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Why would you make a will

Chris, “!!”

He wanted to speak. Afraid of being heard by Miss Yeats on the opposite side of the phone, he could only help his boss move his hand.

“You wait for me, I will come right away.” Jason was confused.

“Listen to me.” Sarah called him to make the plan clear. “Don’t worry.”

Jason’s heart was beating violently, and his breathing was hot, “You said.”

“I won’t be in any danger if I’m captured. It’s you who will deal with that person.” Sarah helps him clear his mind.

“After I’m captured, he will definitely contact you and ask you to save me.”

She didn’t expect that things would go this far so quickly.She didn’t know what the man was thinking.

“You can’t be captured.” Jason was afraid that something would happen to her.

“I must be captured by him. Only in this way can I achieve my goal.” Sarah told Jason all his plans, “But I hope you can remember something.”


“Trust me.”

Jason was silent.

Sarah looked at the three ABC plans she had listed in front of her and felt a little solemn,



“I know it is difficult for you, but I still hope that no matter what happens later, you will do as I told you and always believe me.”

“Are you in danger?” Jason asked only this.

“No,” Sarah answered frankly, “but that person may give you some false information to threaten you. I hope you don’t compromise.”

Jason was confused after deep thinking.

He was not comfortable with his brain because of the high fever. Now he was more worried about it.

It was not that he didn’t believe Sarah. He did not believe the man behind Jenny.

“Jason, are you listening?”


“Can you believe me?”

“I believe you.”

“All you have to do is to confront that person on the surface and help me delay for two days. I will arrange the rest. Julian and Robert and other friends will take care of me.”

Sarah tried to make it clear to him.

Jason uttered a word with difficulty, “Okay.”

“Trust me. “Sarah said these two words again. “Ok.”

Jason didn’t know how he ended the call.



Sarah would be kidnapped, but he could do nothing. He tried to stop it, but it would ruin Sarah’s plan. But if he didn’t stop it, what should he do if something happened to Sarah?

Thinking about it.

Jason felt confused.

After much deliberation, he took out his mobile phone and found a number. After hesitating for a moment, he dialed out.

The opposite side rang for a while and then picked it up with a mocking tone, “Mr. Noth? Why did you call me suddenly?”

“Does what you said count?”

“Of course.”

“As long as you help me do a good job, I promise you what you asked.” Jason’s eyes were slightly deep, and there was never such a solemn look between his eyes and eyebrows.

“But if you don’t do a good job, the contract will be invalid.”

“No problem.” The opposite side promised very readily, “If you want me to help you with anything, just tell me.”

Jason said sorry to Sarah in his heart, and told the person opposite the phone all his requirements and goals.

The person opposite promised very freely.

The call ended.



Jason only thought the mobile phone was very hot.

He couldn’t tell whether the phone call was hot or whether his hands were too warm.

“Boss…” Chris just thought his boss looked a little strange.

“Call lawyer White here.” Jason made a decision at the first time.

His eyes were dark and deep. “Let him come here as soon as possible.”

Chris didn’t know what his boss wanted to do, but he still contacted lawyer White.

Half an hour.

Lawyer White went to the ward.

When he saw the infusion in hospital, he was surprised, “How can you get sick?”

“Do your business.” Jason didn’t waste any time.

Lawyer White went to sit down with his bag.

When Chris saw that they were going to talk about something, he immediately went to fetch a cup of hot water for each of them. He was afraid that he would want to drink water when he talked about something later.

When he came back and saw what the white lawyer had taken out, his eyes suddenly dilated.

What did he see!


“Boss… Boss…” Chris’s head hummed, “Why would you make a will?”



“Nothing.” Jason’s deep thin lips slightly opened, his voice was low and weak, “It’s better to make now than to make later.”

Chris, “?”

You had no children yet.


Although he did not understand, he could not intervene too much in such matters.

But he didn’t expect that the boss would leave half of his assets to

Miss Yeats and the rest to Mr. Noth and Mrs. Noth. In an hour.

There were Jason’s signature and seal.

Everything was done.

After lawyer White left, Chris dared to come and ask, “Boss… What happened?”

Was that for the phone call just now?

“You shouldn’t have talked with the person who called earlier about the condition of taking your life for her life?” Chris was unable to accept the thought of this possibility.

How could he make such a hasty decision in his young age! He was going to complain.

“Brain is a good thing.” Jason felt that Chris’s brain was not enough today, “If I want to take my life for her life, I could just agree with the kidnapper. Do I need to do this?”

“Then you…”



“Boring, finish my work first.”

Chris pulled the corner of his lips, “…”

This kind of thing could also be completed ahead of time?

Jason paid no attention to his eyes, and he sat on the bed without moving. The infusion had finished.

The cell phone had been maintaining 100% power, which was to ensure that the person might contact him after Sarah was taken away.

He talked with the man about the deal, just to give Sarah more security.

No matter Sarah’s plan was comprehensive or not, if he did so, he could ensure her to be safe.

“Boss…” Chris suddenly remembered a very important thing and felt a little flustered.

“You just said that someone kidnapped Miss



“You just said it.”

“Just an example.” Jason opened his lips and ended the conversation in one sentence.

“From now on, forget all the words you just heard and everything you saw.”

“Boss,” Chris said with anxiety.

Miss Yeats was his idol.

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If there was an accident, what could he do?

Jason drove him out directly, “Go out, I need to rest.”

Chris was forced to go out of the ward and sit in the corridor.

He wanted to ask Sivan.

But he was afraid to upset boss’s idea.

Finally, he kept thinking about whether Miss Yeats was in trouble or not.


Sarah’s side. She made an appointment with Robert and Julian at Angel

International Group.

After calling Jason, she went to the most confidential conference room, locked the door and called the four people abroad.

After the group video was connected, Sarah also told them about her plan.

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