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A hint of coldness flashed in Will’s eyes and he texted, [I’m not be back for the time being.]

Herman: [!]

Herman: [You brat! Your mother and I were so hard to raise you, but we don’t see you a few times a year, now you’re still out there even you’re retired.]

Herman: [You heard my words. If you don’t come back, your mother and I will have another child! “

Staring at the words, Will replied directly, [if you don’t worry about your wife’s health, just do it.]

His words irritated his father and Herman removed him from his list without hesitation. You brat!

Never come back then.

Will: [I’m busy with chasing a girl.]

As soon as the message was sent out, a red exclamation mark appeared.

Herman had enabled Friend Confirmation. Send a friend request to chat.

Will: “ His father was too childish.

“Captain, we have arrived.” said Sarah, she parked her car nearby a shopping mall.

Will looked up and said, “drive to the parking lot.”

Sarah, “?”

Why the parking lot?



“We can have dinner together,” said Will, who was very gentle this time, especially with

his good-looking face. “It’s a good opportunity for me to bribe my future boss.”

Sarah, “Captain…”

She felt that the captain was making fun of her on purpose.

After thinking for a while, she drove to the parking lot.

He sent a friend verification over to his father to avoid constant phone calls afterwards, and texted to his mother as well.

His mother replied quickly, [okay. Don’t worry. Your father is here with me.]

Seeing that this had been settled, he felt relieved.

Then they had dinner together.

The dinner went pretty well.

Sarah was going to pay, but Will paid the bill first.

After the dinner, Sarah wanted to drive will home, but she was refused by him, “my home is not in this district. I don’t plan to go back for the time being. I have to find a house to live first.” “A house?” “If I have to work in the company in the future, I have to find a nearest place.

He didn’t lie about this. His house was too far away from Angel International Group. If he drove to work, the traffic congestion would be so bad that it would delay him.

It was not convenient.



“You can live in my place.” Sarah was really concerned about her captain. “The apartment next to where I live now is also mine, and it is close to the company.”

Will didn’t know how to describe his feelings.

He raised his hand and gently poked her forehead, “Atha.”

Sarah, “Yes?” “Be more alert to men” will said with mixed feelings, he thought she was a little silly.

He was willing to live close to her, but he didn’t want her to trust others too much, she would be easily hurt if she trust others too much.

“I know.” Sarah said and she added, “but you are different from others. You are my captain.”

No matter she or Robert or Julian.

If anything happened to Captain Leon, they would be the first to help, just like the captain had help them when they were in trouble,

They were a family.

That was why there was no feeling between Robert and her. she had never thought that her captain would have any feelings to her.

Hearing her words, Will’s dark eyes flashed with a hint of unrest.

Should he feel lucky that this girl trusted him so much, or should he be sad that she did not treat him as a man at all.

“Get in the car, captain.” seeing the complexity in his eyes, Sarah didn’t think too much.

After all, she couldn’t know that her captain had a feeling to her.

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He stood there with one hand in his coat pocket. He was slender and stood there like a hero in a movie.

He was handsome, elegant and had a scholar’s style.

After hesitating for a while, he got in her car.

Sarah took him to the community where she lived and handed him the key to the next door and let him record the fingerprint lock.

“There are new towels and toiletries in the guest bedroom.” she arranged everything well for him. “You can bring your clothes tomorrow and then you can move in.” “Okay.” said Will.

After she made sure he could settle down, Sarah was about to leave.

As soon as she walked out, she saw a message on her phone before she opened the door of her room.

It was the bank card arrival information.

20,000 USD.

She checked the message and found it was from will Gardner.

She frowned and knocked on the door.

The door was opened very soon. Will had taken off his coat and he looked handsome and noble in his white shirt. “What’s the matter?” “This.” said Sarah, handing the phone to him.

Taking a look at it, Will said naturally, “that’s the rent.” “No need.” “I know that we are close, but rent is necessary.” “I don’t need money, and this apartment happens to be vacant.” said Sarah seriously.



Even though the captain is rich and his family should be well off, Sarah couldn’t allow him to be such extravagant.

The corner of the man’s mouth rose slightly.

Sarah opened her mobile banking and transferred the money back to him, “Don’t transfer money to me anymore. It’s a waste for this place to be empty, I’m glad you live here, which make the house useful.” “Don’t you make me a gigolo?” Will said, still in that careless tone.

Sarah was stunned. She froze there.

“Just take it.” will continued, “If you really don’t want to take this money, just take it as the rent for half a year.”

This was one of the better locations in New York and it was close to the company.

This was a four-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment with a large balcony, which would cost several tens of thousands of dollars a month for a complete rental in this location.

“I’m your subordinate. I have money to support you.” said Sarah seriously, but she seemed to have regained her calmness. “You’re not a gigolo. This is helping each other.”

“Do you want to do frog jumping training?”

“Or weighted running?” “It’s time to sleep.”

Sarah left his room and the kept the money.

He was going to work for the company anyway, so she could just give him a higher

salary and a bigger bonus as an exchange.


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After returning to her room, she looked at the 20,000 USD transfer and thought so.

Then she called Robert.

The call was answered.

Sarah didn’t intend to speak in a roundabout way, so she asked him directly, “Robert, do you know anything about our captain’s family?” “No. I never asked.” Robert asked in a slow tone, “what’s the matter?” “Nothing…” Sarah said, “He’s back.” “Have you two met?” Robert asked.


“Why did you sound absent-minded?” “I’m thinking about what position I should arrange for the captain.” Sarah thought maybe Robert would know better. “He would come to work in Angel International next Monday.”

Robert raised his eyebrows with surprise.

So quickly?

“Do you have any suggestion?’’asked Sarah.

“Well, he’s not very familiar with being a wage earner, so you can arrange him a position that you can keep a close eye on him and see which area he’s good at.” Robert was obviously the wingman of Will. “And after you have got to know him well, you can then assign him to the corresponding job.”

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