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when will you come back to inherit the property

“Yes.” His eyes and tone were both light, and his words made it hard to tell whether he was telling the truth or joking, “I’ll be thirty next month, and if my job is asked on a blind date, it should be inappropriate for me to say I’m unemployed.”

A simple sentence made Sarah worried about him.

She rashly blurted out, “That’s right. You are not young.”

Hearing this, Will felt angry and amused.

This girl

Not young?

“Indeed, I’m not as young and energetic as you are.” he said in a flat tone.

Sarah explained hurriedly, “no, I didn’t mean that.”

“Don’t you think I’m old?”

“Hum.” said will with a sneer.

Although Sarah was not very good at compliments, she had to bite the bullet and said,

“A man in his thirties is more charming, of course you are not old.” “How does it feel to speak against your heart?” “Captain…”

Why did he could always see through her.

In the meanwhile, will’s black pawn captured Sarah’s white knight.



“Atha, you’ve lost.”

Only then did she come to her senses.

Looking at the messy chess that had been played by her, she felt for the millionth time that she had been set up by him again.

He distracted her attention and disturbed her mind and all this work for chess. It was not easy for him as well.

“Look at the chess you played, neither the attack nor defend is good.” Will said as he stood up, with the apparent of his long legs, and he continued, “Have you all been careless with the chess over the past two years?”

Sarah, “

She knew he was up to no good.

“Let’s have dinner.” concluded by Will with two words.

This time, Sarah was smart.

She knew that no matter how bad the situation is, it was important to be mentally strong and as long as she had a powerful heart, she could withstand anything.

It was because she had a strong heart that she had endured the time of being heartbroken by his ex- husband.

She knew that the captain was for her good.

But could he not be so hard on her on their first meeting?



She had a little time to react.

During the dinner, grandpa Thomson and Will chatted casually.

While they were chatting, grandpa Thomson noticed that Sarah’s look was a little strange. He asked with concern, “Atha, is there anything wrong?” “I’m fine. Nothing.” “Did him pick on you?”

Sarah looked at her captain subconsciously and shook her head, “No.” “He is no longer your captain now. You don’t have to be afraid of him.” grandpa Thomson seemed to know everything. “If he bullies you, just tell me and I will help you.” “Yes.” said Sarah with a smile.

Will didn’t interrupt and let the two next to him make fun of him.

After lunch, grandpa Thomson let both of them stay and chat with him.

If Sarah hadn’t met captain Leon, she would probably have found an excuse to go back first. After all, she had to pack her things in advance so that she could leave tomorrow after meeting up with Rita and her boyfriend.

But now that she had met captain Leon, so she was not in a hurry.

In the afternoon, Sarah and Will played chess with grandpa Thomson.

At first, Will played chess with grandpa Thomson. Later, the old man was a little tired, so he chose to watch and invited Sarah to play with Will.

Before they knew it.

It was five o’clock in the afternoon.

Sarah glanced at the clock and thought it was time to go back, but she didn’t know how to say.



Noticing that, Will said to grandpa Thomson while playing chess, “grandpa, Sarah and I have something to do later, and we’ll go back first after this round. We’ll come to see you next time.” “It’s only you. Don’t drag Atha down with you.” grandpa Thomson snorted coldly, “Poor our Atha.”

Will just smiled and didn’t say anything, continuing to play chess.

Sarah felt relieved.

She couldn’t resist the old man’s invitation to stay.

But if they didn’t leave at this time, she was worried that grandpa Thomson would ask them to stay overnight after dinner, and even though nothing else mattered, she was mainly worried that the captain would talk her about that thing.

After all, he just mentioned it casually before and didn’t ask more about it.

She felt herself like a coward.

After a while.

The two finished the chess.

After putting away the chess pieces and the chessboard, Will politely bid grandpa Thomson goodbye.

Sarah was about to leave too.

Although the old man was reluctant to sending them out, he knew that he couldn’t keep them here.

“Captain, how will you get back.

“Walk outside and take a Taxi.” “Taxi?” Grandpa Thomson was confused.



He subconsciously glanced towards the SUV parked over there and didn’t understand why he wouldn’t drive himself.

But the old man didn’t say a word to debunk him, he just watched quietly to see what he would do next.

He would like to see what this guy was up to.

“It’s quite far from here to the main road, and there’s no taxi nearby.” with the car key in her hand, Sarah asked, “where are you going? I’ll drive you there if it’s not far away.”

The captain was nice to them. She couldn’t let him walk so far.

With a cold look in his eyes, will replied in a slow tone, “will this bother you?” “Not at all.”

Sarah said, “Let’s go.” “Okay.”

Will went with her immediately.

The old man understood now.

How cunning he was!

Then Sarah got into her car with Will, and started the car without any doubt, leaving the military compound.

The reason why she didn’t suspect was that when she came here, there were only three cars in the garage of the Thomson’s family. In addition, she saw the captain walked here.

She had never thought that he had come here in advance.

And grandpa Thomson didn’t say anything either.



Sitting in the passenger seat, Will texted to grandpa Thomson, telling the old man that someone would pick up his car tomorrow.

“Sarah.” After sending the message, he looked at Sarah.

Sarah was focused on driving, “Yes?” “Have you thought about the job I mentioned to you before?” Will asked casually, playing his cellphone, with a lethargic look.

After a pause, Sarah asked, “are you serious?” “Yes.” “Do you really want that job?”

“Yeah.” “What type of position do you want?” “As long as it’s related to you or I could work in the same office with you.” He said in a low voice, looking at his phone, on which a new message popped up on it

He tapped on the message pop-up. It was from his father.

Herman: [Did you really get retired?]

With a cold look, Will texted quickly, “Yes.

Sarah, “?”

She didn’t understand what he meant, “why?”

“I’ve never been in society.” He was serious and there was no flaw in what he said. “All the time I was training, on missions, or being an instructor to train people.”

Sarah thought for a while. It seemed to be true.

The life in the army was different from that of the society.

Although the captain had all kinds of skills and it was not difficult for him to integrate into the society. But it’s hard to start with everything and he indeed needed a period of adaptation in the early stage.


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“Come to our company after the holiday. I’ll give you the contract.” In front of him, she was always submissive.

With an almost invisible smile at the corner of his mouth, will looked at her sideways, “Is that true?” “Yes.” “Great.” will said.

At this moment. His phone lit up again. It was his father who sent the message.

Herman: [when will you come back to inherit the property? Your mother and I want to have a trip.]

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