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Why did you do that

“He knew that Jenny has betrayed him.” Sarah felt more nervous than before.

All the time, she was carefully for her plan with Jenny, but she ignored and underestimated his ability and carefulness.

There was no another way for him to review the record of chat and calls.

But she ignored that he may found that there was wrong with Jenny’s mobile phone.

“It will be okay. Don’t worry,” Jason, comforted her

Sarah didn’t answer.She didn’t want to others involved in this matter.

If the Capital Leon was involved, he would get in constant troubles. She hoped that his life would be simple.

But… Fortunately.

She knew it was possible for him to get it, so she had enciphered her phone number a long time ago.

In other words, as long as Jenny was outside, the IP address of her cell phone would be virtual.

He wouldn’t know that Jenny had met her before.

“Please, pull over.” at this time, she told them, “Please stay here. I will go.


“There is no more time to set your phone. And he can know your position based on the IP address of your cell phones. You don’t want him know you are private friends, really?” said Sarah clearly.



Since Jenny’s phone was broken.

It meant that the man had been watching her since he destroyed her cell phone’s system.

How annoying

Leaving his phone on the car, Jason said, “I’ll go with you. I don’t take my phone.”

“It’s easy for me to do it alone,” said Sarah decisively. She took his car because she had to tell him about it. “Don’t cause any trouble with me.”

“Sir, I agree with her.”

He wanted to go with her, but he didn’t want to make her angry.

Sarah got out of the car, with a laptop, and then took a taxi to the Jenny’s house.

Half an hour later.

Sarah arrived.

When Sarah saw Jenny, her eyes were swollen for crying much. “What should I do? Has he found out that I have done something wrong to him’?”

“Don’t worry.” After making sure that Jenny phones and computers were powered off, she was relieved. “Tell me what you have talked about today.”

Jenny told her all of things.

All of things.

“Do you mean that he was surprised about the current relationship of me and Jason?” asked Sarah.



“I am sure.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not a big deal.” After this communication, she felt relieved. She was really afraid that their plans would be revealed by that man.

Once he found out, it would not be easier to find an opportunity to bring the person to justice.

“Please recheck the device that you talked with him. I think he may call you.” At this moment, she still kept clear minds.

There was nothing wrong with Jenny’s words. Although she was panic and scared, it was a normal reaction.

Now the only possible point was that her new phone was suddenly powered off.

Thinking of this. She turned on computer and tried to do something.

After making sure that the phone call was not recorded by the monitor, she changed the conversation record between Jenny and her.

“He… He… He called me three times!” Jenny was trembling. “What should I do?”

“Call him back. And tell him your phone was broken and you bought a new one.”

“Will… Will he believe me?” asked Jenny worriedly.

“Why not.” she said affirmatively. “Remember, if he asks you who talked with on the phone, and why your phone is powered off, you tell him it was a seller and your phone was powered off.”

While they were talking. She also connected her new cell phone with USB port to the computer for running off power.



She recharge it from 5% power to full.

Details decide who you are.

At this moment, the new mobile phone of Jenny was not connected to the Internet, and it was impossible to control her new phone. Fortunately, she connected her computer and her phone with new USB port. Hopefully, they could get it smoothly.

“He can’t find out the record between you and me.” Sarah explained more to her for confronting her. “But you should remember you lost your phone ever when you came back.”

Hearing this, Jenny was stunned and didn’t know what she want to say.

But she didn’t ask.She dialed the number with mixed feelings. As usual, she was Afraid.

“Why did you take so much time to answer the phone?” The person on the other side seemed normal.

“My old phone was broken and I bought new one.” Jenny told him what Sarah told her, “I just bought a new mobile phone in a mall, and I forgot to take this mobile phone with me.”


“Yes, sir.”

“But your new phone was powered off?” he continued, “Who called you before it was powered off?”

After destroying her old cell phone’s system, he had been monitoring her phone number. He didn’t ask people to check it until he cared the signal. But he couldn’t find anything because her phone was powered off and the network was disconnected, so he called her again and again.

Unexpectedly, she was on the phone.


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As soon as she bought a new phone, she called someone, which made him doubtful.

Upon hearing this, Jenny felt more nervous.

She looked at Sarah worriedly.

How could it be

How did he know!

“Jenny, you know you could not do something wrong to me, because I will punish you heavily.” Although the man told her gently, his voice and tone made her unconsciously shiver.

“I didn’t do that…” said Jenny in a trembling voice. “My new phone was out of power, so my phone was turned off. The person who called me was a customer service assistant.”

“Turn on your new phone and connect it to the Internet.”


Then she did as he said.

After she turned it on, she immediately replied, “it’s already on.”

The man kept silent.

There was a phone in front of him with speaker on. After hearing what Jenny said, he looked at the person in front of him.

After receiving his instruction, the woman knocked on the keyboard.

After a while.



On the screen of her computer, there was a call record of Jenny. She clicked on it for a while and made sure that it was the same as what Jenny said. Then she nodded to the man.

She nodded.

The man smiled!

“It was true.” Jenny said in a panic, as if she was really afraid of being wronged. The man changed his face expression and said, “Why did you do that? You chose them, and you betrayed me.”

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