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“It’s just a meal. No big deal,” said Will. “Or do you think I’m so poor that I don’t have the money to buy you a dinner?”

“Captain…” for countless times, Sarah wanted to escape.

At this moment, she seemed to suddenly understand why all her friends suggest her to run away when they knew that.

The captain was putting her under mental pressure all the time.

The elevator tinkled.

As soon as she stepped out of the elevator, Sarah felt the atmosphere was a little depressing. Rita followed her out of the elevator.

Carrying his suitcase, Will followed the two of them. Looking at Sarah who was walking out of the elevator quickly, a faint smile appeared in his dark eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

After entering the room with her sister, Rita sensed something wrong.

“Sister, Do you have a bad relationship with him? Did he offend you?”


“Then why you being so indifferent to him?”

Hearing that, Sarah stopped changing her shoes and asked, “Did I?”




“You misunderstood me. I’m always not that enthusiastic to people.

“Not like that.” Rita knew her sister well.

“Not the same. You are alienated to others, but to him, it seems that you don’t want to have too much contact with him, as if you don’t want to talk to him at all.”

Sarah walked inside.But there was more emotion in her heart because of these words.

The captain had known them for a long time, and if Rita could notice that, then probably he had also noticed that.

Hoping that he would not think too much.

“Is there really a problem between you?” Rita felt guilty for doing something wrong.

If there was a problem between her sister and Will.

Then what she had done and said just now could cause her sister trouble.

That’s not she want.

Rita felt herself such a fool!

“No problem between US. We are good and we trust each other.”

When Sarah took a glass of water for Rita, she saw the guilty look on her face and explained, “Only that we haven’t seen each other for a long time. I don’t know how to face him.”

“Is that true.”




Rita breathed a sigh of relief.

She came to her side and tried to pry into something. “Is it possible that…?”


“You like him.” Rita said tentatively, “if you had a secret crush on him, then you won’t know how to face him.”

Sarah, “

Sarah handed the glass of water to her and gave her a negative look.

Even if she had a crush on Robert, she wouldn’t have a crush on the captain.

Unless she wanted to be punished.

With a glass of water in her hand, Rita was confused.


Then why was she so abnormal?

“I have to go out tonight. Do you want to have dinner here or go back?” thinking of the party tonight, Sarah felt annoying.

“I’ll go back.”

Rita just wanted to come here to play for a while.

Hearing that, Sarah called her driver and asked him to pick up Rita later.

After that, she watched TV with Rita at home.




Her mind had already drifted to other places.

She was wondering whether she should cancel the party tonight. Anyway, the party was held to welcome the back of captain.

Since she had met him, it didn’t matter if she was here or not.She would go there after Jacob and others were back.

Yes, that’s it.


Sometimes the plan had to be changed in time. Before she could find an excuse not to go, the captain had knocked on her door and asked her to go out.

Will was standing at the door of her room, with a medium long black coat on him. It’s a delight to have a good-looking man standing there.

Rita couldn’t help but take a few more looks.

“Robert and Julian called and asked US to go there now,” said Will in a nice voice.

“I just came and tell you this.”

Sarah was trying to stay calm, “I am a bit…”

“Atha.” Will saw through her immediately.

Sarah was guilty about herself as well.



This was the captain. The last man who lied to him was punished.

Sarah changed her words, “I’m going to change my clothes.”


After a while.

Sarah changed into casual clothes and came out.

If the captain wanted to punish her with frog training or something like that, it was relatively easy for her to carry out.

Will glanced at her and he seemed to be a little surprised that her dressing style had changed so much in a day.

But he didn’t anything.

Sarah told Rita something before they left.

When Sarah sat on the passenger seat of the car, for the first time, she felt that the space in the car was too small. It was so quiet that they could hear each other’s breathing.

A second passed.

Two seconds.

Three seconds.

After a few seconds, she didn’t hear the sound of her captain starting the car.



She turned to look at him and it seemed that he had the same look as usual, she asked, “captain, why don’t you drive?” “I’m thinking about something.”


“Why are you always avoiding me?”

With a calm look on her face, Sarah actually had mixed feelings in the heart.

Why did she even ask?

The captain was so cunning.

“If you can’t figure it out in a short time, why don’t we change the seat?” Sarah changed the topic and said, “I’ll drive. Take your time to think about it, and don’t keep Julian and Robert waiting too long. Will looked loose.

After taking a look at her, he pursed his lips, started the car and drove.

Along the way.

Sarah’s body was tense, she would say that this was the most tired drive she had ever taken.

Fortunately, the captain didn’t say anything later.

When the two of them arrived, Robert and Julian was already there. They have booked a leisure and sports venue with a combination of entertainment, leisure and sports.

A tennis stadium and a golf course were included.

Led by the staff, they went to the tennis stadium where Robert and others were.

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But she didn’t expect to meet Jason here.

On the side of the tennis stadium, Robert and Julian were about to come and greet Will when they saw that Sarah met Jason.

They were standing there face to face.

One was indifferent, while the other was with a complicated look.

As Will was next to Sarah, seeing that the two looked at each other and neither of them spoke, he said in a casual and low voice,

“Do you know each other?”

“He’s my ex husband.” Now Sarah could say that calmly.

Jason had never had such a strong sense of crisis before.He shifted his gaze from Sarah to Will. When he saw this handsome face, his mind was in a mess.

Standing aside the boss, Chris couldn’t help but take a few more glances at will

Will was handsome and elegant.

He was no less handsome than Jason, “Miss Yeats.”

Chris was also curious about that, “this is…”

“My friend.” Sarah answered simply.

The reason why she didn’t mention the captain was that she didn’t want to explain or arouse any suspicion.

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