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One word for you

Sarah was still confused. She had thought that there was something wrong with the captain, but she didn’t expect that Julian would be so overreacted.

The group chat of “Seven Intimated Friends”

White mouse: [Captain is back. He brought breakfast to Sarah.]

Jacob: [?]

Jim: [?]

James: [?]

The most handsome man: [?]

A series of questions came out and even the other two who hadn’t chat with others a lot texted.

Jacob: [Pumpkin, listen to me. Run!”]

James: [I still remember last time when the captain sent me food. It’s not a good thing. I suggest you run away.]

The most handsome man: [I once drank a bottle of water handed from the captain and I was ordered to have a ten-kilometer weighted run.]

Sarah: […]

Looking at all kinds of messages, Robert texted, [I don’t think so.]

James made a group call.



The call was connected.

Seven people answered the phone.

As soon as Sarah answered the call, James said quickly, “Pumpkin, we’re not joking. It’s not a good thing that the captain suddenly treats you well. Last time he saw me being punished, he bought me a dinner, I thought he was showing sympathy to me, but after dinner, my training load got tripled. Do you know what did he say? He said you still have the strength to eat, so it seems the punishment wasn’t enough. Was he a human being? No! ”

James continued to complain.

About that, Sarah remembered as well. James pretended to have a stomachache and tried to escape from the training. As a result, he was punished more by the captain.

The consequence of James’ laziness was so terrible. Wasn’t it more awful for her to treat the captain like that?

“Don’t scare her.” Robert said in time. He didn’t want these people to disturb Will’s plan.

“The captain has retired from the army, and nothing wrong had Pumpkin did. There is no reason for him to punish her. Perhaps he is just trying to be nice.

“Huh?” “Robert, don’t forget your conscience.”

“The captain couldn’t had good intentions.”

The three retorted Robert immediately.

They had talked about his retirement from the army in the group of captain last night, so they all knew about it.



The more Sarah heard it, the more guilty she became. “Actually, I did something wrong and maybe I did offend the captain.”

Upon hearing this.

All of the others paused, including Robert.

“Come and live with me for a few days.” Jacob began to feel sorry for her. “Lie low for now.”

Jim agreed. “That would be good for you.”

After thinking for a while, Sarah replied, “let’s talk about it after I had finished the work here. I don’t think there is any place for our captain to punish me now.”

After comforting them for a while, she quit the group chat.

When she returned to the chatting interface, she saw a few messages sent from Jacob and Jim.

To the effect that asking her what did she do.

These two were her best friends from childhood to grown-up.

The three of them share everything.

She wanted to hide it from the two, but considering that she couldn’t deal with the captain alone, she decided to tell them. As a result.

Jacob: [I give you a word: run.]

Jim: [Two words for you: run away.]



Jacob: [It’s true that you can calm down quickly by calling the captain for that kind of thing, but after that, he would be angry.]

Jim: [Oh, my poor Pumpkin.]

Sarah frowned.

She knew it was not that simple.

Jacob: [Don’t ever think about fighting against him. No matter how smart you are, in front of the captain, you are bound to lose.]

Jim: [No one can compare the wits with him.]

After hearing their answers, Sarah looked at the breakfast in front of her and fell into deep thought.

Half an hour later.

She had removed all the thoughts in her mind and planned to wait and see what would happen.

She couldn’t really leave anything behind before that man Jenny Smith was found out.

That man not only had something to do with Jason, but also hid something more.

Thinking of this, she went out to meet Rita and her boyfriend.

Will had been sitting in the living room all the time.

He knew that Sarah was going out, but he didn’t follow, and he was just texting with Robert.

At eleven o’clock.

Sarah arrived at the box of the restaurant.



“Sis!” seeing her coming, Rita stood up and called her excitedly, with joy in her eyes.

“You’re here.”

Sarah had calmed herself down and said, “Yes.”

“This is my boyfriend, Andrew Wilson.”

Rita was also nervous, but she had to enliven the atmosphere.

“Andrew, this is my sister,Sarah Yeats.”

“Nice to meet you.” Andrew greeted her with nervous.

Sarah was calmer.

“Nice to meet you.”

She looked at the two people. One was cute, the other was bright. They were quite perfect for each other.

Rita nudged Andrew with her elbow.

The latter immediately handed the menu to Sarah and said nervously, “sister, see what you like to eat. Order whatever you like. It’s my treat!”

Sarah took the menu and ordered some of Rita’s favorite food. She didn’t have any particular preference on eating.

During the meal, she ate very calmly as usual, but Rita and Andrew were not the same.



The two of them had been observing the expression on Sarah’s face all the time, fearing that there would be something wrong.

Rita knew that her sister loved her most and would give her whatever she wanted.

But she was still worried about her date.

What if her sister didn’t like Andrew?

Rita was afraid of that.

“Sis, how do you like this restaurant?”

“Not bad.”

“And how’s the food?”


“What do you think of my boyfriend?” asked Rita, she tried to ask in the same tone and mood as the two questions before.

Unexpectedly, Sarah had never been perfunctory about her younger sister’s questions, when she heard this, she stopped drinking water and looked at the two people.

With a smile on face, Andrew was nervous.

Why did Rita’s sister has such a strong aura. He was waiting her answers nervously.

“Do you really want to hear my words?” Sarah’s eyes fell on Andrew, and her expression was unpredictable.

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The whole body of Rita was tensed up.

Was her sister not satisfied with Andrew.

Andrew was also extremely nervous, but he still kept calm and replied, “If there is anything wrong with me, please point it out and I will correct it!”

“Sister…” Rita tried to fawn.

Looking at the two of them, who looked like they were about to be separated by her,

Sarah smiled, “why are you so nervous? I didn’t disapprove of you two being together.”

“So you agreed?”

“You look like a perfect match.”

Rita: “That was to say, they were not suitable in other aspects?

“Andrew Wilson, right?” Sarah was afraid of misremembering his name.

Andrew was so nervous that his palms were full of sweat, and he answered hurriedly,

“Yes, that’s right.” “Take good care of my younger sister, she is the beloved daughter of our family and my favourite sister.” Sarah didn’t want to put pressure on the two of them.

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