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We have nothing to do with each other

“You can’t go,” said Julian with a serious look on his face. “This man is just threatening you. Sarah will be fine.”

“What if?” said Jason coldly. He was wearing a suit and had a strong aura.

He couldn’t gamble on this kind of thing.

Soaking in the ice water would do a great harm to the girl’s body. He couldn’t watch it happen.

“Sarah can solve it. You have to trust her,” said Julian.

“How to deal with it?” With his deep eyes looking at Julian, Jason asked, which made

Julian speechless. “She is now kidnapped as my ex-wife, not as your sister Sarah. How can she deal with it as an ordinary girl in a strange environment? Do you want her to expose her identity?”

Julian was too shocked to say a word.

Theoretically speaking, if Sarah didn’t want to expose her identity, she wouldn’t have used too much skill.

After all, once it was used, Maxwell would definitely doubt that she was K.


“If you only wear a shirt and sit on the beach for a night, you will be in trouble.” Julian didn’t know how to persuade him. “The place he asked you to go is only two or three degrees Celsius in the early morning.”



It was still cold to wear a thick coat, let alone a shirt alone.

After a pause, Jason said, “It doesn’t matter what I do. As long as she is fine.”

“Didn’t Sarah tell you to believe her?” said Jason, showing his trump card. “If you go now, you won’t believe her. Aren’t you afraid that she will give up on you completely?”

Aren’t you afraid?

Jason asked himself.

In fact, he was still afraid.

But he also knew that now that she had given up on him, the forgiveness proved everything.

“We have nothing to do with each other.” It seemed that he suddenly came to his senses. “No matter what I do, she won’t come back to me, will she?”

All the words were stuck in Julian’s throat.

He opened his mouth but said nothing.

Without talking to Julian anymore, Jason went out and drove to the place mentioned by

Maxwell. He didn’t know why Maxwell was against him, nor did he know why he was asked to do so.

He didn’t think about it. He just hoped that Sarah could be safe.

He had already regretted agreeing to plan this with Sarah.

Even if she had a grudge against that man, he shouldn’t let her take the risk. He should have dealt with it himself from the beginning. As soon as Julian failed to stop him, he contacted with Robert Shawn




After hearing all the things he said, Robert just told him to be calm and observe the position of Sarah all the time.

As for Jason…

They really couldn’t control him.

No one could interfere with his decision.

At this time, it was only nine o’clock in the morning in New York, and one o’clock in the morning in Maxwell’s place.

After he finished the phone call with Jason, he went to bed. After he woke up, he had breakfast and did something else. Then it was ten o’clock in the morning. It was already six o’clock in the afternoon in New York.

He looked at the time and asked someone to call Sarah up from the basement, as if she was really an ordinary person.

After the whole night, he didn’t ask anyone to tie up her anymore.

After calling her up, he also politely let her sit down.

Sarah didn’t know what he was up to. “When on earth are you going to lock me up?”

“Don’t worry. I’ll take you out of here soon.” a beautiful smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“Before leaving, I want you to see something first.”

Sarah, “?”



Maxwell clicked on the ipad and handed it over.

Sarah didn’t know what he was trying to do, but she still looked at it.

On the ipad, there should be a real-time surveillance video, in which a man in a white shirt was sitting on the beach.

From the surveillance video, it was difficult to see the expression on his face clearly, but she still recognized Jason by his outline.

“Why do you show me this?” she asked him indifferently.

“Your ex-husband still loves you very much.” with his eyebrows slightly raised, he said in a slow tone, “I let him sit by the sea for one night, or I will let you soak in ice water for one night. He chooses to sit by the sea for one night.”

Sarah frowned. She knew that Julian couldn’t persuade him.

If Maxwell really wanted to deal with people, he wouldn’t threaten her now. He preferred to abuse people face to face rather than across the Internet.

So he could let her soak in ice water at most within an hour.

For her, this time was enough.

“Didn’t you say that you don’t like him?” Seeing that she didn’t respond, Maxwell talked to her, “Can I help you vent your anger by doing this?”

“Do you have any grudge against him?” Sarah asked directly.

Maxwell didn’t like to talk about this topic, so his interest was obviously reduced. “This is none of your business.”





“Pack up and go to Orcas Island in three hours.” ordered Maxwell.

“How to deal with them?” she asked, glancing at Sarah.

“Take them away.”


After saying that, Maxwell went upstairs.

Sarah searched all over her head, but couldn’t find this Orcas

Island, so she had to ask, “Where is Orcas Island?”

“Orcas Island is actually Butterfly Island,” Alicia said directly.

Anyway, this was not a secret. “It was just that it was bought by Maxwell later and was named as the Orcas island.”

Butterfly Island?

This place immediately appeared in her mind, and she was sure that it was domestic.

At this moment, she was really relieved.

According to their previous plans, if Maxwell wanted to let Jason come abroad, she would have to find a way to let him go back.



Fortunately, everything went well.

“Why did he take me there?” she asked.

“Let Jason come to see you,” said Alicia. After she made a guess and put the equipment in place, she continued, “I don’t know the details. He just asked me to bring you and Jenny there.”

Sarah was lost in thought. She just waited there.

Three hours later, Jarrod came down with a pink suitcase in his hand.

After giving an order to Alicia and the others, he got into the car first. Naturally, Alicia took Sarah and Jenny into the car behind them.

After a few turns.

Sarah was taken to a ship.

Maxwell put the pink suitcase in a very safe place. He was very careful in all his movements, fearing that he would bump it.

After he put it away, he returned to his previous look. “Are you curious about where I’m taking you?” Maxwell sat down with his legs crossed casually.

Sarah, “Will you tell me?”

“There’s nothing I can’t say.” Maxwell hugged Jenny. When

Maxwell smiled, the surrounding scenery was dim. “You are the one I like.”

Sarah was speechless. She didn’t answer.

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“In six hours, you will be able to see your ex-husband.” Maxwell said slowly, “Are you happy?”

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