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I worry about you, exactly

“Robert. How about you?”.

“I don’t know. Julian knew it, I saw that.” said Robert in a calm and refined manner

Julian, “Oh, boy. What are you talking about? ”

Damn it!


“Come one! Just tell us.”

“Be honest, OK?”

“All right, all right… I tell you that’s because…”

He stopped abruptly.He got it, “Oh my God. No, I can’t tell you. How dare you? Robert.”

He knew that he couldn’t tell her things to Will. It was wrong. So he tried to change his way. How dare you? Robert


“What do you mean?” Robert still acted him like that.

“Nothing!” said Andrew, “You can’t get the answer from me. Just stop it, Okay?”

Robert looked the same as before and didn’t show any displeasure.

Will was confused but he knew he needed to figure it out. Actually.



Robert was so nervous. It was the first time that he had lied to Will. He hoped that will could stop to question them something about Sarah.

After a while, Sarah came.

The moment Julian saw her, he rushed over. He cried, “Sa, they forced me to do something wrong!”

Sarah: “What?”

She was still holding the computer in her hand.She glanced at Robert and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Will asked me what you were busying in just now. I told him I don’t know and he may get answer from Robert. But he denied it.”

Julian told her what happened. “You know. Come on.”

Without hesitation, she said, “Absolutely, I didn’t tell him. What are you thinking?”

“Sa! What?” Julian looked at surprisingly, “Am I the only one honest adult here?”

Sarah: “?”


“You told all of us about that thing, exactly. Why did you say that?” said Julian in a low voice, as he suddenly approached her.

“How can you say that Robert doesn’t know your things?”

Sarah was even more confused.She said peacefully, “You are the one who knew what I was busying in just now. Just all.”

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“We are talking about your man, your ex.” continued Julian in a low voice.

This time, Sarah understood what did he mean. She look at Julian with intricate emotions and suddenly understood why he said that.

It was easy to be confused.

“So, you make it successful?” asked Will in a subtle tone.

“Of course.” said Sarah lightly

“OK, please stay here and wait for us for a while. We will come back later.” Will and others changed their sports clothes in fitting room.

Sarah: “okay.”

The three of them went to take a shower and changed their clothes.

About ten minutes later, they went away and walked towards the parking lot.

“I’ll take Robert’s car.” She said decisively and followed him, “I have something to talk with him.”

“Okay,” said Will.

Robert pursed his lips and frowned helplessly.

In the car.

Looking at Sarah, Robert asked, “You don’t like him? Or you don’t like stay with him in embarrassing sphere.”

“Am I? You can see that?” Sarah didn’t know that Robert supported



Will to show his love to Sarah.

“Of course, lady.” He was a gentleman. “But I can see you are no happy with him. Or something else more terrible happened?”

Sarah was stunned. She recalled what Rita told her.

Will didn’t say anything just now. Did he think that she didn’t like him? Did he feel terrible for that?

“You don’t like him? Or you are just be afraid for him? Cause he is a leader of our team?” Robert asked.


She was worried about his personality.

Robert twinkled his eyes, “Will is not as serious as you think. Sometimes he did something terrible to you for good reason.”

“Hold on, I Know you are good.” Sarah was familiar with Robert, so she said, “But I don’t think he is a good man for me.”

Robert was speechless

Would she like Will? Would she love Will? It seemed impossible.

Julian was nervous in Will’s car.

Nothing else.

Will asked him.



“Just tell me, what did she tell you? You know, I am serious.” He said casually.

But Julian was worried. He was too nervous to move his body, but tried to run away. “Just something about her plan.”


“Will, it is true. Are you too serious?”

“I don’t believe you. Just tell me, why did she take laptop from Jason and left there?”.

Julian: “For relaxing?”

“So she bought new one for relaxing at that time. Are you serious? He knew how fastidious she was about computer. The new one was not appropriate for her obviously.

Julian didn’t say anything more. He glanced at him from time to time. Although Will say nothing,

Julian was still nervous.

Julian couldn’t stand it anymore.

He called Sarah and made a request. “Sa, can we change? I’m a little uncomfortable. I am not good in physical condition now.”

Sarah was speechless

Will was speechless

“It’s not far. Hold on.” she didn’t agree with him.

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“No! Please help me. Now. Please.” he deliberately acted him like a patient, as if he really couldn’t hold on any longer. “Sa… Please help me…”


Nice job.

Looking at him like this, Will said to him: “What a baby.”

Julian kept silent.It didn’t matter for him.

The most important thing was that he could leave the car and avoid being questioned. After tonight, he would try to spend less time with Will.

When he was thinking about this, Robert pulled over.

Julian got off the car as fast as he could.

When he was about to get in the passenger seat, she lowered the window and said, “Here you are, the back seat.”

“So? You still stay here?”

She didn’t want to change.

Sarah was helpless.

If she didn’t go, she was afraid that Will would misunderstood them.

“All right You have no more chance. You know.” and then she gotoff the car said to Julian. “It’s your option and you should take it.”



Julian, “Excuse me!”

How could she be so ruled.

Sarah ignored his pitiful face completely and calmly walked towards the car behind.

As for the computer, it was placed on the back seat of Robert. She opened the door and got in. As soon as she fastened the seat belt, Will called her gently, “Sa.”


“I don’t care about your private life. You know.” He looked at her seriously. “But I want to know whether you are good or not. Sarah, I worry about you.”

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