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My sister is not good at cooking

Upon hearing this.

The two looked at her in unison, as if they didn’t expect her to say that.

After a pause, Rita said, “sis, you.

‘Yes?” Sarah asked.

“Thank you! ” Andrew stood up and bowed ninety degrees to her.

“Please trust me, sister. I will take good care of Rita and I won’t let you down.”

“Okay.” Sarah said with a softened look.

Rita smiled happily, her eyes curving into a crescent moon.She walked over and gave Sarah a hug. with a sour nose, she said, “sis, love you.”

Her sister loved her so much.

How could she not agree with her love.She felt herself so stupid!

“I love you, too.” Sarah felt a little relieved.

She had been observing Rita’s boyfriend since she entered the box and she could see that this boy was genuinely good to her younger sister.

She knew what she liked to eat and what she didn’t like. A lot of Andrew’s very detailed and subconscious concern for Rita made her certain that he loved her.



After dinner, Sarah decided not to get involved in the couple’s affairs.

They should go on a date at this age.

“Andrew, I couldn’t go out with you this afternoon.” However, there was something that Rita wanted to talk to her sister.

“Right.” Andrew understood.

When they left.

Sarah offered to pay the bill.

As Rita’s elder sister, how could she let them pay.

After parting with Yvonne, Rita sat in the passenger seat of her sister. On the way back, she asked, “sister, do you really agree me to be with Andrew?” “If I say no, then you won’t see each other?” it was rare for Sarah to joke with her.

“Then I won’t see him anymore.”

Rita nodded.She believed in her sister. If her sister didn’t allow her to be with anyone, there must be a reason.

“I feel sorry for your boyfriend.” said Sarah.

“Sister!” Rita pouted.

“It’s not right for you to think that way. No matter it’s me or dad said anything, you should have your own ideas.”Sarah explained to her patiently.



“We may not be right. Besides, we don’t know everything about you.” “Should I listen to you?” Rita was confused.

“If your ideas conflict with our opinions, just talk to US and we can discuss.” Sarah said, “Mutual understanding is important and do not make a decision before take all different opinions into consideration.”

“Then what do you think of my boyfriend?” still, Rita cared about her sister’s opinion.

“Not bad. He’s fair enough, except for a little timid,”said Sarah, “As for the rest, I don’t know much about him yet.”

Rita fiddled with her fingers and said.

“Well, not exactly.”


“He is just a little nervous to meet you.”

Sarah thought she wasn’t Rita’s mother, why would he being nervous to see her?

Not knowing what was on her sister’s mind, Rita said, “I don’t think he’s as nervous about meeting our dad as he is about meeting you.”

“Am I that horrible?”

“No, it’s just your aura. You have a sense of unruffled authority.”

Sarah kept silent.

This time, Rita was really relieved.



“If you agree, it means that I’ll get through dad. My relationship is basically stable.”

“Well, dad hasn’t seen him yet.”

“Dad will listen to you.” Rita said.

Hearing this, Sarah suddenly understood everything, she gave her a doting look and drove her to the house she lived.

At half past one in the afternoon.

They arrived at the community.

As soon as they got out of the car and walked towards the elevator, seeing a tall and handsome man in a black overcoat also get out of the car, with two suitcases in his hands.

“Holy shit!” said Rita, “Sister, there is such a handsome man in your neighborhood!”

This man was just as handsome as Jason.

Sarah was parking and she didn’t pay much attention to it. “I must remind you of your boyfriend.”

“Not for myself. I’m pointing him to you.”said Rita in a quirky tone.

“Look. He is nearly 6 foot 3 tall. Such a straight back and outstanding temperament. What a good looking man!” Sarah followed her gaze.

She wondered who could be praised so much by her younger sister.She was a face-judger and so was Rita, she wouldn’t even praise a person if him was not very beautiful.

“Sis! ” Rita grabbed her arm and lowered her voice on purpose, but Sarah could still feel her excitement.


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“He seems to be looking at us! Do you know him?”

Was he going to fall in love with her at first sight?


When Rita talking, Sarah saw the man.She stiffened and sighed in her heart and she felt a bit unlucky to meet him here.

“The elevator is about to close. Why don’t you come over?” seeing that Sarah stood still like a wooden stake, he reminded her.

Sarah wanted to tell him that they would take the next lift. But she was pulled over by Rita, “Go,go.”

Sarah, “

She couldn’t hide from him too obviously.

If it was too obvious that being found out by the captain, he would have thought she was going to run away.

“Thank you! “After entering the elevator, Rita said with her eyes shining.

“You’re welcome.” seeing Sarah standing beside with an indifferent look, he said slowly, “I’m a friend of your sister. You can just call me Will.”

As soon as he got out of the car, he heard the girl’s voice. He couldn’t hear clearly what she said, but he still heard her call Sarah sister.

Rita instantly become excited.




Did that mean that there would be something between him and her sister!

“Right. Will!” said Rita in a lovely tone.

Will nodded slightly.

Rita wanted to get the two together.

It seemed that Will was much easier to get along with than Jason. Although he only said a few words, Rita could feel that he was a reliable man.

Be together.

They should be together.

“Will, do you cook?” Rita asked.

Sarah: “?”

She hadn’t say anything.

But her captain answered quickly, “yes.”

“My sister doesn’t know how to cook.” Rita glanced at the floor on the lift button and she was convinced that this man lived on the same floor as Sarah.

“Can you invite my sister to eat with you when you cook? Don’t worry. I’ll pay for it.”


Sarah raised her hand and knocked on her forehead, “what are you talking about? Don’t bother him.”



“Will isn’t someone else.”

After entering the elevator, Rita noticed the way will looked at her sister.

Rita didn’t believe they were just friends at all.

Sarah frowned, and she thought this girl was a bit too rebellious today. She corrected her, “Rita.”

“My fault.” Rita made a face and apologized quickly.

Divorce is the Best Choice

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