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Who is K

“What?” Jenny was stunned.

She didn’t know whether he was just cheating her as Sarah had said before or not.

He added, “You should know that my patience is limited.”

“What are you saying, oh my god.” replied Jenny, pretending to be calm.

“OK. Let me tell you. You phone was enciphered by a system which was dominated by a man called K.” He was a dangerous man.

“If you don’t want to tell me the truth, maybe your grandmother and little brother can help me to persuade you.”

“Oh my god! Are you crazy, I tell the truth all the time.” said Jenny depressingly, “Please don’t hurt them.”

The man seemed to be crazy. “I’ll give you the last chance. Who else used your phone? I need the truth. If I can get the truth I will let them go, or you may know what I will do.”

What he will do. How dare he? She was too sad to say anything more. Her heart and minds was dead and she lost all energy to answer him.

“It was your last chance, you know?” he asked her again.

Jenny trembled unconsciously.

She was afraid of this man subconsciously.



Seeing this, Sarah held her hand, and nodded. How kind she was now.

At that moment.

She seemed to be pacified in an instant. Her cried little and her lips were pale, as if she was about to shout out the next second.

“There was no others. Oh my god. Why don’t you believe me? It is my phone and I kept it…oh no.” said Jenny. She paused for a moment, as if she had new hints.

The man on the other side also noticed it. He asked, “So?”

“I… lost my phone several months ago when I came back from abroad,” said Jenny slowly, as if she was lost in memory. “I never left my phone expect those days.”

“How did it lost?”

“I don’t know… It’s gone after I went out for a while. I remembered that it was returned by Jason. He told me he found it.”

After saying that, the other side fell into silence.

Sarah looked at her in surprise. She was a little surprised at Jenny.

However, she was flustered by her gaze. She waved her hand subconsciously and felt a little anxious.

Sarah: “?”

“I told you that was true. I swear. Please don’t hurt my grandma and brother.”.

The man added, “It’s up to you.”



After saying that.

He hung up the phone before Jenny say something.

The crazy and dangerous man rubbed his phone.He looked at the woman who was still in front of the computer and asked gently, “Maybe you can investigate the surveillance around the Jenny’s house and see who came here.”

The woman then answered him, “Actually, no.”

“Are you sure that the phone of Jenny has been embedded a new system by K?” the man asked again.

“Yes, I’m sure.” the woman was beautiful. “I am her most brilliant student. I know it was her work.”

The man was lost in thought.

In the end, he said, “Please spend more time in keeping an eye on the phone in the past few days. I need to know where she went and who she met.”

“Okay.” the woman nodded.

At the same time.

For Sarah. She worried that there was a hacker monitoring them through her phone, she beckoned her to talk with her in living room.

Without asking more questions, she followed Sarah.

Jenny explained, “I just mentioned Jason because I think he is a big guy and he can do that. You can get me?”

“I know.” She knew it now.



Jenny was relieved and suddenly said. “By the way,”


“He just mentioned a person.”



Sarah was stunned.

“He asked me why my phone was embedded a new system by K,” said Jenny

“Give me your phone.”


She took it to Sarah.

As soon as she got the phone, she connected it with her computer and installed an APP on her phone. After that, she returned the phone to her and reminded her to put back.

“That was…” asked Jenny.

“You can contact me with that App from now on,” said Sarah.

“Don’t call me or text me. Can you understand?”

“Okay,” said Jenny, nodding her head

Sarah nodded. She made the application and she controlled it totally.



Even if there was someone, she couldn’t find the application even if she checked her phone completely. She had enciphered it with a special program.


“What’s wrong?”

“How… How did he know what happened here? How did he know that I just talked to someone?”

“It must be a coincidence,” said Sarah. “He happened to call you when I was talking to you.”

After a while.

When she calmed down, she noticed that she missed a call. She was too busy and nervous just now. When she saw several messages, she deleted them from the notice column as the advertisement.

“So the broken system?” asked Jenny.

“He hired someone did that.” Sarah told her truth. “In my view, maybe he has checked the surveillance around you just now.”



She subconsciously thought of what she had just said and asked, “Who is K?”

“He is a hacker.” Sarah didn’t tell her the truth.

However, she already knew that the so-called K was Sarah.

Sarah told her, “You should spend these day normally. As for other things, you should not care about.”



“Okay…” said Jenny, nodding her head.

Sarah wanted to go.

Thinking of the most important thing, she asked her, “Will he do something to my grandma and brother?”

“It will be OK, don’t be worry.” said Sarah, .

“I have arranged for someone to protect them well. They will be fine.”

“Thank you.”

“That is what I should do.”

After a simple conversation.

Then she left.

As she came here, she avoided the surveillance flexibly and took a taxi to leave.

After getting in the car.

She wanted to ask Robert if they had left. If they hadn’t left, she would meet them there. Then, she saw several messages on her phone.

Jason: “Tell me when you’re done. I’ll drive you back.”

Capital Leon: “what happened? Why are you in such a hurry?”

Capital Leon: Haven’t you come back yet?

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White mouse: Sarah, come back! Please! I feel something is wrong with Capital Leon. He was so fierce when he play with me just now. I could not do it smoothly. ”

White mouse: Sarah

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