so she didn’t take it seriously.

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Grandpa Thomson didn’t notice that. His mind was full of this game of chess.

Another twenty minutes passed.

The chess was over.

Grandpa Thomson exhaled a long breath and he was more fond of Sarah, “Very well, I almost lost to you.”

Before he could finish his words, he paused at the sight of Captain Leon.

This lad.

When did he come?

She had rarely seen this look on grandpa Thomson’s face, so she subconsciously followed his sight and turned back

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