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Happy birthday

“What day?” asked Jason in a low voice and extremely depressed

“What’s wrong with you?” asked Edwin, “Are you sick?”

“No.” He replied simply.

“Are you really all right?”

“It doesn’t matter.” he was not the man like before and he answered him sadly. “What day?”

“Today is your birthday,” said Edwin with a bit of seriousness. “Congratulations! You are a maturing man at the age of twenty- eight today.”

Hearing that, Jason was stunned.

Hearing that, Sarah also paused, with a complicated look.

Today was his birthday.

“I knew you would be so busy that you would forget your birthday,” said Edwin. “Sarah could not forget it but now she was not your wife anymore, so I need to take this task. Congratulation. Happy birthday.”

His words were like a sharp knife, stabbing into his heart.

So painful.

“Are you still in the company?”




“Come back, dad and mom are on the way to our house. We’re waiting for you. The cake is ready.”

“Are you still in the company?”


“Come back, dad and mom are on the way to our house. We’re waiting for you. The cake is ready.”

The mood that he had tried hard to suppress came up again. He couldn’t say anything more.

But he suppressed his emotions and replied in a muffled voice, “I know. I will come back.”

After saying that, he hung up the phone and muted it. Then he sent the unlock code to Edwin through WhatsApp, which was his wedding date with Sarah.

He calmed down and looked at Sarah.

The moment he saw her, all the emotions came back at this moment, he couldn’t suppressed his love anymore.

He wanted to say something to her, but found that no matter what he said at this moment was so meaningless. He controlled himself hard. His eyes were wet again but he didn’t cry

“Happy birthday,” said Sarah with intricate mood, which was touched by his expression.

Hearing this, his heart was warmed by her attitude. He looked at

Her so sensational, as if he wanted to embrace her forever.

After a long time, he said in a low voice with pity, “Thank you.” They looked at each other.



The two of them only had each other in the world, and everything around them seemed to have nothing to do with them.

After a while, he got out of the car.

At that time, their world was isolated. He lost her.

Sarah drove forward.

After the car drove out of the parking lot, she lowered the window. As the cold air poured in, she felt something painful emerged from her heart and she adjusted her minds later.

It turned out that it was the feeling of Jason making an apology to her.

After the period, it didn’t matter anymore to her. She should have walked forward, but as for the past, she chose to forget it.

From now on.

It was done.

She forget it, but he couldn’t.

He sat on the back seat with his eyes closed, thinking about what happened just now.

I forgive you.

Happy birthday to me.

And the her words, her feelings and their love.



Chris didn’t know what happened. He only knew that Jason was ina bad mood. He didn’t tell a joke with him as usual, nor did say something.

After about half an hour, his phone rang.

He took a look at the number.

He answered him, “Edwin. It’s me.”

“Is Jason still working?” asked Edwin.

Taking a look at Jason, he said as usual, ” There’s an urgent problem to deal with. It may take an hour to get off work.”

“Okay,” said Edwin, “Please tell Jason that he needs to hurry up and we are waiting for him.”

“Okay,” said Chris



“Is there anything wrong with Jason?” asked Edwin. He usually argued with him, but something wrong this time. “There seems to be something wrong with his voice when I called him just now.”

“He must be too tired today,” Chris lied for Jason. “From this morning till now, Jason has been so busy that he hasn’t eaten anything.”

“OK. Come on. Tell him we are waiting for him, please.” said Edwin.

He knew him well. He would remind Jason to have meals regularly. He didn’t know why he was so busy.



After hanging up the phone.

Turning his phone to mute, he looked at Jason and said, “Jason, you need to go home.”

“Let’s go,” said Jason in a low and hoarse voice.

If Edwin came alone, he could let him go, but his parents came, he couldn’t be a child to let them wait for him all the time. Chris pressed his lips and started the car with a complex feelings.

At this moment. He regretted and he began to blame himself.

Why didn’t he insist his views and create more chance to let Jason and Sarah chat more?

Jason didn’t love Miss Jenny at all, but he chose Jenny not Sarah.

What a confused man.


With this emotion, he drove to the parking lot of Jason’s community.

When he got out of the car, Chris handed him something and stopped him. “Jason.Hold on.”

He stopped.

At this moment, he was still in the suit, handsome, but he looked depressed and melancholy with loneliness.

“Happy birthday,” said Chris, handing something to him.

“Best Wishes.”



Best Wishes.

Taking that, he said in a low voice, “Thank you.”

“You’d better go home now,” said Chris with a smile, hoping to bring some fun to him. “Edwin and your family are waiting for you to cut the cake.”

“Come with me.”

“No, I need to go.

“Come with me. Just go.”

The expression was complicated.

Two years ago, on his birthday, it was all planned by Sarah and Chris.

This time, Chris should be there, though Sarah won’t be here.

After hesitating for a while, he agreed, “Okay.”

What he wanted was simple happiness.

Jason was in a bad mood now. It was easy to see that he didn’t want to smile. He could help to ease the atmosphere.

But he had really underestimated his ability to deal with emotions.

From childhood to adulthood, he had never be a child who was worried by his family.

When they arrived at the door.He had already adjusted his emotions.He hid all his bad mood. this moment, he looked like a person who just came back from work and nothing else happened.

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Seeing this situation, Chris had mixed feelings.

It turned out that his boss was the same as them. When he faced his parents, he would hide his bad emotions and comfort them. That was the so-called good boy.

Taking a look at the door, he opened the door and walked in as usual after pausing for a while.

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