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Have you forgotten I am your tutor

“Of course, I know. Thank you.” said Sarah calmly.

After glancing at her for a while, he finally started the car and followed Robert. He knew there was something.

After dinner.

They left.

As usual, they would have to drink during the meal, but he refused coldly this time.

He knew that Sarah was not a good drinker. He knew he wanted to know what happened but he couldn’t get answer when she was drunk.

He didn’t do that.

After nine o’clock in the evening.

Sarah went back with Will and took her computer before she left.

When they arrived at home, she decided to tell Will something about contract. “Will, you can go to Angel International Group directly tomorrow morning. Sivan will arrange all for you.”


Answered Will coldly.

Sarah opened the door and went into her room. She didn’t go to bed immediately. But went to another room for today’s affairs. She turned on her personal computer and wrote down what happened today in



the Jenny’s house with a pen. She highlighted the word .

The man who could encipher the added system in that mobile phone system of Jenny, was very familiar with Sarah’s style.

Even Julian couldn’t figure it out.

There was one. Her best student.

After clearing her minds, she found her online.

She sent a message, “I know what you did, Alicia.”

For Alicia.

When the sensational woman with long hair saw this, she raised her eyebrows slightly and went out with her laptop. She said to the man sitting on the sofa and drinking, “She knew it’s me.”

“Who she is?”

“K,My tutor.”

The man paused.

Alicia handed the laptop to him and explained, “It is a special way for us.”

“I knew. Keep contacting with her. You’d better know where she is now.” The man smiled.

“I’ll give it a try.” Alicia answered him.

She put the laptop on the table and replied, “Nice job. You are right, but I don’t know why did you do that?



Seeing this, Sarah told her, “Come on, you knew it. Why did you say that?

Alicia: “What do you mean?”

Sarah: “We are enemy.”

Alicia stopped stopped and she reported to the man.

The man didn’t care about it at all, but he showed more through his eyes. “Naive. She can’t do that. She was too young to be me enemy.”

Alicia replied.

Sarah: “Just stop. I could not have more pity on you. We are enemy.

Alicia asked, “Are you in Philadelphia, right?”.

After reading this, she found their location with GPS on website and sent her a picture with their position.

After sending it, she replied, “It seems that you made no progress. You can’t even distinguish between the virtual IP and the real

Alicia was shocked.

How could it be!

“She… She knows our position.” Alicia was nervous.

The man was not surprised at all. “She is K, and it’s normal for her to know that. It doesn’t matter. It’s useless for her to know our position. She is helpless to take measures.”



Alicia felt a little frustrated.

In the past three years, she had been studying hard and making breakthroughs. Why couldn’t she catch up with her?

At the same time, she really admired her.

That was her, more smart and beautiful than herself.

Alicia: How did you do that?

Sarah replied. “Have you forgotten I am your tutor?

Alicia was speechless


She said, “To be honest, I knew you are a girl, but I don’t believe. Are you not a boy who loves eating instant noddles like other hackers?

Sarah didn’t reply.She knew what she meant.

It was not difficult to tell whether she is a girl or not last task, though she prepared it for a long time.

And she called herself K.

Sarah stopped chatting with her. She did something wrong to

Alicia’s computer and server.

After that, she turned off the computer and went to bed. Alicia needed to spend much time in removing something terrible on her computer. Also, she knew Jenny would be fine.



As for Alicia.

When she found what she did, she said helplessly, “What a smart women she is. I need to work hard for it.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Computer virus, and something was wrong in my server.” Alicia seemed not to be angry at all. “The data is attacked, and all the data is gone.”

The man was dumbfounded

The man frowned slightly, “What happened? Are you kidding me now?”

“I don’t know. I am serious.”

“What are you doing? What did she do?”

“I don’t know. But she did something because she was angry.”

“I need to some time to try to encipher it and try to found the data.”

After the night.

The second day.

Sarah got up early and went to work.

By the time she arrived, Sivan had already prepared the task list for her today, and sorted out all the documents that needed to be signed.



After reading it, she handed the contract prepared for the captain to him and said, “There is a person will come here to join in our company later. You need to help him to finish the process of employment.”

“Okay,” Sivan took it and looked through it, just like helping her select the staff as usual. He was about to work.

But he stopped when he saw the form of his salary and position.

As soon as she opened a document and was about to sign it, she saw

Sivan frowned.

“What’s wrong?” she asked.

Pointing at the the man’s position in the form, Sivan asked, “He was hired to be a special assistant for you?”




“I can do it alone. I can help you with everything. You don’t need to spend too much money to recruit others.”

“I know.” Sarah was confident about the strength and ability of Sivan.

“But I think you need a partner. You are so tired, and I hope he can take some burden for you.”

Sivan didn’t say anything.He couldn’t understand.

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She put down the pen and looked at him with her beautiful eyes.

When she was about to comfort him again, Sivan said coldly, “Did you want me leave? Am I your special assistant now?” “No. No. You are my special assistant forever.” She answered him. He looked at her coldly, as if he was confronted by a man who took his things.

Sarah was a little worried.

Generally speaking, he would be happy for it.

He was a shareholder of the Angle International Group that he would live a comfortable life. In a word, he had no need to work.

Why do you care so much about this position?

“In fact, he is my friend,” said Sarah honestly. “I don’t know what I can do for him, so I invite him to help me in our company. I’ll arrange another suitable job for him after a month. If you mind, I mean.”

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