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Point at Sarah

“You’d better let me go now, or you won’t be able to leave even if the police come.”

Sarah still followed the normal kidnapping process. “I’ve been missing for twenty-four hours. My family will call the police to find me.”

“Ahem.” Alicia coughed.

Sarah peered at her sideways.

“Your family… I don’t think they will look for you.” Alicia rolled her eyes and then scratched her face.

“What do you mean?” Sarah pretended not to know.

“I used your tone on WhatsApp to send messages to your father and sister, saying that you were going to travel for a few days and that they didn’t need to worry about you.”

When Alicia said this, she was a little nervous. She didn’t know if Sarah would treat her as an enemy.

She liked Sarah very much!

Sarah continued to act like she didn’t know anything, “Give my phone back to me.”

“I didn’t take your phone. I did it remotely.” Explained Alicia.

Sarah began to pretend that she was angry.

However, Sarah knew very well that the reason why Alicia could hack into her phone was that she had specially revoked the permission for her. After all, if it was not revoked, with this girl’s keen sense, she would definitely noticed that she was K.



Looking at this scene, Jenny was a little shocked by Sarah’s acting skill.

Originally, she was a particularly powerful person, but she pretended to be a green hand.

“Jenny.” Maxwell suddenly said.

Jenny was startled since she was still a little afraid of him. “What?”

“Your grandmother and brother are now under my control.” She did not know why he suddenly changed the topic. “If you tell me where is K now, I will let them go, or they will all be killed.”

Subconsciously, Jenny wanted to see Sarah.

Before she did this, she forced herself to look down. She knew very well that if she looked at Sarah now, Maxwell would definitely doubt her.

Sarah was also nervous.

He seemed to take a casual glance at her, but in fact, he was ready to make a move at any time.

Fortunately, Jenny was reliable.

“I really don’t know what K you are talking about.” Said Jenny, shaking her head with panic in her eyes.

“You still want to lie to me?”


“It seems that your temperament hasn’t changed in the past two years.” With his palm on her face, the gentle action made her tremble all over. “You still refuse to be convinced until you faced with grim reality.”



All of a sudden, Jenny’s heart skipped a beat.

Maxwell made a phone call in front of her, “Kill the elderly.”

“No!” Shouted Jenny as she rushed to grab his phone.

However, Maxwell had already hung up the phone. There was no warmth in his eyes, like a viper. “For a disobedient pet, I can kill it at any time, do you understand?”

Tears welled up in Jenny’s eyes.

She wanted to try her best to kill him, but she was afraid that if she irritated him, her brother would also be killed.

“If you don’t tell me where K is, your brother will be killed next.”

Maxwell always said the most trembling words in the gentlest tone.

Tears streamed down her cheeks. “I’ve never seen that person before!”

A sound of ‘ding dong’ came out.

Maxwell’s phone lit up.

Hearing this, Jenny’s heart sank.

The next moment.

She saw a picture that made her suffocate.

She narrowed her eyes and stared blankly at the person whose heart had been shot through by a gun on Maxwell’s phone. Her mind went blank!




“What did you do to my grandma?” Asked Jenny, grabbing his phone and pulling his collar crazily. “What have you done to her?”

Maxwell didn’t say anything. He just peered at her and then stared at her with his cold eyes, which made her heart trembled while her body turned cold.

Jenny didn’t know what to do.

Sarah said she could trust her, but now her grandmother was dead…

What should she do…

Sarah also noticed the photo.

Although it was very realistic, it would not be like that after the bullet pierced through people. The real scene was somewhat different from that. She was sure that Jenny’s grandmother and her brother were absolutely safe.

Before being kidnapped, Jenny was afraid that Maxwell would do something desperate. So she had specially told Captain Leon about this matter. The people protected by Captain Leon hadn’t even been in danger.

Maxwell couldn’t go into that place, let alone they bring a gun with them.

But now the situation was different.

She couldn’t send this message to Jenny.

Even if it was just an eye contact, with Maxwell’s keen sense, he would definitely notice it.



“You still have another chance to think about it.” Maxwell took her hand away from his clothes without getting angry. “Whether your brother is alive or dead is up to you. You have one minute to consider it.”

Upon hearing this.

Jenny felt like falling into an ice cave.

It seemed that she had returned to the days when she had been in the basement. Cold, desperate. There was no hope for the future.


My grandmother’s life that I owe you has been compensated.

Two lines of tears streaked across Jenny’s face.

She bit her lips and stared at Maxwell, trying to see how cold- blooded he could be.

“Will you let go of my brother if I tell you?” Said Jenny in a light voice, as if it would break into pieces as soon as it was touched.

Maxwell looked up at her and said, “Yes.”

K would never let go of this opportunity.

But since Sarah was kidnapped, there had been no news from K.

It was abnormal.

Even if K could hack into the surveillance video, there were still some places that were full of people arranged by him, and there was no reason that they could not find her trace.

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If he didn’t find K in advance by this chance, he was really worried that K would ruin his plan.

He hated unexpected things the most.

Both Alicia and Sarah glanced at them.

The former didn’t have any emotional fluctuation and took it as a farce, while the latter had a customized mini poke in the palm of her right hand.

Sarah stared at them like that.

If Jenny told him about her later, she wouldn’t blame her.

Maxwell was good at torturing people. Her care would lead to chaos.

It was reasonable for Jenny to think that something had happened to his grandmother since she didn’t know what gunshot wound was like.

But after she said that, once Maxwell aimed at her, she had no choice but to hurt him and hijack him at the first time.

There was no escape for her.

There were too many people followed Maxwell on the ship, and each of them was good at fighting.

“How can I know whether you will keep your promise or not?” Said Jenny, struggling in her heart.

She wanted to save her brother’s life, but Sarah… She didn’t want anything to happen to her.

What should she do.

What should she do.



“You have no other choice.” Sitting there, Maxwell peered at his watch and said, “You still have three seconds. If you don’t say anything, your brother will say goodbye to you forever.”



Hearing the number, Jenny was suffering and her mind was full of the matter about what to do.

Before she could think of the result, Maxwell had ruthlessly said the last number, “One.”

“It seems that you want to say goodbye to your brother…”

“It’s her.” Suddenly, Jenny pointed at Sarah, with emotions in her eyes, then she emphasized, “She is K”

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