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“Are you back?” Edwin was surprised when he saw him, “Chris just said that there was a problem and you would be late for an hour.”

“I let them solve it.” Jason’s deep thin lips slightly opened, and his aura was a little bit cooler than before.

Seeing what he said, Edwin didn’t ask too much.

He dragged him to follow Chris. After a while, he started the most important process of his birthday.

Blow out the candles.

All the lights in the room were turned off, and “2””8″ two digital candles were lit.

Edwin started singing “Happy Birthday”. Jason used to have a very prosaic attitude towards this link, but today he likes it very much.

He closed his eyes and began to make a wish.

I hope Sarah is happy and healthy, and never worries.

He did not ask Sarah to remarry with him. As long as she was happy for the rest of her life, he was willing to give his life in exchange.

The wish was over.

He opened his eyes and blew the candle.

This was the sincerest wish he had ever made, and also the wish he wanted to realize most in his life.



After that, it was time to cut the cake and give gifts. After the birthday, it was past nine o’clock at night. Edwin was joking and cleaning up. Chris helped him clean up and then went back.

As for Jason, he was called to the roof by Mr. Noth.

The wind in October night was cool.

Jason stood on the top of the building and looked at the endless traffic and various colorful lights below. He looked blandly and asked, “Why do you let me come here?”

“Crying?” Mr. Noth raised his eyebrows slightly.

Jason was stunned.

He took his eyes back and looked downstairs without any goal, “I don’t know what you said.”

“Because Sarah didn’t accompany you on your birthday this year?” Mr. Noth continued to insert the knife.

Jason remembered Sarah’s sentence that I forgive you.

For some people, being forgiven by those who were sorry for themselves was a kind of relief and also a kind of letting go. But for him.

Instead, it aggravated the shackles of the heart.

Forgiveness was the heaviest punishment for him.

“You think too much, she said ‘Happy birthday’ to me.” Jason was silent for a long time, and then he replied.



“So you are sad because Sarah let you go completely?” Mr. Noth saw through it at a glance and always said the key point in the shortest time.

Jason, “…”

It was the first time he tried to put a cake in his mouth.

“I know you regret it.” Mr. Noth didn’t criticize him again. He talked to him as a father, “But now Sarah has no more you in her heart.”

Jason didn’t answer. He knew this better than anyone else.

“It’s all your fault.” Mr. Noth showed his love for less than half a minute and raised his hand to pat him on the shoulder twice.

Jason, “… Are you sure I’m your own?”

“Didn’t I say you were sent by the bank?”

“In the future, let Edwin see more about your failure and learn more from your experience.” Mr. Noth began to say, “Let him know that it’s right to listen to the elders in everything, and don’t always want to try.”

“Dad just wants to ask you.” Mr. Noth was serious now. “Does it hurt?”

Does it hurt…

He didn’t know it himself.

Just every time he looked back on the past, he hoped to go back in time and stop his absurd behavior.



When Sarah looked at him with estranged and indifferent eyes, his heart felt like being pricked by needles.

Mr. Noth understood everything when he saw his face. He raised his hand and patted him on the shoulder, “Your mother is worried about you. From the moment you came back, she realized that you were unhappy today.”

There is no mother who doesn’t know her child. No matter how well you hide it.

Your parents could see through all your disguise at a glance.

“I’m fine.” Jason’s eyes are slightly deep.

Mr. Noth, “No pain?”

“This pain is nothing compared with the grievance Sarah suffered at the beginning.” Jason looked at the distance deeply, and the night covered the whole city. No matter how bright the city was, the sky was only lit by the sun.

Like him, only Sarah could dispel the haze in his heart.

Mr. Noth said nothing when he saw him saying so.

When the child grew up, he had to deal with some things by himself and bear the consequences.

This night.

There were thousands of lights.

Jason, lying on the bed, felt cold. He forced himself to sleep, but he couldn’t sleep.



This state lasted for three days. On the third day, Jason fell ill because he did not sleep for three consecutive days and nights.

If Chris didn’t find it in time.

Something serious would happen because of the high fever.

Chris ran around the hospital, busily paying fees, taking medicine and so on.

After a day of dribbling, Jason finally woke up at dusk. Chris was relieved to see him open his eyes.

“Boss, you finally woke up.” He was really worried. “I was scared to death.”

Jason looked at the white ceiling and looked around. When he saw the infusion tube still dripping, his eyebrows were slightly invisible and he said, “What’s wrong with me?”

“A high fever, 40 degrees centigrade, lasted more than four hours!” Chris was still afraid. “The doctor said that if you burn longer, you will become a fool.”

It almost damaged organs and nervous system. He was sweating.

Jason himself seemed indifferent. He just asked, “Didn’t you tell my parents?”

“No.” Chris knew what the boss thought. “You can’t spoil your body like this in the future. If anything happens, I don’t know how to tell your family.”

Jason was relieved.

He took them to the airport the day after their birthday and watched them go back.

If they knew that he was hospitalized, they would inevitably worry.


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“That’s right.” Chris suddenly said.

Jason’s lips and face were still pale, and the fever did not completely subside, “What?”

Chris hesitated.

“Tell me.” Jason felt that all the bones were uncomfortable and didn’t like the feeling of fever.

“Miss Yeats called you in the afternoon.” Chris was afraid that the boss would be upset because of this. “I just heard the phone ring when I came back from getting the medicine.”

Jason’s eyes seemed bright.

“Give me your mobile phone,” he said in a husky voice.

“You need to rest now.”

“Give it to me.”

Chris saw that he was so stubborn, so he had to give him his mobile phone.

Jason unlocked the phone with his empty hand and dialed the phone from Sarah. In order not to let the other side think too much, he specially adjusted his status. Sarah answered the phone after several rings.

“What did you call me this afternoon for?” Jason said with his thin lips, and they could not hear much difference in his tone.

“I went to the meeting but didn’t hear it.”

“Jenny told me that they started to take action there.” Sarah told him, “So someone will come to catch me at night.” Jason sat up from the bed with a deep rub. Because of his posture, there was blood



flowing back from the infusion needle.

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