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Sarah, live on

If Yann hadn’t been caught and sentenced to death, Ella wouldn’t have been so sad and commit suicide.

Then he wouldn’t lose his only sister.

It was all because of Jason.

As Maxwell’s thoughts became more and more extreme, he still smiled and said, “If she hadn’t gone to the seaside to stay that night, she wouldn’t have had a fever, and she wouldn’t have told me that she would come here to relax.”

As he spoke, Sarah kept searching for information in her mind.


Her boyfriend was sentenced to death.

Maxwell Borr.

She didn’t stop thinking and finally the person with the right identity appeared in her mind.

She didn’t know if her guess was right or not, but she still asked, “Is your sister Ella Glenn?”

“K is worthy of the name of K.” Said Maxwell affirmatively.

He took his father’s surname and his sister took his mother’s.

After his parents passed away, Ella became his only concern.

But this concern was ruined by Jason.



“Her boyfriend was caught by the police and he deserved it. It’s not wrong for Jason to provide the police with clues.” Sarah said the cruelest words. “You can only blame yourself. I don’t believe you don’t know what did her boyfriend do.”

Maxwell retorted, “Blame myself?”

Both Sarah and Jason hadn’t spoken yet.

“Yes, I am to blame.” Said Maxwell.

“So I brought her enemies here to company her, didn’t I?” Maxwell stared at Sarah and said slowly, “Today, you, I, and Jason, we will all die here together as companions for her.”

That was why he said no one could sentence him.

Sarah looked down at the sea and then looked the deployment around.

If they jumped down from here, the probability of their being shot to death was ninety percent, and if they stayed here, the probability of their death was one hundred percent.

It was really… a dead end.

Looking at her with his dark eyes, Jason promised, “I won’t let anything happen to you.”

“It’s so affectionate.” Maxwell couldn’t stop talking, “But have you ever heard a saying that late love is the most inferior. Do you think it’s meaningful for you to do so?”

“Tell me what you want and let her go.” Said Jason.

Having been here for so long and heard so much, he understood what Maxwell was trying to do. Now that Maxwell had said what he should say, Jason was afraid that the entire island would be destroyed immediately.



If so, what about Sarah?

He had to stall for time, and the best way to stall for time was to let Maxwell transfer the hatred to him, so that he wouldn’t doubt it and Jason could achieve his goal.

“Do you want to save her so much?” Asked Maxwell.

“Yes.” Said Jason.

“Then stab the knife into your heart.” Maxwell said casually, “If you can hold on for ten minutes without death, I can consider letting her go.”

“What I want is to let her go, not to consider it.” Said Jason, showing his attitude.

Maxwell chuckled and looked at Sarah, “K, your ex husband is fine. He dares to abduct me even he has a fever. I don’t know where he got the nerve.”

Upon saying this.

Sarah glanced at Jason subconsciously, and he also looked at her subconsciously.

That was exactly what Maxwell wanted. He quickly held the hand of Jason with one hand and stabbed his elbow with the other.

If Jason was hit this time, two bones in his chest would probably be broken by the force of Maxwell.


Jason reacted quickly and blocked his way.

Taking advantage of the gap Jason blocked, Maxwell quickly left his side and got out of his control.



The distance between the two was immediately widened.

At this moment.

With the gun she snatched before pointing at Maxwell, Sarah said,

“If you move a little more, I don’t mind shooting.”

Because of her words, all the people around her picked up their guns and pointed at her and Jason.

Maxwell was good at fighting and had many tricks.

She knew it all the time.

Otherwise, their team wouldn’t have suffered such a big loss against him before.

“Do you think you can threaten me in this way?” Maxwell was not afraid at all. “After you shoot me to death, you will also be shot through by them.”

Sarah kept aiming at him and pulled Jason behind her.

With this touch, Sarah knew what Maxwell meant by saying that he had a fever.

Just a touch just now made her feel hot.

“Yes, I will be shot to death by you.” Sarah had already knew how to deal with the mentality of Maxwell. “But you must die before me. If you died first, it means that after you go to hell, you can’t answer it when Ella asks you if Jason is still alive.”

This sentence made Maxwell pause.



Sarah continued, “Do you want to have a bet? Let’s see whether the island exploded first or my men saved Jason first.”

“You don’t like him, do you?” Maxwell didn’t know what Sarah was doing.

“Yes, I don’t like him, but it doesn’t affect me to save him.” Sarah said indifferently, “And it doesn’t affect me to deal with you.”

If possible, she wanted to kill Maxwell directly.

However, if Maxwell was dead, many clues that Captain Leon and others wanted to know would be lost, and the island would explode.

“I’ll let you go.” Said Maxwell, as if he had thought it over. “Give Jason to me.”

Both of them didn’t answer.

Raising his eyebrows slightly, Maxwell asked, “Don’t you believe me?”

“No, I don’t believe you.” Answered Sarah decisively.

“Then I’ll be your hostage and you can kidnap me to the ship.”

Maxwell offered various suggestions, “How about giving him to me when you arrive at the area you think is safe?”

“Did you do something to the ship?” Sarah doubted at the first time.

“Yes.” Maxwell smiled and walked towards her step by step. “I put explosives on it. If you go up, you’re gonna get blown up!”

Sarah took a few steps back and said, “Don’t move!”

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“Okay, okay. I won’t move.” Maxwell seemed to be very obedient and chatted with them leisurely. “I sincerely advise you not to waste your energy. From the moment you stepped into this place, it means that you are already dead.”

Sarah was surprisingly calm in her heart. She was glad that she didn’t make a move on the ship. Otherwise, something bad would have happened to Alicia, Jenny and some innocent people.

She stared at Maxwell and thought of a way quickly. Standing behind her, Jason was also thinking and observing.

Just as he was wondering why those people were so unreliable, he saw someone waving at him from the corner of his eyes.

At that moment.

He saw hope. “Sarah…” Suddenly, Jason called her name.

Sarah was still concentrating on Maxwell’s every move, not daring to relax a little. For him to call her, she only said two words, “Go on.”

“Live on.” Jason said these two words.

Before Sarah could react, Jason reached his hand and pulled her down the cliff.

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